Thread: Commandos BEL freezing mid game

Commandos BEL freezing mid game

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    Commandos BEL freezing mid game

    G'day guys,

    Just got a little issue presenting when I'm playing BEL. Everything works/installs/loads perfect but during actual game play it will just freeze, and not only that, will freeze the whole pc so I have to use the reset button.

    Anyone else run into this problem? What's the solution? I have the Commandos Complete DVD collection.

    I am running Win7 x64.


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    You could try if the BEL WinXP patch solves the problem:

    Or maybe you'll find some useful info here:


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    Yeah tried those thanks zepplin... however, WinXP patch not compatable with Win7 x64; and the post on Steam is not related to my particular issue - everything they mention, I don't have problems with! Bizaare...

    Anyone else got BEL to work on Win7 x64?