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Subway Location

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    Subway Location

    Was playing the game last night (yes i'm way behind the curve as I bought it used not so long ago).
    Anyways as was on Arcade mode in the subway and crouched behind a pillar being shot at and I looked
    at the wall and saw what looks like time tables.
    Now me being a somewhat curious fellow, I typed 'waihuan road station' into poogle and lo and behold-

    Other stations in the time-table are also mentioned.
    Attention to detail is one of the things I like about this game.
    Being the nerd that I am I wondered if anyone knows any other locations.

    So a some what belated Thank You to the developers and game creators.
    A great game, my favourite. Credit where it's due.

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    Nice ! I add your post link to my KL timeline post .
    i wish IOI can buy back Kane & Lynch !