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    FAQ and forum navigation links

    [edit by Driber]

    Links to important forum threads and popular topics:

    Complete Archive of Tomb Raider PC Saved Game Files (Big database of PC game saves)

    Official Player Tips & Tricks thread (handy combat and other tips)

    Console or PC? (Can't decide between buying the PC or a console version? Look here for opinions.)

    PS3 or Xbox 360? (Can't decide between buying the PS3 or 360 version? Look here for opinions.)

    Official Re-playability thread (Discuss what to do after completing the main story)

    The official pre-order questions & comments thread (All discussions on pre-ordering TR9. Look here for info on which editions there are and where they are available. You'll also find user experiences with retailers here.)

    Tomb Raider: The Countdown & Launch Party Thread (Fangasm thread! Express your excitement for the launch of TR9. How will you celebrate the release of Lara's latest adventure? Mods will be more lenient on spam and double posts in this thread )

    The official forum members birthday thread (Is it your birthday today? Post here!)

    Official Show Your Appreciation Thread (A one-stop for all thank-you's and kudos to the dev team)

    Post your Steam / PSN / XBOX Live usernames here (Find and share handles for playing TR9 Multi Player with your fellow forum buddies)

    Official Ambassadors Q&A links (TR community Q&A articles, videos and audio recordings from E3 2012)

    Quick Note to All Members (Short message from the staff about the forum's post report feature)

    Tomb Raider Tours (Check out some of the impressive fan collections)

    Game Expo & Community Events (Photos of events, including a lot of cosplay!)

    TR9 Demo Discussion Thread (Discuss what you would like to see out of a demo)

    CrystalD officials introduction and welcome thread (talk with the TR devs!)

    New Lara voice actress (Discussions about the actress who voices Lara in the new game, Camilla Luddington.)

    Lara's new look & body (From head to toe - discuss Lara's new physical features. Warning: boob discussions always lurking around a corner )

    Official wishlist for the TR9 development team (Got some ideas for the new game? Share it in this thread or vote for wishes already posted. THE DEVS ARE READING THIS THREAD!)

    Tomb Raider (2013) Hollywood movie (confirmed!) discussion thread (Talk about the upcoming Hollywood Tomb Raider film)

    Message about scans (Important notice about copyrighted material)

    A message from Karl Stewart – Global Brand Director – Crystal Dynamics/Tomb Raider


    UPDATES! Note: Updates appear with the newer ones at the top in this thread.

    Update September 29, 2011 - New Q&A with the devs:

    On the franchise and the game
    - Will there be an entire franchise built after this game ?
    With this reboot, Crystal Dynamics is of course thinking globally. The idea is to reboot the entire franchise and not just this one game, but this is step number one and the studio wants to make sure that this experience is perfect and well-received by players before thinking to a sequel.

    - When will we see a gameplay trailer ?
    Not before 2012. Crystal Dynamics intends to send newsletters, to produce podcasts and to update the blog, but, except for these community events, there won’t be any wave of new infos before 2012. Patience…

    - Are there any news of a third movie ?
    Yes, it’s been officially signed. That movie will most likely be about this rebooted Lara Croft as well, to stay consistent with the rest of the franchise.

    - What’s the completion level of the project ?
    The completion of the first section is around 70%, but the village section is less advanced. There’s no official state of completion for the global project.

    - What’s the game duration ?
    It is still too early to give a definitive figure, but the idea is to stay competitive with the other games of the genre, the action/adventure games of today.

    - Will there be any game extension or DLC ? If so, on which platform ?
    Crystal Dynamics is obviously not ready to talk about DLCs, but they are aware that exclusive DLCs, such as Beneath The Ashes and Lara’s Shadow can make a lot of players unhappy. They would like to have feedback about that, on Twitter, Facebook or the official forums.

    On the gameplay
    - Will there be several levels of difficulty in this game ?
    It has become a rule in action/adventure games nowadays. Besides, Crystal Dynamics are really working on the calibration for each player. Those who want to really struggle should be able to do so.

    - Will the help icons be optional ?
    It is hard to answer at the moment, but this is another thing Crystal Dynamics would like to know your opinion about. If you think that help icons should be optional, then speak about it.

