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Thread: What are you doing at this very minute?

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    I've been working on game concepts and looking for a program to use to make a dev build.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyberhuman View Post
    Exactly this. It's kind of depressing. I think that in the age of social media, classic internet forums are gradually becoming obsolete. People are active on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and tumblr. They don't see the need for traditional internet forums anymore.
    I see your point although I don't completely blame social media. I'm active on Facebook every day but still check in now and again. It just seems that as the games that originally brought us all here get older, people are losing interest. The newer games are so different they seem to attract an entirely new fan base. Not only that but some of us have been here so long that we've since started families which take up time.
    I hope I don't cause offence to any of the admins/mods/etc by saying this but I also feel the forum migration lost a lot of people. To me, this new forum is a nightmare to log into, I lost my original username and it just doesn't feel the same as the old one.

    In regards to the topic - right now I am uploading some photos to Facebook before heading to bed.
    Whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye.

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    I am searching cute name for my pet through You guys can help me by suggesting me between the two Crona and Caral

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    hen back home, to bed, then off to a songfest later today.

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    scratchin my ass )
    Rob John to pay Bill

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