Thread: Kane & Lynch Dead Man The Movie (Fan Made trailer)

Kane & Lynch Dead Man The Movie (Fan Made trailer)

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    Kane & Lynch Dead Man The Movie (Fan Made trailer)

    Here is a trailer i made for the upcoming Kane & Lynch Movie, coze i think That!
    should be the cast !
    So Enjoy !

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    Not bad. I think that the audio was off, though. The Kane and Lynch theme should have been less loud and used sparingly, with other audio cut in. Personally, I find that the theme would go best at the end of a trailer, because frankly the theme gets really repetitive and annoying when looped over and over again. The voices were also very awkward sounding since there was no shift in the music when they were playing, and therefore no segue at all into them. Lip-synching was also quite awkward- I wouldn't suggest it at all for fan trailers.

    It's a good first try though, certainly. The video cuts were well-done.
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    months later and youre still sitting on this board criticizing everything you see, anyways what movie were the ed harris clips taken from.

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    Months later and you still come back trolling Slash. Weak.
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    Ah ah Slashprower looking forward to see yours.

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