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Game freezes xbox

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    Game freezes xbox

    I am so frustrated. love the game but it has gotten to this one mission(black gold). It freezes about two minutes into when i am playing. I am not sure why. I has never messed up until now.
    mission is to destroy a oil rig. well i was about ready to beat it and then i accidentally crashed the plane into the rig which killed me but at the same time beat the mission. every since then it has been freezing.

    Also even if i try to leave the mission i cant. it seems that if i am in danger(red or yellow !) the game wont freeze. i can stay at the airfield and fight guys all day long but it seems as though i start to fly away and freeze. doesn't happen on any other xbox game or on any other just cause 2 game(used another account).
    So frustrating since i have spent so much time working on the game to now not be able to play. any have any solution. i am so frustrated.....

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    srry to hear, yet i have similar mild problems "360".
    - little freezes or delays on action "lot happening on screen"
    - audio mp3 freezes/stutters and from there on out, off sync with the subtitles and visuals.

    Solutions, i can think off is...
    In order of mild to heavy measures.

    - disable motionblur in the menu settings.
    - Copy the game data on your xbox hardrive, you can install games.

    - clearing your cache, LINK
    - If its a real freeze, where it hangs and have to restart your console, also
    seeing blue screens..
    Than i would call the xbox support number for them to repair it.