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Thread: Podcast 3 - Creative Direction and Level Design

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    Podcast 3 - Creative Direction and Level Design

    Wait... What's that smell? Can you smell it? It smells really.... sweet... WAIT A MINUTE! It smells like.... like... FRIDAY GOODNESS!™

    Creative Direction and Level Design


    Daniel Neuburger Jeff Wajcs Alex Wilmer
    Creative Director | Lead Deisgner | Audio Engineer

    It's time for the third Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light podcast. This time I speak with Daniel Neuburger, Jeff Wajcs and Alex Wilmer about the concept of the game and how they go about designing the levels. As always we answer a load of your questions, have a bit of a laugh and this week there's some recordings from a few of you that attended the Community Days we ran a couple of weeks ago.

    We hope you enjoy listening to it, podcast four will be about everyone's thoughts on the game. I'll start a thread about that soon.

    For scans from Jeff's notebook made while he was figuring out some of the puzzles in LCGoL, check this thread.

    For more information on and to enter the the 'Podcast 3 Competition' click here.

    To download right click and select 'Save Target/Link as'.

    Previous podcasts:
    Podcast 2 - Audio
    Podcast 1 - "Wait, what?!" The history and concept of LCGoL

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    listening to now whilst playing LCGOL, with my Lara Croft model...and teh much more lara can i get ? xD

    thank you Keir
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    Thanks a lot, Keir. Quite a lot of info to absorb on this one, plus it sounds like you guys had a great time recording it.

    Very nice to include bits recorded with the fans during the community days, too!

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