    - Will Survival Instinct be optional ?
    Yes, absolutely. It is just an ability that the players can trigger whenever they want. It isn’t mandatory.
    (I actually tried not to use it, and I got lost in that very same demo that was shown at E3)

    - Will we be able to explore really extensively ?
    Yes BUT this is not an open world. The players will have to discover the island in a specific order for the narration to make sense. But yes, the idea is that the player should be able to reach whatever they see, with the appropriate gear and abilities.
    Let’s take the example of the abandoned village : for starters, she can only reach the wolf cave, she doesn’t have the gear or the abilities to get to the radio tower. When she leaves Roth, she has the climbing axe and it seems that she’s heading towards a base camp to get new abilities. She will then be able to reach the radio tower. Later in the game, it seems that she’ll also be able to climb even higher to the giant Buddha statue that can be seen on some concept arts. Oh yes, it also seems that there will be secrets to discover (but we couldn’t go into the specifics) !

    - What are base camps for ? How are they meant to be used ? How will we travel from one to another ?
    The studio won’t unveil too much about the base camps. We already know that Lara learns new abilities there but we couldn’t go into the specifics, such as the way the abilities are unlocked. We also know that, once a base camp has been discovered, it can be used to fast travel from one camp to the other. And it probably won’t be a cinematic cutscene * la Myst or Riven.

    - Will the QTE be more organic than in the last 3 games ?
    Yes, the controls are designed to be more natural in order to allow a better immersion in the game.

    - Will the weather change throughout the game ? If so, will it be random or scripted ?
    The weather will change, yes. For the demo, it is scripted for mood purposes but, at this moment, Meagan couldn’t specify if it would be random or scripted. She said she will include that question and the development in that field in one of the next podcasts.

    - What are Lara’s new moves ?
    There are several new moves, i.a. for climbing and exploring. The course-corrected jumps are new, such as the wall scramble… We can also count on new moves for the combats, although Crystal Dynamics aren’t ready to unveil them.

    - Do you use the motion capture ?
    Not for the game itself, most of the animations are created by the Animation team. It is the case for the cutscenes though : the actors are doing motion capture and voice capture at the same time, so that the cutsecenes are more consistent between expressions, movies, and lines. For example, when Lara pulls Roth under the temporary shelter, the actress recording the voice capture was really pulling someone on the ground.

    - How does climbing work ? Is it free climbing ?
    While we didn’t see Lara climbing her way up to the radio tower with the axe, we heard that climbing is more organic than before. That wall scramble move can be performed anywhere, but does that mean that Lara will be able to climb on any surface ? We’re not sure. She can reach the shacks roofs by wall scrambling then jump up.

    - Will Lara have the twin pistols ?
    No comment. Like Karl said in one of the last podcasts, there are some iconic parts of Lara Croft that Crystal Dynamics intends to keep, but they’re not saying which ones.

    - Will Lara be able to shoot arrows with the bow ?
    Yes. She collects some arrows in the shacks of the abandoned village.

    - Will Lara have to feed to stay alive ?
    It doesn’t look like it. Although food will play a role in the healing system, this won’t be a game where you have to pick up berries to keep Lara alive.
    Note that she also finds food items in the abandoned village.

    - What is the savegame system ?

    - Are there more characters to reveal ?

    - There were some deleted scenes in Underworld, which made the game look somehow unfinished. Will there be any deleted scene in this one ?
    The goal with such a long production period is, on the contrary, to make a complete and finished game. Nevertheless, there are some ideas, included in early artworks, that didn’t make it into the game itself. We don’t know what ones yet, and we might never know.

    Lara Croft
    - Has Lara’s biography been completely changed ?
    Yes. She’s 21, fresh out of the university. Her motivations, her life, her biography are playing a role in this story, so it is probable that we won’t learn more about it before the release. This is a reboot of the entire franchise, and of her entire biography. So there won’t be Von Croy, Kurtis nor Natla in Lara’s past.

    - Most of the fictions quoted as inspirations behind the game have a masculine leading role (Batman, AC, UC, 127 Hours). Are there women that are role models or inspirations for building this adventure or rebuilding Lara Croft ?
    Meagan wasn’t there for the beginning of the concept, so she couldn’t answer that question. Nevertheless, she thought that it is less a matter of gender than a matter of spirit : movies and games quoted as inspirations fit the spirit that Crystal Dynamics wants to set.

    - Who is Lara’s English voice ?
    No comment. Expect an announcement in early 2012.

    - Who’s Lara’s French voice ?
    She hasn’t been chosen yet. There was a huge debate whether it should be Françoise Cadol, the woman who’s been voicing Lara since 1996 (and in the movies), or a voice that is fresh new. Most of players would like to have her traditional voice back.

    - We know that there’s no an official Lara Croft model for this game, but will there ever be models again ?
    No, never. With this game trying to be more realistic and a third movie in the works, Crystal Dynamics doesn’t think there’s a need for another Lara out there. It would just be more confusing.

