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Thread: Official Just Cause 3 wishlist / ideas thread

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    The one thing that may, or may not be cool to have... Depending on how it is executed... Is after the regime has fallen (in the SP) the resulting countryside/city/towns should reflect this.

    In other words, it should be total chaos with civilians rioting, looting, etc. The factions should be fighting one another and not just what remains of the police/military since a power vacuum now exists. This is what really happens in countries when the government falls and anarchy takes over.

    Now, I realize this might get tedious as you roam the country/city trying to get 100%, and it is just constant battles everywhere... BUT, like I said, it would be much more realistic and give you (Rico) a sense that what you did in the SP campaign had a significant impact on the world you are inhabiting from that point on.

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    Character selection would be cool. I would like to play as Maria Kane.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kendu View Post
    A nice suggestion would be a Character selection.

    Character # 1: Rico: having all his original abilities, faster sprint.
    Character # 2: maybe some kind of cybernetic drone or robot that has a nice arsonal of gadgets at his diposal, instead of using a grapple, he has a tool on his arm or chest that shoots a magnetic disc that causes moderate damage on impact, but stays at its location, he can activate a magnetic charge to quickly zip to the location of the disc (obviously it replaces the grapple)
    instead of a parachute, he has limited rocket thrusters on his legs and arms that may overheat if active for too long (there would be no need for the magnetic grapple thingy if it were infinite) (eventually will be able to MOD for infinite). (Iron Man would be similar but lets not go that far, Iron man would easily destroy Just cause cities)

    he can also activate a magnetic charge to attract or detract metalic objects (enemy vehicles and so on...)
    skins and upgrades to his form can be bought through Black market
    The ability to cause visual damage if he falls to the ground from high places (causing a shockwave)
    able to jump significantly higher than rico.
    who knows what else this guy is capable of.....?

    Charact # 3: IDK, maybe a spider man kinda thing but not an exact replica.
    If YOU have any other character ideas bring it on....
    Yeah thats a really hard decision... Rico or a jetpacking magnetizing gadget-filled super robot... I still can't choose :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark_Amber View Post
    Yeah thats a really hard decision... Rico or a jetpacking magnetizing gadget-filled super robot... I still can't choose :P
    lol, I see your point, but still with the option to change characters the game could be enhanced. some ppl may prefer to use rico. his parachute would allow him to do things the robot can't, like certain stunts including para-sailing, (para-sailing a train) or being able to connect his grapple to two objects, then using it as a slingshot. I could go on and on, there's so much potential...

    the robot could have completey different ablilities. (you could even make Rico the Main Character but allowing him to summon the robot or other characters in-game and changing back at any given time. Just an idea Just Cause.

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    Here is my long wish list, excuse me if i repeat anything others have said, because im sure i have.

    1. A scaleable mini map which can also show guard locations. Too often i cant figure out where the hell the guards are and the mini map is zoomed so far out its very hard to see whats going on in general.

    2. a "destrutable item" detector which can be turned on and off. Weve all had it happen. 97% on that military base whichll give you a ton of stuff, and you cant find that one last generator whichll give you 100%. wouldnt it be nice if we could just flip on a radar and find our way there. Like i said this would be toggleable so those who wanted the challenge of finding things could just leave it off

    3. Destrutable buildings (but have the buildings respawn, otherwise the entire island would be a wasteland :P)

    4. CHEAT CODES! i cannot stress this enough, cheat codes can as much as double the life of sandbox games. IMagine how much fun an infinte ammo cheat would be, or a cehat that makes vehicles go faster, or a low gravity cheat.... Endless possiblities. this for me is the most important thing that should be included in Just Cause 3!

    5. Silencers maybe, although im guessing that would require significant retooling of the combat engine, if not possible leave out.


    Ok now i will jsut spit out some random ideas im thinking of on the go

    7. Grapple more than 2 things together?

    8.varied models for guards would be cool

    9. Make all DLC items free to buy (from the black market), we already payed real money for them, which wshould we have to pay game money?

