hey people, i just want to know if someone could help me i having serious problems with the mutiplayer sound i dont know what is, i update all my drivers but the problems is there, i was playing single mode and everything is working perfect but when i play in the multiplayer mode the sounds goes off... and i dont know what can be the problem is weird is the only game that i have that problem, the sound goes OFF in ALL the computer i mean if i want to watch a movie or listen to music the audio disappear totally and the only solution is restart the computer.
The thing is that this happends me when im in the lobby waiting for the match and is not like is the 10 match that i play is the first one of the day.
I already try to shut the microphones in the steam settings but the problem persist and i disconnect my mic too and the problem still there. PLEASE somebody helpme is AWFUL to play without sound.

My PC:
Intel I5 CPU 750 @ 2.67 GHz
Gforce 9800 gt 512mb
4 GB Ram
Windows XP 32 bits SP3
Realtek HD

By the way i tought that maybe it was my webcam Genius eye 312 (include mic) but i disconnected and the problem persist