Thread: PATIENT INTERVIEWS (created by me)

PATIENT INTERVIEWS (created by me)

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    Mad Batter, I'm very sorry for how rude some people have been to you. I know what it's like to be one of those people who really really want to read comics, but can't afford them or can't find them. I was one for a very long time, and in a way I still kind of am, I may own and have read several comics now but they pale in comparison to the amount someone who's been reading them for many years has. I like what you've done with your interviews so far.

    However, your invitation to try my own has raised my curiosity enough that I will. Here it goes (and I apologize if this turns up feeling OOC-ish or inaccurate in any way, I'm doing my best off the top of my head)


    Mr. Freeze

    Dr. B: Patient interview 1. Patient's name is Dr. Victor Fries, more commonly referred to as simply "Mr. Freeze." I'm taking over as Fries's psychiatrist after his previous one, Dr. Norman, was found dead in his apartment last week of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. This is the patient's first night back after once again being apprehended by the vigilante known as Batman while engaging in activities fueled by criminal insanity. Victor... The staff and I notice that Dr. Norman was very upset and unnerved two weeks before you escaped again.

    Mr. Freeze: This surprises you?

    Dr. B: What do you mean by that?

    Mr. Freeze: Don't be so naive. Look at this place. Anyone who's ever set one foot in this asylum is bound to have more than one sleepless night.

    Dr. B: ... Perhaps, but, we have reason to believe Norman was especially upset. He started neglecting his other patients and concentrating his time onto you.

    Mr. Freeze: It's a surprise to me. No one else but myself should be at all content within the vicinity of this cell.

    Dr. B: But the convenience of others doesn't have to cut off your need to survive, Victor. Now, back on topic, we've gathered some of Norman's old notes... He was very upset with himself over what happened when you escaped, Victor. He thought he was responsible for what you did.

    Mr. Freeze: I don't have much to say. Norman believed he could penetrate my stoicism. Saw it as merely a demeanor. But this is how I am, to the core.

    Dr. B: Yes, he says you were resilient to his attempts, to, uh... (flips through notes) ... He tried offering you things he thought might raise your dopamine, become more optimistic... Things like gourmet dinners --

    Mr. Freeze: Do you think I ever cared about that? I can't taste a damn thing. Can't feel anything. My sensory nerves of touch have been frozen dead. I can't even feel pain. Why would I care about anything?

    Dr. B: ... Still, he made a strong point of your misfortune you constantly mention, and thought he might have instigated -

    Mr. Freeze: Nora. I know. You don't have to treat me like a child. I'm an intellectual myself.

    Dr. B: Well, it wasn't just that, Victor, and with all due respect I firmly believe any man in your circumstance would be that upset over such matters, but what really disturbed him wasn't that you still resorted to illegal activities to try and tend to Nora, but the severity inflicted on the victims you --

    Mr. Freeze: Silence. You feeble minded psychiatrists and your euphenisms... I know what I did. Don't try to sugar coat it. I froze all of those GothCorp employees after dousing them in gasoline so that anyone foolish enough to try to thaw them before they froze to death would burn them alive instead - either way a slow, excruciating death. Then I went to the house of Gothcorp's last CEO, who wanted nothing more than to become a novelist, and froze his hands so I could break them off.

    Dr. B: Now, see, on that last one Victor, why did you want to do that? What was there to gain out of such meaningless violence?

    Mr. Freeze: He found work in an unethical company. The one that took my Nora. He deserved it. I'm always having what's most important to me taken away, right before my eyes. By you, by Arkham, by Gotham, by Batman. All I ever wanted to do was bring my Nora back. But no one will even let me do that.

    Dr. B: ... I... Have nothing further to say. It's obvious you need some time alone, Victor. Until next time.

    Mr. Freeze: You should reconsider your line of work, doctor. Hypothermia's a terrible way to die.


    I know that was probably epic fail on my part, but meh. Just wanted to try.

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    no that was fricken awesome, u and the bat hatter r so good at writing them, i liked it how u made freeze's icy demeanor affect other people around him, like dr. norman

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    Originally Posted by Robin114330
    no that was fricken awesome, u and the bat hatter r so good at writing them, i liked it how u made freeze's icy demeanor affect other people around him, like dr. norman
    Thanks, I'm really glad you like it. I'm a really big Freeze fan, I think he's very underrated and overlooked, he needs more exposure. I'm so glad he's going to be in the next game, according to a VA interview.