    Tomb Raider goodies
    - Will there be a Collector’s Edition and what will it content ?
    Crystal Dynamics will try their best to make a valuable Collector’s Edition as well as an official soundtrack. They will see that both of them will also be available in Europe. They also know that sometimes the goodies included in a CE can be a problem (the batarang included in the CE of Batman : Arkham Asylum was forbidden in some country).

    - What are the other goodies planned ?
    There will be more than just the CE, and this is once again a topic on which Crystal Dynamics wants feedback. They also want to avoid cheap but ugly stuff, such as some recent figurines that we won’t mention They want good goodies !

    Courtesy of Clara (source)


    Update July 22, 2011 - What We Know About the Game So Far:

    Although the intriguing tagline "A Survivor is Born" is being used to promote it, the publishers stress that the ninth game in the series will be titled simply: TOMB RAIDER *

    • Planned release date: Fall 2012
    • TOMB RAIDER is currently in development by Crystal Dynamics, the same studio that created Tomb Raider: Legend, Anniversary and Underworld, as well as Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, and will be published by Square Enix.
    • The game begins with a 21-year-old Lara Croft shipwrecked on a mysterious island in the so-called "Dragon's Triangle" off the coast of Japan.
    • Before the accident, Lara is part of a group searching for Kublai Khan's lost fleet. The leader, an older man named Conrad Roth, can be seen in the game trailer and some of the screenshots. He serves as Lara's mentor, and she must help him survive when he becomes injured.
    • In retelling Lara's origin story, the developers have said they hope to make her a more complex, human and culturally relevant hero, in part by putting her in an extremely dangerous and challenging situation through which she will ultimately prevail.
    • This time around there will be no real-life model representing Lara for promotional events; however, the game will employ extensive use of motion-capture technology.
    • The voice actor who'll play Lara has not yet been announced, but Keeley Hawes will not be voicing Lara this time. To hear a bit of the new voice, watch the trailer video above.
    • The game is being built using an updated version of the Legend-Underworld engine with more realistic, physics-based interactions within the game world.
    • Tomb Raider staples like puzzles, combat, exploration and action will still be the foundation of the game but will be more realistic and more fully integrated into the basic survival storyline.
    • The auto-targeting feature used in previous games will be replaced by a free-aim system.
    • Weapons may include a bow, pistol and shotgun (shown in various game art), as well as tools and objects Lara discovers in the course of her explorations.
    • While not strictly "open world," the game is non-linear. Players can explore the island freely and can revisit locations as Lara's skills and equipment improve. However, there will be some scripted sequences that advance the story.
    • It will be necessary to gather food, water, medical supplies and other items for survival.
    • Details of the injury/healing system are still being worked out, but taking damage will affect Lara's abilities and, unlike past games, she will show pain and emotion.
    • A system of "base camps," including an abandoned monastery, allow players to fast travel among various points on the island. Base camps also allow players to examine and combine inventory items and access a skill system to enhance Lara's abilities.
    • Changing weather conditions, Lara's improved gear and abilities, and the player's influence on the game world are intended to keep locations fresh when revisited.
    • The game will include a hint system called "survival instinct," in which players can highlight clues and interactive elements in the game world by pressing a button.
    • Buddha statues are visible throughout the game. These may function as save points but their actual purpose has not yet been revealed.
    • There will be no swimming and no vehicles for Lara to drive.
    • Yes, tombs will be raided, but Lara's reasons for venturing into them will be a bit different than in past games. Crystal Dynamics' Karl Stewart quipped, "Unlike before, when she used to go in on purpose, now it's all about getting the hell out."
    • At the heart of it all is a mystery reminiscent of the TV show LOST. What is this island all about? Who are its strange inhabitants? Why is it seemingly impossible to escape? Lara—and the player—must discover the truth.
    • TOMB RAIDER will be rated 'M' (Mature).
    • It will be available for Windows PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The developers have said they are looking into producing a Macintosh version as well, but that has not yet been finalized.

    *TOMB RAIDER will be the ninth major installment in the series, not including Tomb Raider: Anniversary, which was technically a remake of the original Tomb Raider.

