Thread: More missions. :)

More missions. :)

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    Over 3.5 months this thread has been here. And only two people (and me) have made missions for this thread. That is not very many. People at Just Cause 2 message boards have had many ideas on other topics and I thought this thread would bring forth more ideas. Sort of like the 500 fun things thread with some kind of stories. Stories around the missions are like meat around the bones. Like the first mission in this batch. I saw a familiar name on that Dunebug. And somehow the mission bloated. Making missions is also fun. In addition to that, these missions are something concrete that you can complete in actual game. Limited, but free downloadable content.

    After this batch I have clear ideas so far for only four more missions. And since I am not playing the game quite as intensively as before, the ideas and updates are inevitably slowing down.

    "Wilford's quest for fame"
    Mission from: Wilford Wilford

    Hi, Rico! No, this not a message from Wilford Wilford. This is your pal, Karl Blaine! Wilford just wanted me to contact you. You remember Wilford, right? [See "Boat repairs"] The inventor of SnakeHead T20 and Chameleon Colours? Well, add Dunebug 84 to the list. It also has his name on it. Wilford is aiming for the stars with that car. Now he is planning a nation or maybe even world wide ad campaign. He is thinking about TV, radio, magazines and newspapers. He wants to show everyone how great his Dunebug really is. And off-roading is where that vehicle excels. You, Rico, are his number one choice to be the star of his campaign. He wants film footage and pictures of you making an amazing stunt with that car. Go to this place X:2900, Y:11111. You will find that Dunebug. Drive that vehicle down the hill and jump to the overpass so that it stays there. Wilford's assistant will take enough material. This is a hard stunt (especially if you want to land gracefully with that car) and Wilford has reserved enough cars to make this happen. So try as many times as you want. The reward is sweet. Fame and Dunebugs for the rest of your life.
    Post Scriptum: I heard a crazy rumor that Bolo is expecting twins. Really, Rico, Really? I mean I knew that there was something between you two. But this?? I want to know more.

    "People from the mountains"
    Mission from: The Agency

    We actually have a hard time believing what we just heard from one concerned citizen. This lady told us something that I guess must be seen to be believed. The brain wave machine is probably used in this case too. But there is also something else happening... Go to this place X:3333, Y:14750 and observe what is happening. If there is something strange, report it to [bump into] one of our operatives. Anyone of them can forward your message. So choose someone previously mentioned.

    "Bolo is expecting twins"

    Mission from: Bolo Santosi

    How should I break this to you. Ok, I will just go ahead and say it. I am expecting twins. So I hope that you can take part of the responsibilities, because I am going to need help. The Kembar twins are arriving soon. They moved abroad few years back and now they come to visit me. They are actually my childhood friends and I need to be a good host. I am throwing a party for them at this mansion over here X:16850, Y:5130. Both of the sisters like speed and would like to test drive Mancini Cavallo 1001. They saw 1001 barging in on a racing event and fell in love. I heard that the reconstructed car is still there at the race track area (X:9240, Y:11725). Getting it to the mansion is not the easiest thing to do since the race track is on an island. But do use the H-62 Quapaw you can find from top of the mansion. Then deliver that car to the middle of the round formation behind the mansion. The three of us spent some quality time together years ago. If you are able to deliver, maybe I can convince them to let you join us. And if everything goes well maybe you will then see some other twins as well.
    It is a just cause to just cause chaos in Just Cause just cause it is fun.
    100 bonus missions right here. One hundred!

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    Chaos, Rico chaos

    From: the agency

    Rico,these panauan city guards are getting on our nerves they are constantly disturbing our operations. I want you to destroy their whole stronghold and LITTERALY DESTROY EVERTHING including their hearts

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    Originally Posted by flexejepie
    Chaos, Rico chaos

    From: the agency

    Rico,these panauan city guards are getting on our nerves they are constantly disturbing our operations. I want you to destroy their whole stronghold and LITTERALY DESTROY EVERTHING including their hearts
    I won't add this to the first post. That is just too unspecified.
    It is a just cause to just cause chaos in Just Cause just cause it is fun.
    100 bonus missions right here. One hundred!

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    At some point I thought that maybe I will update this thread when it reaches 3,000 posts. But that is so slow... I used to have some sort of reserve of missions, but after this batch I don't have that reserve anymore. I hope that the new ideas will eventually come. There are some places that I would like to incorporate into missions. The hard part is trying to figure out what to do in those missions. Here are four more missions. I hope that you like them.