    Edit: I'm going to give my other favorite Batman villain a shot at a patient interview.



    Dr. G: P-patient interview #52... I know it's standard procedure to record these sessions for the sake of progress, but I fear my patient is influencing me, making me become unprofessional... How long can I hide these tapes? What if -- no. Get a hold of yourself; you're not anything like Dr. Quinzell, it's not going to happen to you. Just... (takes a deep breath, pauses, and slowly exhales before she opens the door to where she'll be interviewing Two-Face before she walks to her chair and sits down, clearing her throat) Harvey, good morning. How are you today?

    Two-Face: It doesn't matter.

    Dr. G: Excuse me?

    Two-Face: How I'm feeling. It doesn't matter.

    Dr. G: Harvey... We're here to help you... Your feelings do matter, and a part of the healing process is taking time to identify and express those feelings. Now please, Harvey... How are you?

    Two-Face: Anything I feel in here doesn't change anything out there. I used to believe that. Civil war going on in my half-fried brain...

    Dr. G: What are you talking about, Harvey?

    Two-Face: (growling in irritation and slams hands on desk) You keep telling me the key to life is my disposition... Our outlook... That if I always try to look for that silver lining, I'll turn out okay... It doesn't change the things we've done. The mistakes I've made. What a fool we've been.

    Dr. G: That's all in the past, Harvey. It's impossible to change. All you can do is come to acceptance and move on...

    Two-Face: (is now furious) Acceptance?!? Accept what?!? That I was some chivalrous fool who thought with perseverance and morality I could clean up this piss pile of a town?!? We never got ANYTHING accomplished, even if it meant putting our lives on the line!!! ... (is now depressed) Even if it meant putting my fiance in harm's way... (grumbles in frustration) We even tried to enlist the Batman - stretch the rules - even the Commissioner was doing it - and by then we've gone too far...

    Dr. G: Harvey, please calm down... Even though Batman has brutalized you and the other patients, some people believe that Batman is a positive cause for this town. Personally, I think he takes some things a little too far, but it goes without saying that he's stopped many confused and distressed individuals like yourself from inflicting harm on yourself or others.

    Two-Face: I should have seen it from a mile away. That half of me, Harvey Dent, is all the good there is. I wanted to be one of the good guys, because there's too many of the bad ones. And the balance isn't more heavily tipped to the darkness than in Gotham. Highest crime rate in the country, biggest cases of police corruption in American history... What a shame...

    Dr. G: I know you care about your people, Mr. Dent. You were a very politically involved man. You were - are - still a very good man, with the best intentions. I can see it.

    Two-Face: No. None of us were. I fail to see how I'm any good when I'm sitting here in a cell every day trying to get over my face, while rape and arson and rackets and violence sweeps over Gotham like a plague, the kind of things I tried so hard to confront when I was district attorney. I betrayed Gotham, by surrendering to it's madness.

    Dr. G: Anyone in your position would have reacted the same way you have, Dent. Being District Attorney is stressful enough, coupled with the combined trauma of death threats, the crime in the area, and most of all your acid scarring, you took all you could and just broke down. You're only human.

    Two-Face: I broke down a long time ago. I don't know how I never did when I was still a child. I broke down when I realized the system I swore to enforce, became a martyr for, devoted my life to, was practically meaningless. When the pathetically small handful of honest, clean cops and I decided to turn to him, him and his extreme measures that would tip the scales back into balance, fight Gotham's madness with a new kind of darkness.

    Dr. G: The Batman?

    Two-Face: Yes. And that's exactly why I've always failed, doctor. Gotham is swallowed in anarchy. The law means nothing at all. You either break it for the sake of breaking it or break it to try to enforce it. When you enlist a man who fights gasoline with thermite and killers with crippled legs, you know you've become one of the monsters you swore to fight. We always were one; we just never stepped out of our disguise until it was burned off of us.

    Dr. G: That's not true, Harvey. The legal system is what brought you where you are today, being nursed back to health. If Gotham truly were plunged in anarchy, wouldn't the inmates be freely running amok in the asylum?

    Two-Face: (scoffs) And you're telling us they're not? You even know how many times that's happened?

    Dr. G: ... Okay, well, still, we're doing our best to treat you and all the other inmates and become safe to re-enter society. This city isn't broken, Harvey. This Asylum is supported by all corners of Gotham, especially by Bruce Wayne in the financial department, who as I recall is one of your best friends, and also paid for your surgeries and therapy every time.

