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Questions and Answers

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    Questions and Answers

    You've played the demo (most of you) - now ask us questions. Based on your demo experiences, what would you like to know? What are your burning questions and your heart's desires?

    I can't promise we'll get answers to all of them but fire away!

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    Are there any unlockables for the campaign? Such as: unlimited ammo, skins, ...
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    Originally Posted by JackGordon
    Are there any unlockables for the campaign? Such as: unlimited ammo, skins, ...
    Add to that a Statistic Screen ...
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    Will pre-order weapons will once be available to everyone? Since Europe is getting seven guns in the limited edition and the pre-order only offers three then I would assume that they will be through a DLC eventually. Perhaps for a low and friendly price

  5. Why is eidos scooping so low as to add non free DLC?

    I rememer when dope bag was free. That made me gain some hope in console gaming.

    Then 2k and Infinity ward ruined that lol
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    whats up with that sniper rifle.

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    Wich of the problemes we found in the demo can reasonably get addressed?
    Just to name some: no host migration, lag/no region restriction in matchmaking, players required to start a match.

    Also, are there going to be changes in the mechanics, like more damage, harder ai on multiplayer, scoring system on undercover cop and taking hostages other players?

    For the singleplayer: the civiallian ai sometimes is confused on what to do, is there a chance of an improvement? Also the speech sometimes is too low to hear, will this change? I'd play with the subtitles but...since the font is too small for a non-hd television, will you make an option for larger fonts?

    In the multiplayer menu there's a "weekend challenge" option, what's that about?

    Jenny is alive? Did Lynch actually kill his wife, or is it a conspiracy?

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    Are some of the Fragile Alliance characters also characters in the singleplayer? I remember a screenshot that had I think Tommy from FA (the bald irishman) and Lynch in it together.
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    Are you guys willing to tweak the game's multiplayer based on community feedback (not ignoring you own beliefs about how the multiplayer should be of course)?

    Is alcohol consumed at the IOI offices? (I had a feeling for some reason).

    And what are the team's goals concerning the direction they want to take these two characters? Are you going to have them floating in perpetual crappy situations or are you actually going to try and give them closure?

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    Have you seen how everyone just run trying to grab n throw each other? IMO the meat shield is kinda pointless on MP and a lame tactic, are you guys going to take it out? or at least tweak it?

    The DBNO is other of the features i don't understand, say i shoot the whole clip from my gun and down a guy then they go down and shoot em with my secondary weapon and they just don't die, does they get more health when downed? IMO this should be out of MP. i have to headshot the other player to kill him in one go without having him go down and somehow kill me

    Anyway i would love if you guys make it more like DEAD MEN

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    Originally Posted by gnrGrievous

    (this excludes Rockstar Games , for either they do expansion packs instead of standard DLCs , or they just make it free) ...
    I agree, Rockstar DLC is expensive, but it is usually worth it. I seriously think I sunk more hours into Gay Tony than into GTA IV.

    Anyway, What is the main language spoken in the IO offices?

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    1 -Will there be any flashbacks in the game? ( like Kane's cgi trailer moments)

    2- Why did you guys didnt add melee to the game?

    3-Will there be weapons from Usa, Germany at the game (kind of the weapons that people are familiar with),

    4-How will the search parameters of online co-op will be?

    5-How many levels will there be in the game or i can ask the same question as 'how long will the game be'

    6.The restraunt level at the demo.. when we would arrive to Xiu's apartment, was that the end of that level?

    7. Did you guys finish the development, or are you still polishing the game?

    8. Why did you removed the flashback voices,memories when k&L were down?
    it could still have been used when they got downed and continue till they fully heal

    9. If you would compare the dialogue lines and cutscenes are they longer that Dead Men?

    10. Are you guys thinking to push forward the release date at least a week? It would be a great strategical move and it would increase the sales. As far as i learnt from normal gaming forums and mafia II forums; people who want them both says that they'll gonna go first with mafia II because of it's length.
    Dead Rising 2 did the right think by pushing the game 1 month later and it'll even effect K&L2's sales positively, so pushing the release date 1 week forward.. would be the perfect advantage over mafia II.

    11. This will be more like a request than a question.
    Nick can you reach Hakan Abrak and convince him to hang at the forums a bit
    i'm Turkish like him so it would be cool to talk with him about K&L

    i know i wrote too many question, sorry i couldnt resist myself
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    Whats the depth of customization in the entire game (including mp)?

    The weapons seen in the mp demo, will that be it; or will there be more?

    Any free DLC content going to be avaiable later down the road?

    How many different mp modes will there be?

    Any bank heist mission or mode expected to be in sp or mp?

    Will K&L's signature guns be in the actual game for use in SP and MP?

    Will you be able to unlock security camera tapes to watch in the main menu of the game?

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    Chinese music credits

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    How much of a presence will composer Mona Mur have, if any?
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    Why isn't there melee in the game? Has that been replaced by human shields?

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    Will you be able to exchange weapons with Kane, in the single-player, like in the 1st game? (weird that this is omitted in the demo)

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    1. Will you consider dedicated server support for KnL 2 on PC?
    2. Will there be text chat for the PC version?

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    Guys, please keep to just asking questions here - not commenting on them or starting new chats.


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    Just one:

    (I know I've been asking this a lot lately, but I figure one more time won't hurt...)

    Host migration. Or something similar. Will it been in MP by full release?
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    How many weapons will be in the actual game for sp and mp?

    Will mp run quicker in lobbies ounce the game is released?

    How will the masks work in the actual game?

    What are some of the unique locations that K&L will visit in the story?

    How many mp maps are there?

    Any future plans for dlc stuff? (like weapon, mask, and map downloads; maybe even having another story within sp)

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    What kind of principles guide IOI's artificial intelligence design, and in what specific ways do they believe their AI, in its current state, enhances the experience in multi-player and single-player?

    Do they think they could do better?

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    If my shirt isn't tucked in, is it still worth wearing a belt?
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    - 2 end are possible in DEAD MEN who is the real end for the 2nd opus DOG DAYS ?

    - Will be possible to play with kane in the story mode ?

    Thank you for you answer ! And good luck for the rest of the developpement !

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    Are there many story telling "in game" movies ?

    how does the story progress "between" levels ?

    Are there many.. lets call them "set-piceses", like the one in the begining af the saloon level, well it was an epic start to that level ;-) ?

    what are the "voices of kane & lynch" thoughts on the game & story ;-) ?

    What is the combination af scripted AI and "real" AI behavior ?, like the point where kane always runs to the staircase, looks up, stays by the wall & runs on (in demo) ?

    Your own thoughts on the game, like to once about weapons, and the music that apeared on the homepage, they where great, lets have more ;-)

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