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Thread: Venting my frustration with this game

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    Venting my frustration with this game

    Okay, sorry, but I just have to vent my frustration with this game, and this seems to be the perfect place to do so... after all, perhaps one of the developers of this game happens to read these forums here every once in a while.

    First off, I have played, finished and enjoyed TR Legend and TR Anniversary on PC (and the previous Tomb Raiders, although I finished none of them). Also, I've rented and played TRU on PS3 up to Southern Mexico (the motorcycle part) and had fun with it, despite the atrocious sound mix.
    During the last Steam Holiday sales I bought TRU on PC, hoping to circumvent the issues I had with the PS3 version... I succeeded in that, but had I known I would trade a bad sound mix on PS3 against completely ruined controls on PC, I'd have stuck with the PS3 version.

    Seriously, roughly 90% of the time I die while playing this game I die because of one of two causes:
    a) When presented with the options of either grabbing hold of a perfectly fine ledge right in front of her nose or falling to her death, Lara often picks the latter option and will only hold on to the ledge at the second or third try.
    b) Other glitches, like Lara spontaneously turning into a lifeless ragdoll because I went onto one of the motorcycle ramps by foot.

    On top of that, I had several other issues and glitches:
    a) There have been several occasions where the level design was outright atrocious. I've had several "no no" jumps, where it would appear as if Lara could easily grab onto a ledge but refuses to do so, no matter how often you try, simply because that jump would present a considerable shortcut and the level designer wants you to go another route. If you want me to take another route: make sure you don't include other routes in the level's design instead of just taking the lazy route of "not allowing" that specific jump.
    b) Sometimes, Lara would climb onto a "swing pole" and stand on it orthogonally (facing the wrong way)... only solution: Climb down and hope the glitch doesn't continue to kill you by her not grabbing the pole again.

    It's not like I'm overly picky when it comes to games. I've been gaming for over 20 years now and I'm fairly tolerant when it comes to glitches in games, but this game is just... unfinished. The controls and camera are an unfinished, glitchy mess. The only thing I don't understand is why the controls worked reasonably well on PS3 with the gamepad, but are a mess on PC with keyboard and mouse. If the PS3 version would have had all the issues I encountered so far in the PC version, I wouldn't have bought this, not even for the price asked during the sale.

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    I have to say im with you on option a), her random jumping into the abyss has been the cause of a number of instances were my controller has been used as a boomarang..
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    @matches81- I agree with everything you posted. I've lost count of the times I've needlessly died because Lara couldn't grab onto the correct ledge, despite seeming well lined-up.

    And that lazy level design was quite irritating also, there were a couple of instances in particular, where the ledge was right there but it was a no-go zone.

    A couple of other gripes I had with this game were also:

    1. Poor Camera. Many times, the camera would swing crazily behind Lara's head while traveling on a beam, obstructing my view. Or sometimes the camera would drift weirdly towards a wall, further hindering my view.

    2. Clone enemies with bad animations. Ok, so the animals and supernatural enemies were fine, but the human enemies were awful. I hated how a horde of clones of the exact same enemy with no variation (e.g. "blue-shirt enemy") would attack you on a certain chapter, and they would do just one oddly jerky-looking animation when shot in the upper body. Then, on another chapter, instead of mixing the human enemies up a bit, they would have a different enemy ("e.g. enemy with a hat") cloned about 5 times. It just seemed kinda cheap to me. Sorry if I'm getting nit-picky on this point, but they could've had at least 2 or 3 human enemy variations per level.

    I found these issues to be a shame, because the game did have some good points. It probably didn't help that I played Uncharted 2 before this game, which is tremendously polished and high quality. But I felt I needed to post these things as well.

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