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Thread: 500 things we've learned from Just Cause 2

500 things we've learned from Just Cause 2

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    179. All the civilians pick there nose, look at it then wipe it on their pants.
    180. Everyone on the islands butt itches!

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    181. That PS3/Xbox 360 games can have planes in sandbox games. Lesson to be learnt here, R*.

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    182. Monstertrucks are amphibious.

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    All problems in life can be solved by opening a parachute.

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    184. Rico has 99 problems but a b*tch aint one.
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    185-204. Do not exist
    205. "There gonna be sorry now"
    206. I must edit because I have a new Idea
    207. You can survive a 100 Meter bely flop on the ground but not a 2000 Meter drop in the water :/
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    189. Rico can surf a jet going 400 mph
    190. deathlaroy just got pwnded
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    191. Monstertrucks own propaganda trailers.
    192. A bellyflop can kill you. Diving wont.
    193. It takes a nuke to kill a crazy dictator.

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    194- civillians dont use the concept of " look both ways before crosing the road"
    weeeeee, what a predicament

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    195.Rico's arm isn't hanging off and he isn't tired after grappling all the way up a mountain or hanging on to a helicopter for 5 minutes while being shot at.
    196. Somehow the keys to all the vehicles Rico finds are magically in the ignition when he climbs in enabling him to drive away immediately.
    197. Civilians will run you over even if they have had 100m to stop.
    198.Rico's shirt gives him superhuman resistance to miniguns and other weapons.
    199.A first aid kit is all you need to repair yourself after an encounter with the panau military.
    200. Blood loss can't kill or weaken a guy like Rico.
    201. A little snow never hurt anyone wearing just a t-shirt.

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    202. if a tree falls or breaks, it VANISHES !!!!!
    weeeeee, what a predicament

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    203. cars are magically stronger and more resistant to exploding if rico is inside.

    204. A small attack helicopter (AH-33 Topachula) can carry an enormous spaceship-like jet fighter (G9 eclipse) if the rope is long enough.

    205-207 are up there somewhere

    208. A car can be dropped from a plane onto a mountain face and still survive for you to drive it down the mountain

    209. A crazy dictator has 3 lives before he finally dies whilst riding nuclear missiles

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    210. Flying upside down under a low bridge always seems like a good idea at the time.

    211. When being chased, driving towards a cliff face/water at high speeds and quickly exiting the vehicle is highly amusing no matter how many times you do it.

    212. Civilians that enjoy rave music go to extraordinary lengths (or should that be heights?) to have a night out at their favourite club.

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    211. Destroyed vehicles seem to magically disappear.
    212. there is no police in panau.
    213. civilians dont get scared even if you aim your gun at their head
    214. there is a skull island, but no king kong
    215. ninja's carry swords although they use machine guns.
    216. it can take 10 in game minutes to travel a kilometer in a helicopter
    217. there is a hot air balloon that is indestructible and anything that files into it blows up.
    218. blowing bubbles at solders causes them to call air support.
    219. the military can be anywhere at any time.
    220. trees are made of cardboard

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    221. Whenever a Statue of Panay falls by any means, it is always your fault and you will be shot for it.

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    Civilians miraculously disappear after they have died.

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    Originally Posted by JonnehW
    Civilians miraculously disappear after they have died.
    222. see above :P

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    223. only the Pell Silverbolt can touch ANYTHING

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    224. Panauan disco music is very repetitive.
    225. Theres only ever mopeds and Tuc Tucs available when you're in a hurry.
    226. Even a one star Flying Challenge is harder than the whole story mode.
    227. Most Panauan boat owners will manage to steer a crash course directly into you on an empty ocean.

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    228: Rico gives bad career advice. (says "don't take no passengers to taxi drivers)
    229: Grass is stronger than the front of your car.
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    230. Based on the new mathematics of Panau's educational system, apparently 99.95=100.

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    231. You get really bored if you try to sail around all of Panau in the slowest boat in game... (So you kind of give up)

    232. Rico is good at falling somewhat vertically

    233 Rico is one h.... of a free diver

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    234. Panauian soldiers dont die they multiple
    235. A base has an infinite number of soliders
    236. destroying communication stations does nothing the wires must be underground
    237. the gangs only want three locations no more
    238. rico has a bad neck and cant look straight up only to the side and up
    239. rico can carrier hundreds of rounds of ammo and rockets and grenades and C4, but not health
    240. rico can sky dive fly planes jump and roll, but not take cover (unless im crazy)
    241. sometimes Spys dont spy they blow up things

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