    Two-Face: ... If Gotham was a perfect place, every man would be like Bruce Wayne...

    Dr. G: But does it have to be a perfect place for you to live happily?

    Two-Face: A perfect world means no choices. If there's more than one choice, and someone else picks a different choice, then you disagree, which leads to conflict. But if there was always only one choice for everything, then everyone and everything would always be exactly the same, and there would be no point to living. Permanent peace is impossible...

    Dr. G: ... Please, Harvey, you're being awfully pessimistic today. What happened to that upbeat attitude from last session?

    Two-Face: (threatening tone) Do you really think we meant any of that? Do you know what we did before we came in here last time?

    Dr. G: ... Yes, I -

    Two-Face: I took the rat who betrayed me and tortured him to see what he'd told the cops, and what he was giving to Black Mask.

    Dr. G: I remember hearing about it... That man, Harvey, after you were done... His teeth and nails were pulled out with a claw hammer... Fingers broken with it beyond repair...

    Two-Face: We know, and we don't regret it.

    Dr. G: There's one thing I don't get about that, Harvey...

    Two-Face: What is it?

    Dr. G: The witnesses says that you did it after you flipped the coin, and... It landed on the good side... Why do something so horrible if it landed on the good side?

    Two-Face: Because if it was the bad side, I would've just killed him.

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    wow that was long, it was good because it was mostly on Harvey's side saying how he transformed into Two Face, and i loved it how he addressed himself as we

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    Thanks, glad you liked it again. Sorry it was a bit long, I was really getting a philosophical vibe out of it, I was just compelled to keep going.

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    DarkKnightReturns,when Dini retires,I suggest you try to fill his place.

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    Originally Posted by mwkcope
    DarkKnightReturns,when Dini retires,I suggest you try to fill his place.
    That's the nicest compliment I've received towards my writing in a long time! Thanks so much man, I really appreciate it, you really made my day!

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    Who says I'm a man?
    Haha,just kidding,your welcome.

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    Ok guys you guys are all great writers and good Bat fans. I can take care of Clayface, Ventriloquist, and the Tweeds if you guys wanna write the rest of the villains be my guest!

    Clayface coming tonight
    I wonder where Batman keeps his Batarangs. Probable not in his utility belt. They might cut off something important.

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    I can write GW Shark's seond-fourth as well as hatters and Bane's ok? You guys can do other fav villains.
    I wonder where Batman keeps his Batarangs. Probable not in his utility belt. They might cut off something important.

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    Looking forward to your new interviews.

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    Great! yours too! Hey, wanna take a crack at another? Your pick!

    I'm takin a night off tonight (just got home from baseball game and I'm frickin tired)

    Ok im doin these villains other than these dkr have your pick of which ones you want:



    Ventriloquist & Scarface

    Tweedledum and Dee

    and Calendar man

    along with the ones ive already done

    3 interviews per character.

    Other than those listed above u can have ur pick of the rogues gallery

    But I suggest writing more Freeze and Two face

    DKR ur a great writer

    yeah fill dini's shoes u can do it!

    I wonder where Batman keeps his Batarangs. Probable not in his utility belt. They might cut off something important.

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    hey guys...what do you say about black mask ...can one of you to do sometin' about him? i really love this villain..i found him verry insane..thanks !

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    Originally Posted by andries.alexandru
    hey guys...what do you say about black mask ...can one of you to do sometin' about him? i really love this villain..i found him verry insane..thanks !
    hes not much of a "insane" villian. I never seen him in arkham

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    Originally Posted by Hadi
    hes not much of a "insane" villian. I never seen him in arkham
    Ohh yea HE WAS!!! He's dream was to became gotham crime many comic-books which I readed he was a foe both for Batman and Two-face..and some-times against penguin...But in general that was his dream and that's why I think he's mad..verry mad..I hope that he will appear in aa2..i say that because in the teaser we can see Sionis which was he's name(Roman Sionis) but they don't say anything about who will act his voice..that's why I'm sceptic..

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    Ill do Black Mask later.

    Here's Clayface #1:

    Dr. Whistler: Patient interview 1. Patient's name is Basil Karlo, AKA Clayface.

    He was transferred to me from Dr. Kellerman last week. I feel that before I begin treatment,

    I must get to know him. He lashes out quite often, so I must proceed with caution.

    Dr. Young: Hello Gretchen. May I talk to you about something?