    Thanks to Stellalune for compiling this list. (source)


    Update May 11, 2011 - new info on the game:

    • If you walk into this game expecting Lara Croft from the previous Tomb Raider games, you’ll be disappointed. This Lara is human; she bleeds and suffers and will have to fight for her survival.
    • You’ll have to get used to seeing fear and pain in Lara’s face. Her expressions and even the camera movements have been generated using motion capture.
    • The new game, titled just Tomb Raider, will be a complete reboot. The developers decided to re-imagine Lara Croft, who’ll have very little in common with the woman from earlier titles, who had an enviable body and could perform super-human acrobatics at will. The main story, development, and even the main character will re-start from scratch in this game.
    • The story revolves around a young Lara Croft, who’s shown as a teenager just out of university. A rational and analytical young lady, she goes on a expedition in a ship called Endurance, which sinks next to an island close to the coast of Japan. She’s the sole survivor of the shipwreck.
    • Helping hands and UI will be kept to a minimum, even though the game will show things like what can be burnt, or which buttons to press in Quicktime events.
    • The island’s central area will serve as the main headquarters. In the main camp, you’ll be able to “buy” abilities, make new tools or get back to missions you’ve already finished. The remaining area will be used to climb or search for new missions.
    • Lara has a “Survival Instinct”. By pressing a button you can activate a special view which will put a different colour to “interesting” elements in the environment: the background and non relevant objects will be shown in shades of grey and the clues in yellow. That way you’ll be able to follow traces normally invisible to the eye. For example, wolf footprints could lead you to a med-kit. When you reach it, one of those animals might attack you.
    • Puzzles will be more complex than in previous installments. They won’t be just about observing the environment, but about thinking about how water and fire interact, the importance of gravity, explosives, and so on.
    • The camera will use innovative framings to add to sensations of anguish or claustrophobia. The game has a renewed graphics engine known as Crystal Engine.
    • Physics from Half Life 2 – The usage of gravity or water currents was already explored in this classic game. Here such concepts will be put to use with boxes and barrels.
    • Atmosphere of Uncharted – Nathan’s soliloquies will be “limited” by Lara, as well as the extreme situations for the main character.
    • The “vision” of Assassin’s Creed – Ezio’s Eagle Sight isolates different objectives using colours. Lara will be able to do something similar using her Survival Instinct.
    • The origin story of Batman Begins – The first act in the film showed Bruce Wayne’s hard path to become Batman. That “hero’s journey” will guide Lara’s first steps.
    • The suffering of 127 Hours – In that movie, the main character has to punish his body to survive. The most famous scene in the film inspired the guys at Crystal Dynamics to force Lara’s resistance to the limit.
    • The mysteries of Lost - Strange wrecked ships? An remote island full of mysteries? Lost’s plot has been acknowledged by Crystal Dynamics.
    • The adventure is divided into three big “episodes”, each one corresponding to a part of Lara’s transformation into an adventurer: survive, rescue and escape.
    • The laws of gravity and centrifugal force allow Lara to go through her obstacles.
    • The transition between cinematics and game is almost invisible.
    • Lara’s grief is accentuated by effects like close-to-face cameras, on-screen blur.
    • Lara changes throughout the game. She will evolve from a young, inexperienced woman to an adventurer. It will be apparent from her equipment (the article says that it might be possible to see her double pistols), for example.
    • Lara can only use Survival Instinct when she’s standing still.
    • There are many ways to solve puzzles, and sometimes you’ll have to try multiple times thanks to the use of physics.
    • Buddha statues are visible throughout the game. Although it’s speculated these are save points, their exact role is unknown for now.
    • Some elements of the world fall when Lara stands on them for too long.


    [end edit by Driber]

    Original post by Keir:

    Exciting times.
    "......It reminds me of Beethoven..... can you hear it?"

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    Wow!!! Fantastic render. Consider my curiousity piqued
    Looking forward to hearing MORE!!!
    "Aha!" - Lara Croft (1996).........."Arrrghhhh!" (2016)
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    YEAH, Lara is coming back

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    AWESOME! And it's a really pretty cover too!

    I can't wait to hear more!
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    Judging from the art style, it looks like this will be my 1st Tomb Raider game to play, i knew about Lara Craft all along, i just was kinda young, and not so interested, but this poster really does the trick for me, I hope it comes out great, on 2nd though i am sure it will be, Edios is well known for its great games, also i wish for a Legacy Of Kain announcement , that would make my day

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    "forget all you know about tomb raider"

    meh, not gonna happen. They can't just completely forget about all of the adventures so far because theyre so publicised, if the stories start to clash then people will notice and not be too happy... what i'm saying is that its a bit too early for a reboot of the whole franchise.

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    Looks fantastic!!! I'm so happy!! I hope it's good!!! You hear me, Keir!? Tell Eidos not to mess it up!!

