Thread: Game keeps on Freezing!!!! and causing my PS3 not to respond!!!!

Game keeps on Freezing!!!! and causing my PS3 not to respond!!!!

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    Game keeps on Freezing!!!! and causing my PS3 not to respond!!!!


    Anyone know why Kane and Lynch 2, keeps on freezing. I'm playing with a mate on co-op but not on the internet. Everytime me or my mate dies and we restart the checkpoint, it varies but it will let us play for 2-10 mins and then it's crashes but the background sound is still on. I have waited up to 30 mins to see if it response but it never does and the worring thing is that it freezes my PS3 were none of the buttons work, the only way to restart it is switching the machine off.

    Really looking forward to playing this game but having to finish the game without dieing so that it doesn't screw up my PS3 is a bit extreme.

    Any advice on how to stop this happening.

    Never happened with other games just this one.



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    I agree with u DAVE

    you -me and so many other people are having the same game freeze in co-op offline/online --but the rest off the the game(single player and online matches) are fine -
    I am having problem ever since i finished 1st level and every now and then the game freezes (((Randomly))) maybe after 2min/5min/13min but in my case more sooner than later ---- i can't enjoy this game to its TRUE potential ----- PLEASE -good people at eidos and K&L TEAM and QA TEAM --- this is a priority#1 -- the REST CAN wait !!! Thank you

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    yeah the game has A LOT of quirks.
    It freezes, lags and - worst of all - crashes. A LOT.
    Hopefully the developers are working on improving the game and fixing/patching our these (and the other) bugs, so that the game can continue to grow and maybe one day it'll be as popular as COD - that is, if they get the lagging issues fixed.

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    same here. we're unable to complete mission 2 in splitscreen-mode because after some minutes the ps3 is not responding to any actions while the background-sound from the game is still playing.

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    Second level crashes a lot in co-op from my experience as well.

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    been a fair amount of updates over the last little while, so we know the developers are working on it. Give 'em time, I'm pretty confident this will be one for the long haul =] - for me, at least