    "Bombs in disguise"
    Mission from: The Agency

    Our Intelligence Officers have discovered another evil plan from the government of Panau. As part of their intimitation policy the government is planning to deliver all around Panau disguised bombs that can be remotely triggered. The bombs have been disguised as small ground lanterns. The first batch has already been delivered to one of the villages. We believe that Kenwall Heavy Rescue fire truck is strong enough to handle those bombs. People also respect that vehicle and will not interfere. So go and find this fire truck from the City of Kota Pantai Kuala (X:16573, Y:3857). Then set your course to Tanjung Intan (X:10546, Y:3570). There are 14 bombs in that village. Turn on your emergency alarm [horn/crouch/click left stick] and dispose all of them by driving over them. Next, drive to the village of Kampung Sirip Tajam (X:9446, Y:5064). Leave the fire truck in front of the building with red lights. The mechanics will check the damage, fix it and then they will deliver that truck where it belongs.

    "The alien invasion"

    Mission from: Penyelidikan Asing Nyawa

    The PAN (or FLR as you might call it) decided to contact you, because we need someone with exceptional courage. We received a report from a citizen who was flying a helicopter. He thought that he saw something hovering near the surface right here X:7500, Y:15600. We want someone to verify this sighting. This potentially dangerous mission could be right up your alley. This is a matter of national security so we authorize you to use any helicopter you can find from Capital City's rooftops. Use the helicopter and try to find out if there is still something. Give your report to this part-time street vendor, part-time scientist over here X:2915, Y:11257. If there is no one at the stall, explore the city a little bit and come back.

    "Wilford with a vengeance"
    Mission from: Wilford Wilford
    Restriction: Race unlocked

    Hi there Mr. Rodriguez. Don't worry. Karl Blaine told me your real name. The group called Kelajuan Cabaran has upsetted me. First they tried to steal a boat that I have designed, SnakeHead T20, from one of my customers. They didn't succeed so they made one of their own. Now it is a vehicle in their race "Rajang River Run" (X:8228, Y:23031). I want that boat destroyed. Because even though they didn't include my name on it (the originals have my name written), it is a rip off and people may still know that it is my design. It is still called SnakeHead T20 after all. And it is just a cheap imitation. It doesn't give people the same sense of quality than my original boats. Not to mention that it might be unsafe. My reputation is on the line. Get that boat, bring it to my pier. My island is at X:20500, Y:31000. Then blow it up. Use the weapon you can find from the ruins on my island.

    "Is this a catfight or a dogfight?"

    Mission from: The Agency
    Restriction: The planes must spawn

    The Agency has learned that the Panauan military is delivering chemical weapons from Banjaran Gundin (X:11699, Y:5106) using Si-47 Leopards. They are selling those weapons to foreign countries. We want you to go to that airport and nullify their highly illegal attempts. Find Si-47 Leopard that is ready to take off. Then hijack the following Leopard. After that it is going to be Leopard vs. Leopard. Wait until both of you are flying over the sea. Then you have to make sure that it is not going to get where it wants. So shoot the enemy jet until at least smoke comes out of it.
    [Special note: Chasing the evasive plane looks astonishing during thunderstorm at night.]
    It is a just cause to just cause chaos in Just Cause just cause it is fun.
    100 bonus missions right here. One hundred!

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    Hey I am Making A Mission Now Dont Lose all Hope for this Beautiful Game!
    PS3: Sleathy_Boy

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    Well over 3,300 views, nice. Time to update and lift this thread up. Three missions this time, two with little disclaimers. After this batch there are 39 missions gathered in first post. Have you tried them all? By the way, they don't get old. You can do them again and again.

    Ever since the patch for Vanderbildt LeisureLiner appeared, I have wanted to implement it into a mission. The idea came early on but I sort of scrapped it because I wanted people to actually find that bus. It is still rare and irregular (until you are driving one ). Unfortunately I didn't find the better way, so here is the mission now. You probably won't find the bus the first time you try the mission. Or maybe not the first few times. But at least it is featured in a mission now. If you have a good idea how you definitely will find that bus each and every time, please inform me about it. Here is enough space for more bus missions.

    The event happening at PBC is also irregular. But sometimes there are many events.

    I just wanted to give some time frames so that the missions would make more sense. Nevertheless, finding all is not everything, right? Searching is fun too.

    "PBC under attack"
    Mission from: PBC Management
    Warning: Patience needed. The event may not present itself every day within the given time frame.

