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Thread: The Obligatory Favorite Character Thread (Dissidia/012)

The Obligatory Favorite Character Thread (Dissidia/012)

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    i use mainly cloud, sephiroth, jecht, tifa, warrior of light, and lighting i dont really like using the assist system i only use it for laguna since its hard to catch cpu's in his attacks but other than that i use basically close combat characters i never really took interest in mages that much

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    Hi there:

    I'ts also hard for me to pick favorites because i try to master them all, i play with all of them.

    My very favorite characters are:


    Cloud: Slow but very powerful, very handy with his brv to hp attacks omnislash lv5 and finishing touch are very devastating with his ex mode.

    Terra: she is most useful in dissidia 012 because of her firaga spell and meltdown and yes dualcast rocks.

    warrior of light: very powerfull well rounded brv to hp attacks and his ex mode asisst swords.

    Zidane: very mobile in air and his hp attacks are so cool.

    Cecil: I really like this guy two diferent fighting styles dark knight in ground and paladin in the air and his dlc is very awesome i love that outfit

    Laguna: i wanna be like him so cheerful, always looking at the brighside of things i like his ex burts attack so much and his long range skills.

    Kain: his alternate costume 1 is so cool, has great attacks and speed in air, his aditional attack in ex mode that let's you recover hp .

    Tifa: i really like a woman who can kick butt, has great speed and very cool attacks gotta love final heaven.

    Lightning: two figthig styles cool attacks and ravager and legion of one is very cool and powerful gotta love that gunblade of hers

    Chaos characters:

    Garland: for me it's so much fun using him very powerful has great hp attacks especially using tornado for defense and blaze for attack.

    The emperor: his traps can be very annoying and his ex mode blood magic is useful in sooo many ways.

    Cloud of darkness: very fun to play with and her tentacles like things has great hp attacks in diferent forms.

    Golbez: very powerful and i like his armor, brv attacks to hp attacks in air are the most useful and very cool ex burts attack, also genesis rock.

    Ex death: in terms of gameplay he is soooo slow but his counter attacks totally rocks also his ex burts attack is so cool, "embrace the stillnes of eternity".

    Ultimecia: i love that witch, time crush apocalypse,hell's judgement and shockwave pulsar are very cool also i like her ex burts attack and her edea outfit .

    Kuja: he has great mobility both in ground and air, has great hp attacts and his ex burts attack shows how evil he is.

    Gabranth: very powerful attacks and a great slashing combo, i like his hp attacks and ex burts attacks oh and very cool armor too.

    for assist's i try diferent combinations with all characters to see how they work and summons depends on how is your fighting style.

    hope you like my very long list.

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    My favorite characters are the Warrior of Light, Terra, Prishe, Kain, and Lightning.

    Warrior of Light : You give him ascension, white fang, and pair him with Cecil and he becomes a beast.

    Terra: she's really powerful. Even though I play as her, I mostly let the assist do the fighting while I release a graviga to holy combo.

    Prishe: I actually trick my opponents into blocking before I continue my combos, granting me critical hits almost every time.

    Kain: I use him just because he's cool. He's also pretty effective against chaos.

    Lightning: again I use her because she's cool.

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