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Thread: Weird graphic problem in PC version

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    Weird graphic problem in PC version

    Hi, i been trying to play this game too many days ago but i just can't overcome an issue: when the game is running, the only thing i see in the screen is the Lara's hair floating in a blue background. I been trying, as I said, in many ways, but always the game load in that strange way, even with all graphic options at minimum, in 800x600, without any filter or alias.

    I don't know what thing could be what's giving me such a problem, and the Steam people tell me they don't have idea neither. So, if you know this problem and a is a solution out there, pleeease, help.

    Thanks in advance, and sorry for my poor english.

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    i can't help u and im sorry about your problem..just wait for the patch and let's see how many problems gonna fixed from the countless problems it already has..
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