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Thread: Young Justice - 26th November Premiere

Young Justice - 26th November Premiere

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    wait, drazar...a new batman series...and in CGI? theres rumors that after the new christopher nolan movie there will be a new live action batman series, but this is new to me.
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    I've heard great things about this show, but haven't gotten to see it yet... I really gotta catch up on it!!!

    I'm a huge fan of Greg Weisman, especially with his run on Spectacular Spider-Man... I'm very sad that it's canceled, but Paul Dini worked wonders with BTAS, so I'm waiting to see what he'll do with Ultimate Spider-Man.

    Still, a question from me; how does this show stack up against the Teen Titans animated series? I loved that show, not as much as BTAS or SSM but still high up there.

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    I would say that they are vastly different. Teen Titans was good for comedy and story, while Young Justice focuses on things to be learned from teh story while taking a realistic approach
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    Anyone see last night's episode?

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