    Dr. W: Of course, Penny. Sit down. You seem a today.

    Dr. Y: Yes...well...

    Guard: Hey! There he is! *runs toward them*

    Dr. Y: What? Who are you talking--

    Guard: You're not fooling anyone, Karlo. Sit down. *Clayface sits; turns back to


    Dr. W: What happened?

    Guard: Karlo turned to some kind of slime and broke out of his chains. Must have

    reformed into Young before he got into your office.

    Dr. W: Well, he's restrained now, so we can begin. Guards, leave us.

    Guard: If you say so. We'll be outside the office.

    Dr. W: How are you, Basil?

    Clayface: Fine.

    Dr. W: Let's talk about you. How you got this way.

    Clayface: Long story. Complicated.

    Dr. W: Tell me.

    Clayface: What if I don't want to?

    Dr. W: It will make things easier. The visits will be shorter if you cooperate.

    Clayface: Okay, whatever. I once was an actor. Damn good one too. My best role

    was in The Terror as Clayface, a serial killer. Made me millions.

    Dr. W: Sounds great so far.

    Clayface: I was rich and happy until the producers of the original announced a

    remake of the movie. I was replaced! Told me I was too old. They ruined my career.

    Those bastards didn't have the right to do that!

    Dr. W: They certainly did wrong you.

    Clayface: Hell yeah! Naturally, I had to off them. Y'know, even the score.

    Dr. W: Even the score? You slaughtered half the crew and cast! Most of them didn't

    have anything to do with the choice to replace you, yet you went on a murder spree with

    your costume and individually killed ones at random.

    Clayface: Their price to pay for taking part in the movie. They ruined my life,

    I had to ruin theirs. Permanently. I--

    Dr. W: How could you?

    Clayface: Shuddup, lady. Just shut the hell up. I wouldn't wanna hurt you. * growls


    Dr. W: Guards! Guards, help! He's--

    *Clayface's arm turns to a solid mace like appendage, which he raises over Dr. W's head*

    Guard: Stop, Karlo! Now!

    *Clayface grunts and shoots mud out of one hand, plastering a guard to the wall*

    *Guards shoot Clayface*

    Clayface: Uhhh! Oh Jesus Christ! My leg! *turns to human form (a man in his forties)*

    Guard: Grab him! Haul him back to his cell.

    Clayface: You little skank! I'll-- *guards carry him out*


    Watch for Ventriloquist and Scarface next!
    I wonder where Batman keeps his Batarangs. Probable not in his utility belt. They might cut off something important.

  17. #42 actions and dialogue.BATULANT!!!Although,I must ask,how exactly did the guard hurt Clayface by shooting him?I mean in most interpretations,the only thing I've ever seen able to hurt him is ice.

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    well done, that was really good, i liked it how he got all angry and attempted to kill dr.w, and how he pretended to be dr. young

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    Well...I thougtht about that...but bullets filled with water? The guards wouldn't be carrying Super Soakers, would they?
    I wonder where Batman keeps his Batarangs. Probable not in his utility belt. They might cut off something important.

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    Black Mask interview:

    Dr.A: Patient Interview #13. Patient name is Roman Sionis, aka Black Mask. It is the first time i'll met him. I heard scarry things about him. Frank, please open the door!

    Black Mask: Hello doc. How are you today? A black day, are you?

    Dr.A: No, Roman, no. Why are you asking me that?

    Black Mask: I don't tell me. (he laughs)

    Dr.A: Do you want to tell me something?

    Black Mask: I don't know doc. Do you want to tell you something? Maybe.. why are you so suspicious about me? I did nothing. I'm here from four days.

    Dr.A: I know that...Anyway. Let's begin. First of all I want to know why are you wearing all time this mask?

    Black Mask: I'm not the perfect person to say you that. Ask the bat!!!(he screamed)

    Dr.A: You want to say that Batman force you to wear the mask?

    Black Mask: I'll die here with you if i'll stay 2 more minutes. This mask is glued on my face, you stupid doc! And is his fault! Yes, his fault! Because of him I fired my own house, and he didn't let me get rid of fire!

    Dr.A: I didn't know that. But, Batman brought you out of there, huh?

    Black Mask: Hahaa..That's a good joke! Yea..he brought me out, but only because the police was there and he must protect his superhero of Gotham state. That's why he brought me out in the last minute, and that's why the mask melted on my face.

