Thread: Microsoft points refunded?

Microsoft points refunded?

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    Microsoft points refunded?

    So I bought the dlc when it was 800msp only to see it drop to 560msp overnight, due to having been incorrectly listed.

    I phoned MS to see if they could/would refund the difference, and they basically just said "no" ('no refunds' small print etc. etc.).

    However, a week or so later.....and I appear to have accrued some extra msp. I know that post dlc I had 1170 (I know this, because I realised I was 30msp short of picking up Plants Vs Zombies).....and today, I have (magically!) got 1410msp - exactly 240msp more than I had.....

    I suppose I should be saying "thanks Microsoft!" and thought I'd point this out to anyone who hasn't realised they've been refunded/haven't been refunded and should have.

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    Yup, got a partial refund of 240MSP as well a week ago or something.
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    See, the system works!
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    Awwwe Tell me one you guys has removed the C4 charges we left in the nuclear plant facility ! ...
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