Thread: question about the kingdom heart timeline

question about the kingdom heart timeline

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    question about the kingdom heart timeline

    Hello, i been wanting to buy all the KH (kingdom heart) games but then i dont know what order to play..

    and then they made HD 1.5 and 2.5 (idk if its out yet) and they said they feature other games?..

    so my question is what game should i buy and what order? (i have PS3)


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    The order is 1 -> Chain of Memories -> 2 -> Coded -> 358/2 Days -> Birth By Sleep -> Dream Drop Distance -> 3

    Birth By Sleep is a prequel to the series and 358/2 Days is set between 1 and 2. The HD Remixes have all the games except Dream Drop Distance and 3, which are available on the 3DS and PS4/Xbox One.

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    Well, while that is the order they came out, the time line would be KH BBS(Birth By Sleep), KH 1, beginning of 358/2 days, KH Chain of Memories, Vast majority of KH 358/2 Days, KH 2, KH Coded, KH 3D (Dream Drop Distance)

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