Thread: too much lag, soo many moonwalkers

too much lag, soo many moonwalkers

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    too much lag, soo many moonwalkers

    ppl were actually skating lol throughout the stage...and its so hard to kill them cuz they were gliding liek on ice so fast.

    I hope this gets fixed in the final prodoct.

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    This also happens occasionally on Dead Men , and players and NPC will both often skate out the map like that ...
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  3. Actually, they dont go any faster, they just dont show the walking animations and it seems harder to hit them cause your focusing more on it.
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    last night I noticed that on a player as well, Hopefully they fix it.

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    Localized search would solve most of the lag, because theres no chance of dedicated servers on a game like this.

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    since few people are playing the demo when a someone from US and Europe happened to be on the same map.. there'll be lag
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    It depends on connection really...if a host is having a bad wi-fi then the whole match is going to be f.u.c.k.e.d