    10. Co-op would be very cool (but if you do PLEASE oh please make it local, way too many companies nowadays only make online co op )

    11. Also cleaner controls for grappling, and parachuting, i wanna be able to see hat i destroyed while parachuting away

    12. ability to place explosives while hanging from walls, especially jets and helipcoters

    other than that you did an amazing job with Just Cause 2, easily my game of the year, and i eagerly await (and pray) for a Just Cause 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by just-cause-nick View Post
    hope this game gets made!

    tracked tanks




    more helicopters (chinook please!!!)

    cargo plane with opening doors

    faction airports

    civilian airport

    rico's own island base (like the "agency island")

    civilian wildforce Jeeps

    less open spaces (but keep map sizes)

    be able to go in buildings

    video recording to stay PS3 exclusve
    why would you want it to stay PS3 exclusive? what would you have to lose if it went to xbox? i really hate how selfish some people are sometimes....

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    New ideas for Just Cause 3

    I think that in the next one there should be a multiplayer mode there is lots of fuss about that on the internet and I think that this game would be even more beast with multiplayer something I would play all the time something worth buying DLC for. You could have things like team deathmatch, free mode, something like war with lots of people with people on the ground, people in the water in subs, people on boats, people in fighter jets, and etc, also you could have something like 2 or more teams trying to get the most chaos in a limited amount of time. I also think that you guys missed lots of opportunities like having environments like in water, more sky environment like more planes driving by and more stuff like the Mild High Club, also a space environment. You could have submarines that you could go under water in and find fish all sorts of fish like salmons, sharks, a giant squid, the lockness monster, the cracken and etc. You could also find wrecked ships ( like the titanic ), under water bases, people scoopa diving , u could scuba dive too, find under water cities like Atlantic, and etc. With the sky you dont need to put that much but I'd like to see more stuff like planes driving by, also where you can book a flight and sit inside a plane and walk around and cause havoc or just drive by in another plane jump out and jump into the plane and even destroy it or get in kill the driver and make them crash,or start driving all the people on the plane, and lots of other stuff, also I would like to see more stuff like the Mild High Club that was awesome and I would like to see more of that. I would like more cities too and destroyable buildings and enterable buildings, and more of a variety of weapons and cars. Also a changing weather system, and stuff like forests, caves, a place like antarctica with penguins and polar bears, also with interactive animals like a bird or a rabbit will run away but a tiger, or panther, or bear will attack you and then can cause you to lose health or even kill you. Blizzards in the cold areas, and sandstorms in the dessert. Now down to space you could have a space launch station that you could take over and steal a rocket or shuttle and go to space, oh and you could also buy rockets boosters and attach it to a plane and go to space with it. thinking while in space you could go to other planets, and even see aliens, kill them, and start an entire war against them. Also all the vehicles I mentioned like subs, rockets, shuttles in the black market. Also I was thinking about where you could buy troops in the black market that follow you and you have your own army with you ( with no limit to how many troops you can get and you can pick there clothes, and weapon but you have to pay for them. Also buyable and wearable clothes for rico and you could have undercover missions where you have to assassinate the president or someone, and also mission in the water under water, in the sky, in space in the forest, antarctica, snowy areas during blizzard, in deserts during a sandstorm if you could all of these things plus multiplayer and everything i said this might be one of the most played, most addicting, best game of all time rated 100000000000000000000000000 + out of 5 I mean you guys have this giant island environment why not use it to its full extent.

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    I know I don't speak for everyone, but...

    I think the biggest IMPROVEMENT for JC3 would be (like others have suggested numerous times) some kind of toggle indicator(s) that help the player -- if they so choose -- In finding MISSING resource items, destructible objects, drug drops, etc.

    I know a big part of the game is exploration and the feeling of satisfaction when you complete a settlement on your own, but sometimes it becomes frustrating (due to bugs, lack of time) when you are at 97%, and just can't find that one last object, or item that needs to be destroyed, or collected to reach 100.

