Thread: Favorite guns in demo?

Favorite guns in demo?

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    Favorite guns in demo?

    What are your favorite weapons in K&L2: Dog Days demo, or more specifically in the multiplayer modes/arcade.

    I used the great for reference and real names of the said guns. Also providing the pictures from the site.
    Here is the weapon list, *omitting the DLC guns*

    N77P - "Norinco Model 77B" - Rank 8
    Doretta - "Beretta 92FS" - Rank 8
    Copper - "Norinco 9mm Police Revolver" - Rank 8
    Nianshi 226 - "SIG-Sauer P226R" - Rank 7
    SM45 - "S-Armory XD .45 ACP" - Rank 8


    Nianshi 40XR - "Hawk Sawed-off" - Rank 8
    TOQ Model 18 - "Hawk Semi-Auto" - Rank 4
    Gras 12 - "SPAS-12" - Rank 3
    Buqiang 300BP - unknown - Rank 1

    -Submachine Guns-
    DK ST80 - "H&K SP89" - Rank 6
    PAC 10 - "MAC-10" - Rank 8
    Desert Spider - "SA vz. 61 ┼*korpion" - Rank 8
    Nianshi 500 - "QCW-05" - Rank 5
    --Silenced- --------------Rank 2
    Nianshi 700 - "Norinco Type 79" - Rank 8

    -Assault Riffles-
    Vamazast - "Zastava M85" - Rank 8
    Kaliningrad 74 - "AK-74M" - Rank 8
    Buqiang 800 - "Norinco QBU-88" - Rank 7
    --Scoped----------------------Rank 4
    Buqiang 900 - "Norinco QBZ-95" - Rank 2
    --Scoped------------------------Rank 2

    Personally, I like;
    SM45 as the pistol as it packs some good heat and is helpful when you're down-but no-out-yet as usually is faster then reloading.
    Nianshi 40XR for the shotgun as I haven't unlocked other ones yet. Still, it's a very solid shotgun. My favorite secondary weapon.
    DK ST80 as my SMG. I bought Nianshi 500 once when I reached the Rank 5 but usually I get to only Rank 6 since the ranks reset every time you exit the demo. However both are very awesome guns, probably use the SMG more then the assault rifles.
    Buqiang 800 rarely as my assault riffle. I'd like the scope but well haven't gotten to Rank 4 yet so I don't use it as much. I definitely like it better than other riffles I unlocked so far.

    But so yeah, I'm trying out different tactics with different guns. But I'm defiantly liking the SMGs selection the most.

    P.S; Sorry for the pink/purple lol, I thought it looked neat

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    I like the Nianshi 700, I think mostly just because of the way it sounds. Loud sounding, kind of reminds me of the sound in the Heat shootout scene a bit.

    Also use the SM45 as a secondary. I snipe with that thing.

    By the way, there are some pistols and submachine guns you missed. The list actually goes on longer if you keep scrolling down, a lot of people miss it.

    There's a Desert Eagle I think.

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    Oh yeah? Haha neat. I never bothered to scroll down.
    Oh well, maybe I'll update it one day but now I have to check it out myself

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    mmmm... that Springfield Armory .45 is perfect.

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    There's a Desert Eagle I think.

    the desert eagle needs to be patched
    the default pistol you spawn with takes 2 head shots to kill a real player
    the desert eagle takes 4 to 5

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    It may be a DLC weapon, but the Steel 780 was awesome. An AI in arcade mode was carrying one once before he met with an "accident", so I was able to use it afterward. It's really good.
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