Thread: Any chance of IOI patching the DEMO?

Any chance of IOI patching the DEMO?

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    Any chance of IOI patching the DEMO?

    As we all know, there are several technical issues with the K&L2 Demo in the Multi-player mode. It's a lot of fun don't get me wrong, but it has it's flaws on the technical side of things. However, I'm not to eager of the idea of waiting for the final version of the game to see if they've fixed these technical issues. Therefore, I was wondering if there was any chance that IOI will patch the update to fix SOME (Doesn't have to be all) of the issues to reassure those who intend on buying the game that IOI plans on fixing the issues K&L2 has.

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    Personally, what I would like to see be fixed as soon as possible is the ranking not being saved issue, the not being able to mute people issue and maybe (though unlikely to be patched for the demo) some of hosting issues, and possibly add host migration.

    I know this is a lot to fix for IOI but fixing these problems would ensure a sale from me and probably a lot of others playing the demo.

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    I think patching the demo is a waste of time , in this time they can do other stuff for the full version
    i have a problem with the multiplayer , it crash every 2 match and i can't select the ambient occlusion settings and i play the game on highest settigs possible, is there a solution ?