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Thread: What are your comic peeves?

What are your comic peeves?

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    Well, by your definition of the semantics here, Ben, Joker says "Why so serious?" three times in the monologue he gives.

    "Turns to me, and he says [monster voice], "Why so serious?" Comes at me with the knife... [monster voice] "Why so serious?" He sticks the blade in my mouth... [monster voice] "Let's put a smile on that face!" And...
    Looks casually over at Gambol's terrified henchman, "Why so serious?"

    I guess now it depends on your level of repetitiveness as if this is enough for you, or not. They also used this line a LOT in the trailers, and one-shot posters/pics for the movie. Joker, out of focus, writing it in lipstick on glass in focus in the foreground, for example. The variation of "You wanna know how I got these scars?" was also asked by Joker in the movie three times to three different people, so there's the that one, too.

    I really agree with Zu-en-ah, though. This is arguing of semantics, at best, irrelevant, at worst. It also has zero to do with the topic.

    Speaking of the topic, however, i haven't said my pet-peeves in comics. Mostly, they are:

    On-the-nose dialogue by characters. Even the so-called greats of comic writers do this A LOT. This is dialogue that tells exactly how the character is supposed to feel, exactly what he/she is thinking and/or services to tell the plot of the story in overt ways no-one ever would speak like in real life. In a similar vein, exposition is my other main pet peeve. I don't need to be brow-beaten with what is supposed to be happening in a story. Tell it visually, in more subtle ways. I felt All Star Superman did this erroneously. Characters basically were scripted to act, or react, a certain way after/during major events in one, maybe two panels, then after that phony moment was over, no real lasting effect was ever seen of the emotions/reactions of them in the next panel. Plus, I was almost bludgeoned with the intricacies of the sci-fi elements going on, like I need to know every detail about every little out there thing. It all felt rushed, which I still say is because the issues were so short, 20 some pages, instead of fleshing out things to about 40 per issue.

    So, that stuff irks me. Inconsistent art also bothers me.

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    Originally Posted by Old_BenKenobi
    Memes spread through repetition. If they're pictures that means they're displayed often. If they're lines from a movie that means they're repeated often, which also happens to be how a catchphrase is formed.

    However, I maintain that while technically "Why So Serious" is a catchphrase, referring to it as such is misleading, especially when discussing whether or not the writers "gave" the character the catchphrase. I think that for lack of a better term "meme" is the most suitable way to refer to them. The key difference is who is repeating the line. Catchphrase = Repeated within the work. Meme = Repeated outside the work.
    Essentially correct. A catchphrase is something that is repeated throughout the work. Including production stages, promotional stages and of course, displaying stages.

    The "Why So Serious" phrase was repeated A LOT during the movie's viral marketing campaign. So essentially, repeated within the work.

    A catchphrase can also be identified by a character being associated with that line. Hence the term "catch phrase.

    A meme is basically any term,picture or video that gains fame, regardless of whether or not people know where it originated from. For Example "UMAD" A lot of people don't know where that originated from.

    If you think of the phrase, "FINISH HIM" You instantly think of Mortal Combat. A phrase that is commonly associated with the said video game.
    If you think of the phrase. When you think of "DOH!" You think of the Simpsons or Homer Simpsons.
    When you think of the word "My precious" You think of Gollum from Lord of The Rings.

    And finally, when you think of "Why so serious?" you think of the Joker.

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    The movie's marketing campaign is not the movie. A line being quoted in the marketing campaign is not the same as it being repeated in the movie. That makes it a tagline or slogan, not a catchphrase.

    Also, "Finish him", "D'oh" and "My Precious" were all repeated multiple times within the work. Thats why they're catchphrases. By playing or watching them you hear the phrases multiple times.

    By your definition any famous movie line is a catchphrase. "Frankly my dead, I don't give a damn" is a catchphrase? "I find your lack of faith disturbing" is a catchphrase? "The stuff dreams are made of" is a catchphrase? These are some of the most famous lines in cinema, does that make them catchphrases by default?

    And speaking of "U MAD!", you say thats a meme but its a quote just like "Why so serious?" How come "U MAD" is a meme and "Why so serious" is a catchphrase? I mean they're essentially the same thing, quotes being taken out of context and repeated over and over until nobody thinks they're amusing anymore.
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