    Sometimes the locations of these things are NOT instinctive and you just miss them in the heat of battle, or because you are not expecting the architecture to work the way it does on some of the more elaborate bases, towns.

    Also, having user toggle aids would help identify bugs and glitches in the final game much faster because players and developers would be on the same level so-to-speak. Both would have the same frame of reference when confirming an item isn't spawning, or an object is missing, etc.

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    bullet train mission where you use you grappling to hold on to each train car. under water layers. multi-player. customizable vehicles (with weapons). mini missions. Dual grappling upgrade. suicide bombers. nuclear weapons.

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    Hi and welcome to the forum, haze791.

    Please take the time to look up if there isn't already an existing thread on the subject before you post. I merged your thread with the Official Just Cause 3 wishlist / ideas thread

    Also a tip: try to use ENTER once in a while
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    Quote Originally Posted by ohno21212 View Post
    5. Silencers maybe, although im guessing that would require significant retooling of the combat engine, if not possible leave out.
    Lol 'if not possible leave out'? what else would they do? :P

    maybe sell it as dlc...

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    Dont know if this has already been said but the grapple WIRE should be interactable for example if you were to dual hook 2 trees either side of a road, a guy on a motorbike would get taken out by the wire but the bike would keep going. Also you'd be able to use it as a tripwire or lower things over the edge of a bridge without the wire magically going through the bridge. You could be quite creative with that.
    I agree that there should be multiplayer and more guns and get rid of the ridiculous AI that manages to hunt you down wherever you are. Also being able to blow up walls and stuff would be good. And seeing as you can shift your weight on a bike to adjust your landing, you should be able to do proper backflips n stuff unless you can already and i fail too hard...

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    I want a vulcano. Then grapple a militairy dude to my chopper, then drop him in the lava. Instead of shouting "let me goooooo" he should cry exactly the opposite.

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    Is there any official word on Just Cause 3?

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    Developing on the co-op idea. 2 players at least maybe? You could be in a helicopter, a pilot and someone gunning out the side. There is so much that could be done in co-op. Assaulting a military base with some people in their own helicopter? Awesome!

    I'm not gonna repeat all the awesome ideas everyone's had.

    I like the idea of a:

    SEA PLANE! This would be awesome, because you wouldn't have to drive miles just to land!

    AND FINALLY...a proper tank! I mean, the tanks at the moment are okay I guess but proper real life tanks would be great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by potato911 View Post
    i think it would be cool if they added something like the punk buster engine from bad company 2, giving completely destructible environments
    The punk buster engine is used to stop people hacking the game

    BFBC2 uses the Frostbite engine.

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    14.- There should be an online mode.
    15.- Rico should be your mentor.
    16.- You create your character.
    17.- You can enter buildings.
    18.- You can own and enter a house.

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    I just want coop. They could release the same damn game for all I care, I just REALLY want coop

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    I am quite happy how well ammo is balanced if:
    1) you use assault rifle, submachine gun, shotgun combo
    2) ... and you keep changing between the weapons when ammo is getting low
    3) ... and you keep collecting ammo from the enemy

    But if you want to use for example sniper rifle and missile launcher the ammo is very scarce. I many times won't pick up those because then I would lose my assault rifle with plenty of ammo.

    Grenades are balanced also quite well if you keep collecting them from the enemy. But C4 is not. There are very few places where you can find those. And if you find that place you get only five items at a time. Then you have to go couple hundred meters away, come back and collect additional five.

    For those of us (or maybe it is just me) who don't want to use Black Market for ammo or transfers, best solution would be that you could find every weapon, ammo for every weapon and also find every explosive from your strongholds. Maybe one box where you could find everything. Strongholds could be better in other ways too. Like when you could buy vehicles like cars, bikes, boats and helicopters and put them there. Original Just Cause has a pretty good system with hideouts that have the ammo, weapons and depending on hideout, different vehicles and explosives.
    It is a just cause to just cause chaos in Just Cause just cause it is fun.
    100 bonus missions right here. One hundred!

