Thread: Crazy demo glitches

Crazy demo glitches

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    Crazy demo glitches

    So I was playing and the following happend

    1)It only showed me and another person playing in the room but when I shot the fire extinguisher all of a sudden I turn into a traitor and there is a bag of money where the extinguisher was so I get the money but the whole time I am playing my money keeps going up

    2)There was someone shooting at the police and they were taking cover but there was really no one there.

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    Ever been stuck in a wall? Yeah, happened to me once. The cop shot at me and I went down-but-not-out next to the wall yet when I got up I was inside the wall. Very odd.

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    I got past the propane tanks in the public demo and climbed over the fence at where the end of the exclusive demo and got to a block of nothing- link -though some people tell me im just playing the exclusive demo,haters gonna hate

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    Most of these things happen when there's a bad, laggy host or when your connection is about to go downhill. At least that's the way it is with me. But when I do have a stable connection and a fine host I never experience any glitches or bugs. Except for the PS3 menu freezing of course, it's irritating that I've been playing Fragile Alliance non-stop for god knows how many days and I've never been higher than Rank 6. I want the SPAS-12 dammit!

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    I've had afew games when some of the Players are invisible. Sorts itself out by the next Round.

    As for getting stuck in walls, I threw someone to the floor and they ended up in the wall because we were right beside it. They could still shoot at me and move too.

    Also, there is a glitch that when grabbing someone just as they get in the Van, you become stuck in the Van and can't get out until it drives away.

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    I got stuck in a wall too. Made me laugh. Not sure if it was a glitch in the game or a lag spike.
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    all i got was 'dancing wooden walls at the restraunt'

    oh and if the 'stuck in the wall' thing happened in MP while u were not even close to the wall.. this happened because of the laggy host
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