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Thread: 500 things we've learned from Just Cause 2

500 things we've learned from Just Cause 2

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    Rico can't get a girlfriend.
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    72: at the international airport, jets dont land, they spawn!
    weeeeee, what a predicament

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    73: Civilian pilots are stupid. I've seen three small civilian planes and a passenger plane head straight into a mountain and blow up.

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    75. You CAN crash jumbo jets into oil rigs
    76. Rico laughs manically when something blows up
    77. When you die you spawn at a base
    78. Karl Blaine is an arse
    79. Oil rigs have missile deployers on them
    80. Boats can be turned into submarines
    81. Snowmen are indestructable
    82. Pie Island exists
    83. Someone likes to make fake sharks
    84. You can survive jumping off a cliff by being in a car, but everyone else blows up
    85. Submarines can dive in shallow water

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    86. A project originally designed to be a jet engine for a plane can somehow end up as a weapon. What kind of a train of though is that?

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    87. Rico makes over twice your income.
    88. You can't skim the water with a plane.
    89. Rico Has no chin, just another bullet.
    90. When god said let there be light, Rico said "Say Please".
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    91. Revolvers cost more than helicopters.
    92. People pay you $20,000 to jump off skyscrapers.

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    93. Turning a plane is easier than turning a car
    94. Panau Military personal are lousy shooters.
    95. 100 year old japanese soldiers still think they're at war.
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    haha, this thread literally makes me LOL

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    96. A nuclear submarine is stuck in the hollow of a mountain

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    97. Walking right through a Panau soldier, they will attack you.
    98. The monster truck is pathetically weak comparing the STRENGTH to the Chevailier Classic.
    99. Baby Panay can be killed easily with a multi rocket launcher.
    100.If you failed at the mission in ''Fry Me to The Moon'' in the very last missile, Ular boss will say ''Damn you Scorpio!''
    101.Randomly people suicide near the Kings Tower.
    102.There is a red Pell Silverbolt.
    103.This game can inspire low life people to make spam bots on youtube.
    104.Rico has strong legs.
    105.Sheldon taught Rico everything, and in game Sheldon is weak.
    106.Sheldon was the demon!
    107.The Ice in the game can never break.
    108.Bolo thinks you can sniff the black boxes.
    109.It suddenly becomes night in the Mile High Club.
    110.There is something you already know that there is something disturbing in the Mile High Club.

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    101. 100 year old Japanese soldiers have the power to sprint and jog and be very agile and manage to fire shotguns and machine guns.
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    I'm gonna steal your signature to advertise this.

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    102. They mastered the technology of taking down aeroplanes, yet never decided to move off the lost island.
    103. The government doesn't find rico, he finds them.
    104. The first thing that went through baby panays head when rico met him was rico's foot.
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    112 - u should never abandon ur car or it can disappear to another dimension in front of ur eyes
    113 - people can do "missile surfing"
    114 - ninjas exist and can teleport
    115 Panau seems to have enough oil to be the richest country in the world... seriously look at how many offshore oil rigs are there -.-

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    116. never get over hyped over a game ever again
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    117. People like to write messages out of bananas in the woods
    118. Civilians will run away if you approach them the wrong way
    119. But when said Civilians get to a point they think is far enough, they will stop moving and try to cover their head
    120. Cars can get really beat up in the game without blowing up
    121. The Reapers like to shoot at sings with Panay on them
    122. Somehow.... Rico carry a can of spray-paint on him
    123. NEVER trust a man who spend all day at a casino
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    124. Panaun military training requires that all soldiers have the exact same voice.

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    125. no matter how long ur in the snow, Rico NEVER gets cold in a t-shirt
    126. Rico can stand on the side of a speeding jet without falling off
    127. Rico NEVER has to go to the bathroom
    128. factions dont care if u kill their own men
    weeeeee, what a predicament

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    129. Wires break when someone dies
    130. A wire can't break if it's on an open door

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    131. By jumping out of a high speeding car you don't take any dammage.
    132. Serdadu
    133. Within a second of visiting Carl Blane you are considered the best and skilled BY EVERY crininal gang/members
    134. The military have a very short memory as after they give up attacking you, their your friend
    135. Military runways are very unguarded
    136. If you fall off a cliff in a car, the car and you 99% of the time will remain fine where as if you jump out it will always blow up
    137. A black market chopper will never be shot down or attacked no matter where you are.
    138. When will I shut up
    139. Ninjas are very hard to kill unless you blow them away by the wind or using the Air Propulsion Gun
    140. Rico's hair cut is made out of a super hard material.
    141. Tom sheldon can carry an assult rifle and make it fire like a shotgun -.-
    142. Tom Sheldon can cook a pig for several days over a fire and it never get's burned. It only get's better.
    143. Rico would win a fight against Chuck Norris
    144. without trying Ricos voice can sound like one of the locals to everyone but us when in the 3rd agency mission.

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    145. Guns don't lay on the ground, they float.
    146. Cars cease to exist once they get too far from you.
    147. Mountains can be very... slippery.
    148. Parachutes can go through stuff without much problem.
    149. It is possible to hold your breath for a very long time.
    150. You can jump higher and further than normal if you intend to land on a vehicle.

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    151: If an airplane gently grazes a surface, it instantly explodes.
    152: Rico is not affected by gravity while using the grappling hook.
    153: Some cars take no physical damage.
    154: People are impervious to hypothermia.
    155: If you crash a car into an object at full speed, nothing happens to you.
    156: Rico has infinte stamina.
    157: People don't need to eat or drink.
    158: There are no seasons.
    159: When holding a minigun, you can't die from falling.
    160: Clones of the same person are scattered around the Mile High Club.
    161: On the Mile High Club, there is a 50 meter runway which is impossible to land on, yet there is a plane there, facing outward yet there is no room to turn a plane around.
    162: Guns always fall straight downward.
    163: Air resistance does not exist.
    164: There is an unlimited supply of ammo on military vehicules.
    165: You can crash a commerical airliner into a tree. The tree survives.
    166: All guns are waterproof.
    167: Airplanes never land unless you pilot them.
    168: It is impossible to shoot while crouching.
    169: You can fall down a mile high cliff and survive.
    170: In some cases, you can survive in an exploding car.
    171: Parachutes go through objects.
    172: Rico can run up near vertical surfaces.
    173: When Rico talks when something blows up, his mouth doesn't move.
    174: Night is much shorter than day.

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    175. If you drive a car into a solid object, it will just ruin your car. If you drive it into a solid object but jump out just before it hits, the car will explode.
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    176. Japanese soldier have never left the lost the hell did they get their hands on brand new Fending trucks and quapaw helicopters?
    177. I have no idea why im being called 'serdadu'.

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    178. "Serdadu" is the Filipino word for "soldier."

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