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    Maybe they'll have information for Just Cause 3 at E3 this year?

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    Everyone seems to want to make this like other games: 'Add garages like gta', 'multiplayer free roam like RDR' etc. Right now, there are all these people begging for JC3 to be like other games, but if they do that, then there will be a massive crowd of people complaining that JC3 copies other games... you cant satisfy both sides, and I'm pretty sure the dev team would rather get people asking for extra features than negative feedback... just saying they may not do multiplayer like everyone's asking for...

    EDIT: Oh, and welcome to the forums JustCause3MustBeMade... lol you signed up to say that? kudos.

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    First of this is a very good game to just pick up and play for fun.

    Some things that could be fun if implemented..

    How about 20 missions spread all over the in game world that give you items , that you cant get anywhere else in the game.

    Tighter controls on the vehicles , to stop that feeling of "floating" when you are on ground vehicles.

    This one will have most definitely been suggested before - a duck and dive , sneak "option" , for more variety in combat , think mass effect 2 style.

    That all thanks.

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    They probably won't do multiplayer in JC3 unless the map is smaller, think about it, the world is use, and syncing everything to 16 screens would be very hard to do, I heard that in a Vlog i think
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    Post JC3 Ideas summary

    I think I can sum up the most popular ideas here (removing anything I think is too ridiculous)
    -Bases/Homes where Rico can park stolen vehicles, buy new vehicles & weapons, and change outfits. These could be purchased or captured, whichever.
    (A stored vehicle will be permanently stored like in Saint's Row)
    -The ability to upgrade vehicles w/ new paint, armor, weapons, engines, etc.
    -More weapons and parts (i.e. silencers to reduce/remove heat gain when firing, scopes, red dots to reduce recoil, and extended mags to name a few.)
    -More metropolitan areas with open buildings (minigames maybe? poker? pool?)
    -A more destructible environment with buildings that you can bring down with C4 or a well aimed airplane.
    -A map that is the same size or bigger (plz) but isn't square. Islands are great.
    -Better vehicle handling, at high speeds, hitting a rock would put you into a tailspin.
    -Stealth (NO MORE OMNISCIENT AI!!)
    -A Submarine
    -More airplanes in the sky and more stuff under the sea like shipwrecks
    -Better Black Market prices
    -TRAINS!!!! and a monorail in cities
    -Noticeable Chaos effects
    -A cover system
    -Multiplayer Co-op- Split screen or Online free-roam (Think, and this may sound out there, like Minecraft where all of the different people can be in different places doing different things or be working together) (if you do implement multiplayer, add more seats to some vehicles like a second rider/gunner on a motorbike, and a passenger who can lean out and shoot in a car.)
    -Vehicles with interiors

    And a few things I want-
    -An inventory for health packs, more weapons than just the 3 in JC2
    -Bigger vehicles
    -A lower hook learning curve/ More hook functionality
    -A permanent Dual Thruster
    -A better melee attack
    -A rear camera button when on foot
    -The soldiers give up after a while of just being slaughtered
    -Allies who will fight with you with some basic command functions.
    -Transports to carry allies, supplies, or vehicles
    -A Bomber and better air-to-air combat in planes
    -Once influence is removed, citizens will take up arms when you start a fight

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    I think they should add more common buildings, like takeaways, restaurants, supermarkets, schools etc...
    I think arenas, like football stadiums would be quite cool, cause you could take out all the players.
    Likewise, there should be different paintjobs for cars, adding more decals, different wheel styles etc.
    I was unimpressed by the fact that the main road in the capital city never gets congested, and no accidents happen, like real life.
    Aswell, rico should be able to buy an apartment or house, where he stores his vehicles, weapons etc.
    you should be able to buy stuff for it, like tv's, and computers.

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