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Thread: Final Fantasy and Ethnicity

Final Fantasy and Ethnicity

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    I disagree, I feel like americans have a very distinct look especially when in game. Japanese in game characters I feel like tend to be more traditionalized in features. Like their clothing or hair styles, where as americans in game are more "rough" looking or have baggier looking clothes.

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    Al Bhed are a little bit Irish in influence.
    The idea for 'green eyes' and a separate language, plus their identities as those who tinker with machines. In game the Al Bhed language itself is pronounced more like welsh.

    The closest tilt I've seen to Irish were the Rat dudes from FFIX.

    Significant similarities:
    The Ritual dance in Cleyra is a direct copy of Irish dancing (set dancing)
    The harp is a national symbol of Ireland and one of it's most important traditional Instruments
    In Burmecia is never stop raining

    Lesser/social similarities:
    The first time Zidane meets Freya in game, is at a working-class bar.
    The little adventure prince Puck gets up to with Vivi at the beginning (stealing a ladder, getting in to a show for free) is very typical of a cheeky young trouble maker. The section actually reminded me of own childhood, the sort of things you'd get up too, (except I was raised in the country, so it was stuff like climbing trees and taking apples from orchards).

    Finally, (and I say this with a little caution) During the events of FF9 the Burmecians are attacked and all but wiped out by a neighboring civilization. Although this may just be a coincidence with the general story-line and not an intentional reference to Irish History!

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    Honestly, considering Final Fantasies' taking place in entirely fictional settings, I think ethnicity and skin color and such are essentially just another element of a character's visual design in this context. I mean, going back to Final Fantasy II, Minwu actually was of a darker pallor based on his Amano artwork. General Leo Cristophe from VI was black before VII's Barrett was, although in Leo's case the SNES's palette limitations kept it from being very visible in-game until later releases. (GBA version displays his portrait in the dialogue box when he speaks, iOS version updates the colors of his overworld and battle graphics to match his portrait/official art)
    My opinion on the matter is just that the character designers should probably be open to varying characters' ethnic features more in the future. They can still have crazy hairstyles and colors and incomprehensible complex outfits and all that, but I think it would also help a lot with making the characters in the series look more immediately-distinct from one another. And since it's been an argument in the past, I'd just like to say that basing how much you can relate to a character off of their looks rather than their personality and story is kinda shallow and sad.

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    This is nice and interesting, it also took me awhile to realize that Vanille had an accent Struggling with the answer to your question? refer to this link in order to understand more about race and ethnicity issues.

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    I agree. I am going to make a thread inspired by this to get the word out.

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