    P.S. Lara is hot!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by raz- View Post
    what i'm saying is that its a bit too early for a reboot of the whole franchise.
    What are you on about? Too early for a reboot after almost 15 years and 10 games?! Come on now. This is perfect time for this and it's desperately needed.

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    Yayyy !! I can't waittt :O !

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    Ok, question...

    Will the new Tomb Raider be a TOTAL reboot or just a gameplay reboot but on par with the same story?

    Because I really want to erase many moments of the old Lara and embrace this one a whole new franchise....

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    Better Graphics won't help this game imho, especially if it's going to be ported to the PC. Movement, View, and Aiming need to be restored so that a mouse & keyboard can be used in a comfortable manner and the game more immersive. The view used for GoL made the game world look tiny and uninteresting...movement with mouse & keyboard was awkward and anti-instinctive...more like a 2 decades old scrolling game than the 3D world exploration effect that I would expect from a AAA title...aiming was a 2D point & click mechanism and lacked any 3D aspect...there was no aiming fun.

    I have no incentive to anticipate any Tomb Raider game unless the GoL View, Movement, and Aiming mechanisms are trashed and the fun and popular Anniversary & Underworld mechanisms restored. However, I have not seen any evidence of for me and thousands of PC gamers the Tomb Raider series has fallen down to be a game only played on the consoles where grandmothers and grandchildren with absolutely no skill can actually have some fun.

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    Why does Lara look so young, dirty and scratched up? Has she been in a bikini-mudwrestling-cat fight? Or is Eidos going for a more edgy, teen-friendly approach with this one? While I find dirty hot girls very hot, I really don't know any hot girls that smear themselves liberally with mud like that. So I really don't know what to make of this... except finding it very arousing in a weird geek way.

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    I'm excited. Do we have a time line for release yet?

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    Thumbs Up Awesome!

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    OMG Can't wait to learn more, this is so exciting.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rockn-Roll View Post
    I have no incentive to anticipate any Tomb Raider game unless the GoL View, Movement, and Aiming mechanisms are trashed and the fun and popular Anniversary & Underworld mechanisms restored.
    Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is not part of the main Tomb Raider series, so the isometric camera and awesome gameplay is definitely not having any impact on the upcoming game.

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    This is crazy. I haven't been on the forum for ages ..or something. Then today I suddenly thought of it and decided to just check in on how things were going and, well, it turns out that today was the day the new Tomb Raider game was announced. Quite a coincidence
    But anyway, I'm not really planning on coming "back" to the forum. I doubt anyone even remembers me, but it is cool to see things are still pretty much the same in here

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    woohoo, im kinda caught up in hype at the moment just finding out now, but woo, get my negative thoughts out the way first, it doesnt resemble lara much, but just reading up im liking the sound of this

    she is younger, from what ive read thus far, and by rights as an experienced poster i shouldnt post prematurely but cant help it

    looking forward to more news and gameplay or even a trailer for that matter if there is one
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    Excited about this. Is this an origins story for the Lara we know and love? Or an origins story for a Lara that will take an entirely new path?

    I hope for the former, but I can live with either. As long as she is still essentially the same person, just younger and inexperienced, I will be happy. Also: Keeley Hawes. Keep her, Crystal Dynamics, k?

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    I wonder if her necklace has anything to do with the story. It doesn't look like the type of thing a 21 year old woman would wear as a fashion statement..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pulse View Post
    I wonder if her necklace has anything to do with the story. It doesn't look like the type of thing a 21 year old woman would wear as a fashion statement..
    Looks kind of similar to her mother's broach first seen in Legend.


    Very hard to tell how much so from these pictures, perhaps just a similar shape.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fox89 View Post
    Looks kind of similar to her mother's broach first seen in Legend.


    Very hard to tell how much so from these pictures, perhaps just a similar shape.
    But she didn't find that until she was 28 in Ghana...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pulse View Post
    But she didn't find that until she was 28 in Ghana...
    but thats also now considered the ''OLD'' storyline

    This is a reboot, were going to have a completely different lara with a completely direction storywise

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fox89 View Post
    Looks kind of similar to her mother's broach first seen in Legend.


    Very hard to tell how much so from these pictures, perhaps just a similar shape.
    This broach has absolutely different design. Looks like some ancient symbol... it should be connected with the story in some way and forget all about that Legend-Underworld, it's a Reboot, guys!)

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    Oh so not cool, I was on the site and it locked me out as "not old enough" just because my computer closed tabs. GAYYYY. Have to keep using different browsers to go on it ;~;

    Anywho..So cool. I think I might drool.
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    Middle Earth
    I'm loving this new Lara! Can't wait to see more about the game!!!
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