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Thread: SaGa Series

SaGa Series

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    SaGa Series

    Welcome to the SaGa series thread! Feel free to discuss your thoughts, memories, strategies, and everything else SaGa with fellow players on this thread, but remember to consider the opinions of others and keep all conversations civil and respectful.


    It's unfortunate these did not release outside of Japan, I would have loved to play through them again with updated graphics and other changes.
    I guess my copies of FF Legends I-III will have to suffice..*
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    I absoultely loved Saga Frontier 1/2 and would love to see one of those get remade, or at least released on the PSN :P

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    Originally Posted by Tonyr86

    I absoultely loved Saga Frontier 1/2 and would love to see one of those get remade, or at least released on the PSN :P

    Yeah, both are out on PSN in Japan, don't know what the hold-up is here.

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    The SaGa 2 and 3 remakes were like my most anticipated games of the last few years! I was looking forward to playing them so bad. Oh well. SaGa games are good fun anyway, but when you throw robots into the mix it's on a whole other level!

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    I really like most of the RPG seriesd that Square have out, but I have yet to get into the Saga series. I've encountered the odd games, like Final Fantasy LEGENDS 1 and 2 and Unlimited Saga. I haven't gotten very far in any of them, and I know Unlimited is suppose to be a very off, experimental game in the series.

    For someone who'd like to really appreciate a game in the series to see if I'm more interested in it, what's a good place to start?

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    I'd say the original SaGa Frontier (PS1)

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    Why haven't these games arrived on North American PSN stores yet? I thought these two games were underrated, what with its several characters each with their diverging storyline. The sequel was even more interesting, and I found Gustave to be this really cool character that you get to watch grow from a shunned little boy to this exiled king who is fighting to take back the throne. You also have the young William Knights who sort of happens upon Gustave in different moments of the game. It basically had a storyline and combat system that made it altogether one-of-a-kind, and was well-received over here. I hope Square will consider releasing both of these classic PS1 games in the future. What did you guys think of the games?

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    I love these games, and really wish they would put them on NA PSN.

    They've been on the JP PSN for years now. (at least the first)

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    My brother who I haven't seen in 8 years just had his birthday on the 2nd we played some PS3 and the first thing he asked me was if I still had Saga Frontier. I told him no but I wish it was on the Network came accross this post to find out Japan has had it for years now? Bummer! WHen do WE get it?! I want to play as Red again SO bad

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    I remember this was one only released on the Pasofami and maybe super pasofami.
    Looked interesting, be nice to see a SNES color sort of for the 3DS.

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    When will these two get an English release?

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    Or even better when will they make another installment in the series? I rather have a remake/sequel/prequel than just a translation/localization. Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song was the best and Unlimited Saga was the worst imho.

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    never played Unlimited Saga, didn't like Romancing Saga Minstrel Song, enjoyed the hell out of Saga Frontier, Saga Frontier 2 and the original three Saga games on the Gameboy which were released in NA as Final Fantasy Legend, Final Fantasy Legend 2 and 3

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    I love SaGa Frontier. I still have my ps1 disc and everything to play on my PS3, but I really want this one in the store. I need to be able to play SaGa Frontier on my Vita! SF has the best has the best mix of races and characters with one of the deepest and most fun battle systems I've ever played. It's so unfair that it's only on the Japanese PSN after so many years.

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    It's because Square Enix doesn't care what we want to play
    They've grown so fat and greedy because we allowed it by buying crap like Final Fantasy XIII

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    Square Enix, why will you not give the Saga series any attention outside Japan??

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    Yeah this would seem like a no-brainer to put up on PSN. Seriously, SE, what's the deal?

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    Please release these on NA PSN and Saga 2/3 remakes for DS in NA

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    Please release these two in North America or release the original 3 GB Saga games on the 3DS Virtual Console

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    Yeah the remakes looked great. 3 is actually my favorite SaGa game. Unfortunately it's kinda too late to release them now.

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    Why do you say that?
    the 3DS is backwards compatible

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    I know it's technically possible but the DS is almost dead, see what upcoming games left for it:

    Maybe they can remaster them for 3DS, I'd certainly buy them.

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    Originally Posted by Chrono Cross

    I know it's technically possible but the DS is almost dead, see what upcoming games left for it:

    Maybe they can remaster them for 3DS, I'd certainly buy them.

    how is the DS almost dead, the system may have been discontinued but the 3DS CAN play DS games....
    Companies can still make money off DS games because of the 3DS being backwards compatible

    I would only buy them if they were released for DS anyway

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    Please release this on the 3DS Virtual Console

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