Thread: Final Fantasy IV and the 64 Door Hierarchy Glitch/Hack?

Final Fantasy IV and the 64 Door Hierarchy Glitch/Hack?

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    Post Final Fantasy IV and the 64 Door Hierarchy Glitch/Hack?

    Hi folks.

    Since my childhood i am a great fan to the FF series and even if i did not play everyone of them i get excited watching speedruns or regular runs about these games.
    At the moment in particular a speedrun where the 64 Door Hierarchy Glitch/Hack is used (explained here ). Since in speedruns glitches are allowed but hacks aren't a debate has started if the 64 Door Hierarchy Glitch is a glitch or a hack.
    Since even in the Wiki its stated as a glitch im pretty convinced that its a glitch and not a hack. However i am not a programmer or anything like that therefore my knowledge about those things is pretty limited. But as a gamer now i want to know it for sure and stop guessing what exactly it is.

    i really would appreciate it if anyone could explain to me if its a glitch or a hack and why.

    Thank you.

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    Glitching is *actually* called exploiting. You are exploiting a bug that the developers overlooked, such as exiting a level's geometry by using the jumping mechanics on a specific point.

    However, hacking is more of you:
    - Reporting to your own client that you have 100% life all of the time
    - Reporting to all other clients your wrong position so that you appear in a different place every time.
    - Reporting a "reload complete" event as soon as a "reload start" event happens to your client.

    It's a different structure altogether. Both are annoying, but one requires external hardware/software.

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    This is a glitch, which is an error made by the developer. Abusing glitches is generally used in speedruns if it can help reduce the play time. Hacks are not errors by the developers, they are modifications that you enforce in the game. For example by modifying the memory values of the game, which is what patch codes used to do (such as Game Shark, Action Replay, etc), but it can also be done manually if you have the tools to change the values. Hacks are not allowed in speedruns.