    Dr.A: I'm sure you are telling only lies. I know that you're dream was to became the Crime Lord of Gotham and for that you kidnapped a lot of importants Wayne Enterprises executives and putting masks on their faces.

    Black Mask: You really want to annoy me? Why are you telling me such obvious things? Everyone know that! That's why I'm HERE!!!!!

    Dr.A: Calm down Roman! Calm down!

    Black Mask: Mmmm...ok, I'm relaxing. You know what? I think the time is over!

    Dr.A: I say when the time is over, not you!

    Black Mask: Are you sure?

    Dr.A: Of course yes! What kind of question is that?

    Black Mask: Remember doc! When you entered the room, i asked you something!(he smiles)

    Dr.A: Yes. You asked me if is a black day for me today. Why?

    Black Mask: Ohh you poor little girl, you don't know how much I regret that you're grandmother is in hospital!

    Dr.A immediately rises from his chair: What did you say?

    Black Mask: You heard me veeery weell! (he's still smiles)

    Dr.A: How do you know that??

    Black Mask: I will say again. I think the time is over. Let me go to my cell!(now he laughs plentiful)

    Dr.A: I won't tolerate such a behavior! Frank!! Come here please! Hurry!

    Frank Boles: What's Doctor? Are you hurt?

    Dr.A: No, please haul him to his cell! I must go to hospital. Say to Dr. Kellerman I'll came back!

    Frank Boles: OK. You black-fool!! Give me your murdered hands, now!!!

    The end.

    That's the first and the last time when I write an interview. I found it funny and I give him a shot, why not? I accept any criticism from you. And please The_Mad_Batter continue you're work. You're good. Remember you tell me that you'll do and for Black Mask some interviews, of course when you'll finish with the other ones.

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    nice work andries..grammar could be better but plot was great and I really got the Black mask feel from

    the dialogue. I must say, bravo, bravo.

    Here's Ventriloquist and Scarface:
    I wonder where Batman keeps his Batarangs. Probable not in his utility belt. They might cut off something important.

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    Dr. Cassidy: Patient interview 1. Patient's name is Arnold Wesker, AKA The Ventriloquist.

    This is my first interview with him, yet I have heard stories about him and his dummy,

    Scarface. He appears to have a severe case of Dissociative Identity Disorder with

    delusional schizophrenia. I have decided to let Arnold bring in his dummy so we could do a

    "group therapy" of sorts with his other persona. I hope to eventually convince him he does

    not need the dummy anymore to express his other side.

    Ventriloquist: Hello, Dr. Cassidy. It is a pleasure to meet you.

    Dr. C: Why, thank you, Arnold.

    Vent: You're welcome. I--

    Scarface: Shaddup, ya big galoot! Stop suckin up to da broad an' let me do da talkin'!

    Vent: Yes, Mr Scarface.

    Dr. C: So you must be Scarface.

    Scarface: Nah, I'm Marilyn Monroe. Of course I'm Scarface, ya idiot!

    Dr. C: Calm down, Arnold.

    Vent: I'm quite sorry, Doctor. He does that a lot. I can't control him.

    Dr. C: What do you mean? It's just a dummy, Arnold.

    Vent: Oh, he's much more than that, Doctor. He's a living senitent being. He tells me what

    to do. Asserts himself over me. It's just...some times he gets angry..and.... *shows her his


    Dr. C: Oh my! These..these marks...bruises! You did this to yourself?

    Vent: Not me, Doctor. He did this to me. I sometimes try to resist him, and me.

    Dr. C: Listen to me, Arnold. you cannot let him do this to you. You can't let your other

    personality control you.

    Scarface: Too late, girlie. He's mine. Always was, always will be. No amount'a treatment'll

    change dat.

    Dr. C: There is hope for you, Arnold. You can be cured. Remember that.

    Scarface: Nah, doc, you 'member this: You don't get in mah way. You let me an'

    mah slave go, yah hear?

    Dr. C: Why should I do that?

    Scarface: Well,..for starters, it ain't too comfy wit' lead in yer head...
    I wonder where Batman keeps his Batarangs. Probable not in his utility belt. They might cut off something important.

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    He made is puppet beat him up.

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    not one of my best...but still im proud of it..dont know if ill do the tweeds or firefly next.

    takes me a frickin half hour to crank these out... ah... I guess I like it.
    I wonder where Batman keeps his Batarangs. Probable not in his utility belt. They might cut off something important.

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    Firefly is not much of a psycotic person to be interviewed.

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