Thread: [Bug] UI/Graphics Lag UPDATE

[Bug] UI/Graphics Lag UPDATE

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    [Bug] UI/Graphics Lag UPDATE

    In reference to my issue described here:

    I just read from a user on the Steam boards that the UI and graphics lag making this game unplayable for some might be in respect to some Windows Live type software it relies on for overlay?

    Stumbled into this thread, but figured I'd give you a heads up.
    The lag is caused by *drumroll*....
    Games for Windows - Live's god forsaken overlay from hell.
    Unfortunately though, the game requires that piece of ♥♥♥♥, so recommended course of action, is to uninstall Kane & Lynch at first sight of neverending fps lag.
    That was what it ended up with for me back in 2009 when I bought the game.
    My system should have been more than sufficient, yet was no match for Microsoft's dreaded game killer.
    Next recommended step, is to not buy Kane & Lynch 2, if it's gonna feature the error that is Games for Windows - Live.
    However, one way one can try to improve fps, is to download updates to the Live crap, and hope they fix it. Just downloaded a new version of it, so might give Kane & Lynch a new go.
    Does this game utilize Live for some kind of overlay that would be causing us the UI/Graphics lag even with more than sufficient systems? If it kicks in at 50% buffering on the first single player mission (where our loading time slows down) then we might have our answer.

    I would really like an answer from Eidos on this. I took the time in my previous linked thread to provide a lot of information and link the necessary files.

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    I'm a little confused by this, but Steam does have an in-game overlay. To turn it off, go to Steam>Settings>Click "In-Game" Tab>Uncheck "Enable Steam Community In-Game".

  4. It does not use windows live at all. That post is talking about the original game.

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    Kl2 doesn't use any part of G4WL as far as I know.

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    Well has my initial information ( ) given any insight to the problem? Whatever it is it starts happen always when buffering reaches 50% when loading the first scene of the single player campaign. If you alt-tab out it loads almost instantly from that point on. Somehow it is pinging the graphics card because the cpu graphic so not show my AMD Dual 3.1Ghz is peaking.