    Hi there, Mr. Scorpio. We here at Panau Broadcast Center are a little worried. We have received an email from an angry group called Labu Adalah Pemenangnya. And I quote:
    "We, the loyal followers of The Great Pumpkin, are declaring a war against the PBC. Last night in your "Halloween special" you profoundly mocked our leader. Some people with a big smile on their faces brutally mutilated and carved a pumpkin giving it a terrible grin. We can not express our upsetment verbally. So expect something between 10.30 AM to 12.30 PM."
    The police/military didn't take us seriously when we informed them about this. At this point all we can do is to minimize the possible damage. So go here: X:16000,Y:4519. You will find a helicopter. Use it and patrol between 10.30 AM and 12.30 PM around the PBC tower. [Southern side is the best place. So that you can see at least the top half of the tower.] If you see something happening to the tower, check the damage. When time is up give your report to our evacuated maintenance operator waiting here: X:18534, Y:7077. If the operator is not there, leave the place and try again soon.

    "Bus ride to doom"
    Mission from: The Agency
    Warning: Patience needed. The bus doesn't appear every day at given time.

    As you know, Rico, Panau is practically a war zone. The Ular Boys, The Roaches and the Reapers fighting against each other and the government. Now we have learned that a new violent organisation is about to form. Panauans don't want yet another organisation to destroy their land. We have to help them. The leaders of the four small gangs are about to sign a deal soon at The Ski Resort (X:24574, Y:14786). Three leaders have already arrived in their limousines. Go to that Ski Resort and steal one of the parked limousines. The fourth leader has the strongest gang and arrives in his private Vanderbildt LeisureLiner bus. But we don't know on what date. Our best estimation is that you should start from the Ski Resort about 1 PM and head to Kota Tinggi (X:21118, Y:14968). Beware the police patrols (the limousines are hot!). If you find the bus coming towards you, crash a few times to that bus before entering it. Then set your course to Bandar Dataran Sawah (X:27074, Y:16675). When the road arrows turn green, drive the bus over the cliff and bail out. The leader will probably survive in his reinforced bus. But he will think that he was deceived by his signing partners. That deal is then history. And not only that. Hopefully those gangs will then decimate one another. If you arrive to Kota Tinggi without confronting the bus, date was wrong.

    "Not as easy as it sounds"
    Mission from: The Agency

    Our enemy indicator satellite has located multiple new targets. We need you to check out these targets. It seems to be a sticky situation, literally. Since they were identified as enemy targets, they might be some highly sophisticated small sized military antennas scattered at mountainside. If so, this is a good opportunity to disrupt military communication and shake the government a little bit. Begin your mission about here X:24400, Y:14500. Then head up following the trail and if your portable enemy indicator confirms our threat estimation, smash those antennas along the trail using your melee attack. Smash them so that they will fall flat.
    It is a just cause to just cause chaos in Just Cause just cause it is fun.
    100 bonus missions right here. One hundred!

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    Wow, this is some SERIOUSLY creative "out of the box" thinking there brother. Well done!!

    Might I suggest some kind of log so people can actually "report" those of your missions they've accomplished? Would be an excellent way to track.and gather the various Status reports. Depending on how creative and detailed people get, that could make for some really entertaining reads. If enough people respond you could even create a diary type of book. Your idea has mass potential.

    Hell you should be on the Developers payroll, cause you just extended the games playability quite a bit.
    Having made the mistake of reading some of the criticisms about it's length, I've been putting off doing missions just so I can draw the game out some more ...

    Again, well done and you can be sure once I've achieved my goals, I'll be taking on your assignments.

    Thanks for this!
    T.Greywolf (Gamertag Tgreywolf)
    "If you can't say something nice,don't say nothin' at all."—Thumper

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    Thank you, Tgreywolf.

    I agree that this thread has great potential. But so far during 5 months 2 people (and me) have created missions for this thread. And I don't know how many (if any, except maybe those two and me) have actually tried these missions. Logging everything would be quite difficult since there are 39 missions now. And maybe more coming although I am running out of ideas. Some people have also left this forum already. People could give mission reports in this thread, but they don't.

    I am glad if these missions will lengthen the game. Creating them suretanly does that.
    It is a just cause to just cause chaos in Just Cause just cause it is fun.
    100 bonus missions right here. One hundred!

