Thread: PROBLEM - BUG - STUCK - Black Gold Mission

PROBLEM - BUG - STUCK - Black Gold Mission

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    PROBLEM - BUG - STUCK - Black Gold Mission

    I found today that I cannot go any further in a mission. I started the Black Gold mission for the Reapers where I have to go out and cause X amount of damage to one of the oil rigs. I have already blown up the crane and other key items on the rig before this mission racking up Chaos Points and Weapon Parts.

    For some reason when the mission started, the fuel tanks on the side of the rig were reset, but the crane and other BIG key items (can't remember what they are since I already took out both rigs) we not reset. I cannot finish this mission. Does this mean I can't finish the game?

    I have an embarrassing amount of time I have put into this game and cannot go back since I destroyed the rigs so long ago. I am sure as hell not starting over. Is this something that can be fixed in a patch? IS this something already addresses and I am just another victim?


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    Yep, it's a known bug, you're another victim, just like me.
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    Realized I butchered my account name. I reregistered and trying again.

    Any idea if this problem will be fixed or should I hang up my hat and give up? Are they aware of this issue? What is like this before the patch or did the patch break the game so this happens?

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    It was like this before the patch, and I'd give up, it doesn't look like they're going to make another patch. Sad, because there are still so many problems in the game.

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    Should I be aware of any more of these areas in the map? I've compelted the whole left lower portion of the map, but not many missions. Only 27% complete, but no yellow dots in lower left. Will not completing this mission make me miss out on something?

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    it doesn't affect the game or being able to complete - it'll only affect the trophy/acheivement for completing 49 faction missions. But yes it's a shame they didn't fix it. Luckily I hadn't touched the rig prior but I did have to revert to a save just prior to reset it after I died.

    I say don't let it bug you too much, it won't be resolved through a patch but there is still so much to enjoy in the game and at least you can complete the story etc.
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    I had done the same thing where I had destroyed every rig before starting the missions so I thought I would run into the same bug - but when I started the mission, I immediately aborted the mission so I was sent to the desert stronghold, went back to the mission starting point and traveled to the rig.

    The game rebuilt everything needed to "finish" the mission. Albeit, they don't give chaos or money but you do get to finish the mission.

    I don't know if I got lucky but I hope you try this and see if you get it working.

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    mission do count for 100%!

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    I can confirm what UrNoseKnows says above. If you are stuck because you have destroyed everything on the rig but the damage bar has not filled up, go to the menu and abort the mission. Then restart the mission, and enough things on the rig will have been reset to allow you to complete it.

    I can't believe this is still a bug and that nobody has bothered to fix this! If not for this 'abort' workaround, it's a game breaker for people like me who like to complete everything and achieve everything.