Thread: Dissatisfied with customer support for Square Enix Online Store

Dissatisfied with customer support for Square Enix Online Store

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    Dissatisfied with customer support for Square Enix Online Store

    So after contacting support 5 times with detailed info about invalid key I received, still no actuall help. I explained my issue with every possible detail, including: 1. Told them that I already contacted<wbr>support</wbr> 2.Showed them the key they sent me and explained how many digits standard steam keys have, with screenshots and its not possible to activate 20 digits on steam account, even suggessted to activate that key on steam, by themselves. 3.Asked them for another key.

    And most of the replies were like this:

    Dear xxxx xxxx,

    Thank you for contacting the Square Enix online store.

    We apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, we are unable to
    assist you with this issue at the Square Enix online store.

    Please contact customer support at:


    Sherton William B.
    Square Enix online store
    Customer Service<wbr>com</wbr>
    Email ID: 25673217

    What kind of help is this? I explained everything I possibly can about the issue and they send me this? to contact<wbr>support</wbr> , I told them 3 times that I contacted that support, and they told me to contact, and they doesnt help at all. Really liked SE, but now I dont know what to think.

    Also what kind of support is this? every response I get is from different support assistant, how can they actually help me, if they dont know what I wrote before. It prolly shows, but I dont think they even read what I wrote in previous emails.

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    Did you call Digital River? [1-800-598-7450]

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    Originally Posted by Gravity
    Did you call Digital River? [1-800-598-7450]
    I'm not being able to call there.

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    The "support" I've received has been exactly the same for me, Paulius. It's completely inept and unacceptable. The people involved are clearly either not reading the actual support email, or are so incompetent that they should not be employed. I will be calling Digital River later today, but this is the last time I'm ever doing business with SE.

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    i got the same anwer aswell. the funny thing is that i was told at the square enix support chat, that they could not help me there an i should contact digital river insteal. so one support is blaming the other one - great!

    since i bought the games (scary girl and kyne lynch 2), they removed the claiming of steam activation in their descriptions. well done!

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    Originally Posted by Achim

    since i bought the games (scary girl and kyne lynch 2), they removed the claiming of steam activation in their descriptions. well done!

    No they haven't. I bought Scarygirl today as the description said it was activated on Steam and I was given an invalid code. This is the worst service I have ever experienced online and I stupidly thought SE was a reputable company.

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    Same problem here and i'm pissed because of this support and i'm never gonna do business with SE again.

    This is so terrible i contacted EU support because i live in EU and they told me to write my order number

    and it's so stupid you can't contact the sameperson again and have to open a new support ticket i did that and i was told

    "The order number you have provided is not an EU order number. You have to Contact NA Support"

    i did that and NA support answered me with the key I WROTE DOWN ON THE F*KING DESCRIPTON

    and told me to look for my key in order menu or whatever it is i contacted NA again and i was told the

    store that handles those issues has their own support system i have to contact

    I contacted there and they told me

    We apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, we are unable to
    assist you with technical support issues at the Square Enix online

    Please contact technical support at:


    How stupid can this get.I contacted NA support again and now they tell me to contact Digital River</pre>

    i live in europe how the hell i'm supposed to call them.</pre>

    I called battlefield 3 support from skype but it was a free call and i was able to do it.</pre>

    I don't know if this one is free but why do i have to go through this to get my key.</pre>

    I'm not the one whose wrong here.Support should contact them and get me a new key i'm the customer here.</pre>

    Anyways i'm lucky that it wasn't a purchase that has much price tag on it so i don't care about that much but this pisses me off.</pre>

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    Terrible Customer service through Square-Enix online Shop...

    I'm just writing this because I feel like I'm at a total loss. I feel as if I have been abused and no one cares. Maybe others will learn from my mistake and they won't go through what I have. Anyways... Lets get to the story at hand.

    Back in late January/ early February I preordered Final Fantasy 13 Lightning Returns Collectors Edition and Final Fantasy X/X-2 Collectors Edition. These were available exclusively through the Square-Enix online store. At the time I was unaware that orders over $100 got free shipping. In turn come the release date of FF13 no game came in the mail. I emailed them and they said the only thing I could do was cancel my order and repurchase them separately and pay shipping for both. I decided not to do that due to the shipping being $11.99 for each game. So I waited for the release of FF X/X-2 to get my games.

    March 18th comes and both games arrive in the mail. I open the box to find that they only used a small amount of paper to package them inside a large box and they bounced around and damaged each other in shipping. So seeing as these are Collectors Editions which I bought to Collect I wanted an exchange. I sent Square-Enix an email saying so and this is what they sent me,

    "Thank you for contacting the Square Enix online store.

    We understand that you are requesting a replacement for the damaged
    product that you received.

    Please accept our apologies, however we are unable to send out any
    replacement. The order needs to be refunded and a new order needs to be


    EDITION [PS3]" is already out of stock.

    Wilma M.
    Square Enix online store
    Customer Service
    Email ID: 27780973"

    FF13 Collectors Edition would not come back in stock either due to it being limited. So I decided to return just FFX/X-2 C.E. but they don't do exchanges so I would have to ship the game back to them at my expense and then purchase another copy AND pay the shipping which is 11.99. This is what I responded with,

    "I already reordered it as you suggested and I would like
    a refund of $11.99 for the shipping that I now have to pay.
    I'm very upset by this whole thing. The packaging for the games was
    terrible. The items were packed with a small amount of paper.
    These are collectors edition games that I paid
    almost $200 dollars for and this is simply unacceptable."

