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Thread: What are you Currently Listening to? (Part 3)

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    Best female vocalist hands down, IMO. Hayley Williams' voice is a thing of beauty, but Amy's voice and vocals are perfection.

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    Evanescence - also Nightwish from Finland, UnSun from Poland, Fireflight from Florida and Delain from Holland - have a more malevolent, "down" sound than I like to listen to these days (I'm consciously going for upbeat, on the theory that you're only as happy as what you listen to ) but yeah, Amy Lee has got a unique & powerful personality. For some reason Evanescence has always made me think of vamp movies like Underworld and Twilight (even before they got on the Breaking Dawn OST.) 'Must be that sense of tragedy that surrounds vampires, being reflected in their tunes.

    Nightwish ticks me off because Tuomas changes vocalists as often as most of us change our socks, but I like Annette Olzon best of the three (so far) - Tarja Turunen was too operatic and Floor Jansen, though she's no slouch, seems a little wooden. And of course Annette was responsible for "Storytime," just a spectacular song - on my list of all time greatest rock tunes, despite the heavy malevolence.

    Continuing on the theme of estrogen, I finally got guitarist Nozomu Wakai's second disc "Anecdote of the Queens" in the mail just after Christmas, and along with Yui Sakakibara, Fuki does vocal on half of the tunes on it. "Love to Love" (not to be confused with the one from 1977 by the boys in UFO,) is the standout track for me - though Wakai's guitar sounds really compressed, distorted and muddy, even in the lead.

    Fuki is more restrained and mellow in this than usual, which shows another interesting side of her voice. The tune itself has a great vocal melody - 'reminds me of the tunes on the 1987 "Perfect Timing" disc from the McAuley-Schenker Group and that is nothing but good, 'cause that disc was hidden treasure. Definitely an '80s metal vibe going on here. It's a shame that the guitar patch is so garbled and the overall production is so thin. Still, a relentlessly cool tune...

    For comparative purposes, a cut from Perfect Timing, from The Schenk's "Legolas" hair period. His lead break is short but sweet - Wakai can't touch him on guitar, but... this is The Schenk we're talking about. Now there's a thought: What if Fuki signed on as Michael Schenker's new vocalist? Whoa. And with the (apparent) breakup of Light Bringer she is in need of a solid band, after all...

    Late Addendum, as in "Oyeah, I forgot" - as if this post wasn't humongous enough already:, the host site for my six-year-old 'Net radio station - Amanogawa Express - is dying an untimely death as of Sunday at midnight (I assume,) so if you're curious you only have three days to listen to it before it's gone. "Amanogawa" is the Japanese word for Milky Way (literally "Star River," so it's a play on words too.)

    Something about a January 1 change in the way music royalties are paid wiped out one of Live365's revenue streams, so they're shutting down the site and taking 5,000 unique stations with it. I'm hoping someone will eventually pick up the idea and re-start it, because unlike Pandora or Spotify, each station is - was - run by an actual DJ, and every song is uploaded from their own CDs. And yeah, it's free so hopefully this doesn't qualify as Spam - it's gone for good in three days in any case. *sniffle!* Enjoy! While you can!
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    I've been listening to this song off Papa Roach's new album, F.E.A.R. recently. It's called "Devil":

    Not gonna lie, it's surprisingly catchy.

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    Silly thing ( check the words <3 )

    ...and bit more serious stuff:

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    I really like the new Bring Me The Horizon album. Throne is siiiiiiiick!

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    Oh and PVRIS, solid emo rock.

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    I'm currently listening to "Rocky" by the Lonely Island.

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    What can be sweeter than three cute girls singing?

    Not in the head!

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    Theory of a Deadman's Say Goodbye set to FFX:

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    I've been listening to the new Drake and for sure i wanna take some viagra get my girls and show her who is the boss

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    Alt-J is my favourite band at this moment.

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