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Multiplayer Connection Issues

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    Question Multiplayer Connection Issues

    My room mate and I cannot be the only ones out there having connection issues regarding multiplayer. 90% of the ranked matches we try say "joining lobby" than shortly after "closing." the end result always being in a lobby all alone with no one joining. this happens with ranked FA, UCC, and C&R. haven't tried too many player matches and have no problem playing online co-op. I guess my question for the Devs is. Are you aware of these issues and are you planning on addressing them?


    p.s. I play many other online games including Battlefield Bad Company 2, Red Dead Redemption, and Monday Night Combat and have no connection issues

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    how bout haw many times you get subway

    this will be fixed i'm sure but they better get on the ball before every body waiting till friday to buy read all these complaints...i have yet to get a game on radio tower and im a level 3
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    You are not alone... this has been a problem since the exclusive demo came out. and to be honest considering the history of the series and the people who made it, i doubt it will get fixed but heres to hoping.

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    The whole matchmaking system is ed