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Thread: A Newbie's Request

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    A Newbie's Request

    I'll be honest, I don't expect this to happen, but the question remains.

    Would it make sense (or even be possible) to release Defiance on the PSN?

    I understand that it only has "Playstation Classics," but I feel as though if there are two games of a series up, there may as well be all of the series up. And also, on a technicality, while Defiance was on the PS2, the first two parts of that console's name are still "Playstation." I also would consider it a classic PS2 game, since it concluded such a popular series.

    But, I digress, and leave any and all replies to everyone else.

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    Technically it could be possible to buy old PS2 games off of the PSN...if Sony only implemented it. I mean, on the Xbox 360 you can buy old Xbox games and play them off of your hard-drive. It would certainly help in getting LOK and other good PS2 games out to people. But like I said, only if Sony implements it. And perhaps they might in time. But who knows.
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    it depends on if u have a ps2 compatible ps3 or not, because if you dont then it wont run because the titles are emulations of the original disc.

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    While we are at it, why not on XBox Live arcade as well, since Defiance was also released for the XBox?

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    Since Defiance is still (reasonably) readily available for PS2 (at retailers like Gamestop) I would doubt Defiance would be on PSN / XBL yet. Soul Reaver 2 also fits this profile, tho it is harder to track down.

    These games along with Robotech: BattleCry, Robotech: Invasion, and Rogue Galaxy are the main reasons I kept my old launch era 20gig PS3 around - TRUE backwards compatibility (built in Emotion Engine) vs emulated B.C.


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    My opinion is that as long as PS2 is still alive we wont see PS2 games on PSN.

    After the next PS3 price cut and with Vita just around the corner i hope that sony will eventually kills ps2 and finally we'll start seeing some PS2 games on the PSN.

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    on an interesting point (sorry to bump an old thread) i can never seem to get a working copy of BO2 (or at least one that lasts, I've returned like 5 now within a month of purchase), i read somewhere that the blue disks used for some early ps2 games made it difficult to read from after a couple of years of "normal" wear and tear. I've all but given up on getting a working copy of it now, which is a shame because i almost have the set for ps2.

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    I was reading about PS2 emulations for the PS Vita. That was one of the first things I thought of when the Vita was coming out, since you can play PSone games on the PSP.

    There is something unique about the PS2 CPU though (from what I read), making it especially difficult and complicated to port to modern hardware and software. I don't really buy the theory that there is some corporate plot where Sony intends to keep the PS3 not backwards compatible with PS2 games in order to sell PS2 media, because they won't all be available, just as like half of all original xbox games aren't playable on the 360. It is just not practical, too complicated at the moment.

    Honestly it seems unlikely that they would just release LOK PS2 games on PSN, and I'd rather they wait and make and HD collection. They released the first Bloodrayne, but as much as I love that series and want to support it any way I can, I will never download BR on PSN, because I have it for PS2 already, I do not have the hard drive space on my PS3, it is exactly the same, with no updated graphics or even trophies whatsoever, and I have it for the PC as well. I bought BO1 and SR1 for PSN, even though I own the discs for the playstation, mainly because I wanted to play them on PSP, and to support the series, but I have to admit, I don't have the money to spend downloading exact PS2 copies in digital form if there's nothing new about them whatsoever, and you can't play them on the Vita or PSP.
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