Thread: Chaos Parachute now available for all versions of the game

Chaos Parachute now available for all versions of the game

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    Chaos Parachute now available for all versions of the game

    Well, just this past week, the Chaos Parachute (the red one, with a skull on it) that was formerly exclusive pre-order DLC is now available for all versions of the game for free! (someone else made a post for it, bu it only mentioned the ps3). Enjoy it!

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    The parachute is glitched though. The data is corrupted when you start a new game.
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    It's glitched? How so?

    Do you mean it will corrupt your save (as in when you try to play using the save you have the Chaos Parachute on, it says can't read data?), or will it corrupt other parts of your profile?

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    Originally Posted by Cycieties
    The parachute is glitched though. The data is easily corrupted, especially if you start a new game.
    Can you give us more information on what you mean? I'll look into it.

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    mycoldman just posted.
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    These are mah' glitches.

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    I believe what he means (what I think he means, anyways) is that the save file becomes corrupted, making it so you cannot load the game. (Please tell me if I am right or wrong on this).

    Also, one of my friends from the U.K. said that he was unable to download the parachute on his U.K. Xbox Live account, but was able to download it on his U.S. account. I do not know if this means that only U.S. users will be able to download it on the Xbox 360. The only real good reason I can think for this is that the dev's might be working on a solution to the glitch, and will release it for other accounts after it is fixed. Could anyone else who has a non-U.S. account confirm this?

    Hope it gets fixed soon though.

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    I haven't re-downloaded it yet but (this is all for the 360) you can't vote on it (last time I checked) and when I started a new game with the CP downloaded, the Chaos Parachute download was corrupted and I had to delete it. I'm sure it would probably work normally but like I said, it gets corrupted when you start a new game (from completely deleting your old save(s)).

    The actual save file, though, I don't know, lol.
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    So what you're saying is that, when you start a completely new game with the chaos parachute, it gets corrupted? Could you please determine if the game is corrupted after you have a save file, and what happens to that save file? It'd suck to load up a nearly complete save file, get it corrupted by the CP, then have to delete it and use a much farther back save file.

    Sorry for asking for the confirmations.. I'd do it myself, just I don't have a disk yet.. another week or so. Maybe two. :/

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    It's corrupted right after you delete the save file. You can check by going into the Downloads in the game main menu. Btw everything else works fine.
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    Hmm.... I don't understand how it could have been corrupted. I mean, all they needed to do was take the Chaos Parachute, which was already made at the release of the game, and switch it from being a 'code dl' where you have to enter in a 25-digit code to access it to public... doesn't make sense how THAT could be messed up. Unless they tried to 'update' the file itself and corrupted something there. Maybe there will be an in-game update soon to correct it?