I have two main issues with TRA right now. (Before you ask, yes I'm running Vista, but I don't really care, because I'd love for this game to work since I paid for it).

1) When puzzles use multiple of the same item (e.g. Cog 1, Cog 2, and Cog 3 for Level 3), if I hold more than one, the first one I picked up disappears. For example, in Level 3, I picked up Cog 2 after Cog 1 and Cog 1 disappeared from my inventory. Furthermore, when I put Cog 1 on, then got get Cog 2, Cog 1 disappears from the machine. I managed to move past this by simply skipping Cog 1 and using Cog 2 in place of one, BUT now I'm having the same kinds of problems with the Lead Bars in the Palace of Midas.

Any time I carry more than one Lead Bar, the one disappears from my inventory and is irrecoverable.

2) Never mind about the relic problem; figured it out.

3) Minor, but nonetheless the last straw, TRA doesn't recognize when I use the Enter key. All selecting has to be done with the mouse, which makes all the loading/item use painfully slow.