    After a lot of back and forth in an attempt to get my money back from the shipping of either the return or repurchase I just get this message,

    "Thank you for contacting the Square Enix online store.

    We apologize, we are unable to process a refund for the shipping fee to
    return the item.

    We have received your request for a refund for order number 8839417935.

    Please return the product(s) to the following address:

    Returns Processing
    RMA# 8839417935
    435 Park Court
    Lino Lakes, MN 55014

    NOTE: The RMA# must be included on the address label for your return to
    be processed without delay. Please include the packing invoice, along
    with all media and materials associated with your product.

    We recommend that the return package be sent with the ability to track
    its location. Upon receipt of the product in our warehouse, we will
    credit your account. Please allow 7-10 business days from the date it is
    received for the credit to be applied to your account. Due to billing
    cycles, the refund may not appear on the same statement as the original

    Square Enix online store
    Customer Service
    Email ID: 27780973"

    After some research online it seems I'm dealing with a company called Digital River who distributes software for companies. There are a lot of online complaints about their customer service.

    Maybe I'm just spoiled by great online companies like Amazon, but this to me seems insane. I get replies from different people every time and none of them seem to care at all about the fact that they've done wrong by not packaging their shipment correctly and it's their fault that the items I received got damaged because of it. I didn't know where to go to express my anger since they seem to only have email and no phone number that I could find. I just can't believe all of this. It's really put a bad taste in my mouth and has tainted Square-Enix in my mind. Even if I'm not dealing directly with people at Square-Enix they represent you and make your company look bad with their terrible customer service.

    So please everyone stay away from the Square-Enix online shop.

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    Thanks for posting your experiences.

    I'm shocked by the poor customer of this company. I won't be buying another game from them unless it's out of the bargain barrel (i.e. less than $15).

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    I hope i get my game since i also pre-ordered FFX/X-2 Remaster collector edition and i still dont have the game and can't contact them trough email. I read that a lot of canadian or having there game late but for now i have no clue where my game is.

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    Kaintheundead, best advice I can give you is: If you order from any store online that deals with DR, make sure that you only one item per order. Digital River is not exactly competent, they are simple minded, incapable to process things in a timely manner. The moment there's more than one item, their system goes 'derp'. And also, if you're really unhappy if you paid with paypal, you can probably file a claim for a partial refund. With Credit Card, not exactly sure. If DR suck at packaging the goods properly, they should pay for it by making less profit. Ethical Business 101. You want repeat customers, you take care of them. -_-;

    I ordered via DR through Namco Bandai as well recently, and guess what they forgot?! The apartment number. Smart. Good thing the delivery people know where I live.

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    this is unreal. it's one thing to have poor customer service, it's another thing to have a company that doesn't care. i won't be buying many square enix titles in the future because of this.

    i think it's crazy, because i've never seen a company this neglectful in online customer service unless it was a scam website.

    ....and then i see countless threads on the forum with even worse stories than mine.
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    I pre-ordered from Square Enix store. Tried emailing them and they just tell me.


    Yet no DLC. Not even showing on my order. And don't see a way to contact about it either. I did try calling Digital River and they haven't been of any help at all. First time purchasing from them since I wanted the Lighting Return's Collector's Edition which was exclusive to their store. Other wise I would of purchased from Best Buy instead. Best Buy has the pre-ordered stuff either printed on the receipt (for in store), emailed (for online), or it's bundled with the game in the packaging. To top all that off they took almost a month to even ship me the game. Contacted Square on Twitter. Was given an apology and told that they would make sure it got shipped the next day and would have it shipped over night. 2 days later I got an email saying it was shipped but was shipped using the free ground shipping. So no over night shipping like I was told via Twitter. All because a Keyring that was part of my order some how got backordered even though I pre-ordered the item weeks in advanced with no indication or notification that it was even back ordered. Was told once I called Digital River that was the case. I was told I should of received an email on it. I didn't receive an email for confirmation when I placed my order or the delay of the Keyring being on back order. I was told by Digital River to just wait. Given no real explanation on anything. And was told they wouldn't know when it would ship. Talk about a negative experience all around. Then when it finally did ship there was a sale on the Square Enix store. Could of saved 20% or more if more was purchased, 30% on 2 games, 50% on 3 games or more. So in all I would of been better off not pre-ordering. Also saw the game pop up on Amazon which would of been better for me since I have Amazon Gift Cards. So I ended up paying more for nothing. Seems like no one cares about helping this customer get his DLC.

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    I just received my copy. Since I live in Brazil, had to wait 2 months for a game I preordered in July. I was really surprised when I opened the case and there was no Cloud DLC code in there. I've checked my e-mails, but nothing there. Just contacted them, so let's see what happens now.
    Good luck everybody.

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    Oh I sure as hell will NEVER buy from this place again. The issues I've had with this place not to mention I finally got the game and can't even use it's registration code is total BS.

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    square enix shop french custpmer service isnt answering my mail

    hello, i've been trying to ask cancellation for 4 orders of the same product on my square enix shop account. It's been one week since the first mail/demand from a cancellation and i got no answer yet. i'm a little bit worried because they already took my money whereas it was a pre order and the game is out in 5 month.

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