I purchased my copy of TRA for PC earlier this year and had it installed on my laptop for quite a while. I had viruses on my laptop, causing the whole OS requiring a re-install. I decided to start playing in on the PC again and went to re-install it today. The disk loads fine, and the autoplay box comes up fine. I click 'run' and the main 'box' comes up, with the image of Lara to the right and a number of options down the left. Play and the one beneath it are blocked out, so I can't click them. 'Install' and the ones below it are avaliable to be clicked. I then click 'install' and the box closes, not crashes, closes. Which is expected. Nothing then happens. No install. Nothing.

Any ideas? I tried rebooting 4 times and I'm at the end of my tether =/

Edit : Issue solved. If anyone sees this and has this issue, this is how I solved it;

-Right click on the disk in 'My Computer'
-Click 'explore'
-Double click on 'setup.exe'
-Follow the on-screen instructions