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Thread: LCGoL review scores

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    Most awesome! i can't wait to download, going to get my mate to download and we shall play round each others houses until the online is released...mainly looking forward to the team killing

    Lets hope the pillar can get these sort of ratings. everyone at work should be happy with what they have achieved
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    now ill enjoy the online still so disapointed in this game....should hav been some new character, then id probly like it. the graphics in the vid i watchd of this game are horrible, well not the graphics...just how the games playd seems horrible. it looks like 1 of those game boy advanced gameplay....not some awsom tomb raider.......this game is sad (to me)
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    At the time of writing LCGoL is sitting pretty on Metacritic with an average score of 89%!!!

    Here is the breakdown of the 27 reviews:
    Positive: 27
    Mixed: 0
    Negative: 0

    That is pretty impressive!

    Keep an eye on it here:

    Here is a snippet from the Telegraph:
    You will rarely find a game that offers such phenomenal value for money, even at full price I would wholeheartedly recommend it. It's an exciting reinvention for a heroine whose light has unfortunately faded in recent years; an exciting parade of action, puzzling and exploration elegantly crafted with fresh direction, all while retaining that familiar Tomb Raider ethos.
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    Wow, the reviews are great!!! Can't wait to buy an Xbox to download the game!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by angelus0901 View Post
    Wow, the reviews are great!!! Can't wait to buy an Xbox to download the game!!
    LOLZ! I downloaded the 360 trial overnight, had a quick crack at it this morning & will have a proper go at it tonight. To be honest, the trial is more than enough until the full release next month. I wil be picking up the PS3 version.

    For a twin stick shooter, it feels really good. Cannot be fairly compared to 'Tomb Raider', but is a nice diversion whilst we wait.

    One thing that I did notice is that, for an Aztec tribesman, Totec speaks remarkably good English
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    4 stars on The Escapist. Check out the video supplement: its very positive and funny as well.

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    I am pleased with the scores LCGOL I am looking forward to playing it on pc
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    Nice one CD

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    Great reviews! I've heard that it's been getting the best scores since Tomb Raider II!
    Congrats CD!

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    hi (if speaking through here it removes the first link it does not foctionne)
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    Congratulations, CD! The development team took a risk and it was definately worth it, despite early negative reactions
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    A very funny video review by a Lara Croft impersonator:

    It scores 9 out of 10

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