Thread: A pair of issues

A pair of issues

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    A pair of issues

    1. SPO
    Quick ranked match -> Joining lobby... -> Closing... -> Buffering -> Surprise you're the host!

    What's going on here? Shenanigans I say! I'd rather find a game that people will play than host and wait 10 minutes for joiners!

    Close -> Yes Really -> Closing... -> Buffering -> Main Menu -> Repeat

    there's a minute or two of trying to play mp. Would be cool if you could re-search or attempt to join a different game than the first which failed for no apparent reason. Instead, hostage to hosting. Sad times, especially when it misses the next attempt, and the next one >_>

    2. Scoring
    Okay now I'm in a game, kicking ass and taking names as I'm sure many others on the forum claim haha. All of my buddies die in gloriously stupid blazes of gunfire from cops/each other, and then the 7 or so of them gang bang me with my +$100k reward for killing cops/traitors/the dog.

    Now the player who died first and managed to score a few kills on the mercs has the most cash? Two rounds later mr. early death wins? Why is dying quickly an advantage, and why doesn't the player with the most skill (cop kills + surviving) get rewarded for doing so? Seems counter-productive to me...

    A thought occurs. Perhaps if only the players killed by traitors were to respawn as cops this multicop gangbang scenario would occur much less often, conserving the heist as the main objective of the game while still allowing people who've been backstabbed a chance at revenge?


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    Maybe you need a pair of Tissues? (See what I did there *Gloats*)

    I hear what you're saying and yeah, it can kinda suck being up against 5 or more Respawn Cops. They shoot the Guts out of you, teabag you and then tell You, "You got owned/pwnd/raped/etc."

    My trick is to seperate them, quickly picking of a lone Respawn Cop, then reloading and working who to deal with next. I like to hangout at the top of the Steps on the Metal Catwalk just before the Gate. From here I can easily pick off Respawn Cops with Headshots as they try to rush up the stairs. I don't start to panic til I have about 5 Respawn Cops against me. Then I start to play super-defensive and the only objective is to stay alive and not worrying about escaping. As long as you live, you keep your Weapons you bought (not picked up) and Rewards. I have won just by staying alive, killing Traitors, collecting my Rewards and killing Respawn Cops.