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    “Helping the Elderly”
    Mission from: Mr.Smith
    Restriction: Completed Mission Stranded and you need to be able to buy the MTA Powerrun 77

    Greetings Mr. Rodriguez, I have been in contact with an Ex-Panaun Military and Chain Smoker, Mr Exbaddi. He has alerted me to a potential new base. But first you must help him retire. Your mission starts at the co-ordinates X: 2275 Y: 1681. Wait there until Yang "Smokey" Exbaddi arrives. Once Smokey has found you make your way to the shore and call in that Sloth Demon fellow you know. Buy a MTA Powerrun 77 and get in it. Set a Way-Point for X: 11250 Y: 2900 and drive slow as Smokey will swim after you. Get into the first car you see. He will get into the Car. There is a small problem helping Smokey retire. Your faction partners want him dead and the Military want you dead, so drive carefully to Tanjung Intan (X: 10546 Y: 3570). Good Luck.
    PS3: Sleathy_Boy

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    Thank you, Sleathy_Boy. I was able to update my signature after this mission.

    I have been a little apprehensive about doing that mission "Stranded", because I read somewhere that you loose the special nature of that Island. But I might do that mission and not save so that I could do your mission.
    It is a just cause to just cause chaos in Just Cause just cause it is fun.
    100 bonus missions right here. One hundred!

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    Cool Beans. The mission just allows you to fly over and Black Market there. So its rather cool basically. Dont worry all LOST easter eggs still there.
    PS3: Sleathy_Boy

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    We have just reached 4,000 views, great. This is going to be a long post. Don't worry people. I didn't write all this during one session.

    At first I will tell about my impressions on Helping the Elderly mission. Spoilers ahead.

    That was a lengthy mission log, eh? Just shows that many things can happen during a mission.
    So I have three missions for you this time. Maybe a bit silly that third one. But I had fun putting it together.

    "Message in a bullet"
    Mission from: Sri Irawan
    Warning: Compass reading skill required

    We need your help Scorpio. As you know, recently we delivered many vehicles to Pulau Berapi. Now the buyer refuses to pay! And not only that, he threatens to alert the military if we don't back off. This smug fool is not going to get away with it so easily. The Ular Boys want you to intimitate him. We have hidden the appropriate weapon into these ruins over here X:4000, Y:22000. Find that weapon and then head to this exact point X:2883, Y:21440. From there you can see the mansion below. That is the home of this unwilling payer. With your weapon blow up the three explosive barrels inside that mansion area (including the courtyard). If you look through that scope at 13°, you can also see four green chairs around the table. That is the home of his personal bodyguard. Fire some rounds into those chairs and table. We believe that this is even better way than just going there guns blazing. Subtle but effective. Maybe the next negotiations with this guy will go smoothly. May the ancestors guide your way.

    "Santa's little helper" *not the dog from the Simpsons*
    Mission from: Saint Nicholas

    Ho, Ho, Ho!
    Well, well, Mr. Rodriguez. You have been a naughty boy lately. I know that you do have a just cause, but you have just caused so much chaos around Panau that I am worried. If you want to redeem yourself in the eyes of the old Nic, I have some missions for you. As you have seen Panau is totally void of children. No wonder, it would be quite a harsh place for them. Still I have received reports from my "eyes on the field" that there are some adults that deserve to get noticed too. Since I am worried that I might get shot right out of the sky if I would arrive with my reindeers, you could help me by delivering gifts to three people. [If the people are not where they should, leave the place (not far) and try again] First you can deliver parasol and KROPH box to here X:20318, Y:24888. Second citizen needs food. So deliver food cart and "Tropical" cart here X:24197, Y:20223. Third citizen needs warmth and food. So deliver gas burner and some food here X:21881, Y:11214. You can find the necessary items near these deserving people. Happy holidays to you.

    "Details, details"
    Mission from: Bolo Santosi
    Warning: I would consider this to be a hard mission

    Dear comraid. I have a special task for you. It is about the thing we talked about last night. I know what kind of a man you are and I think this is a good way to tell you about it. You will put together 18 letters based on 13 words and one letter that you will find in Panau. This is mostly about the details so you need a keen eye which I know you have. I will give you a clue and tell which letter you need to form those 18 letters. So if I tell "2=14", it means you will put second letter in the word to the 14th place amongst those 18 letters.

    1) Name written in this car X:6436 Y:24313, not on tyres (2=14)
    2) Name written in tyres of Garret Traver-Z, longer word (1=3, 9=12)
    3) Name written in tyres of Garret Traver-Z, shorter word (1=5)
    4) Name written in Sakura Aquila cars except Metro ST (2=9)
    5) Maker of SnakeHead T20 and Dunebug 84 [also featured in some of the missions in this thread] (1=6, 3=17)
    6) Finnish name in a ski with the Finnish flag decoration [second letter is "i"], skis near the Ski Resort, [X:24574, Y:14786] (3=1)
    7) Swedish name in a ski with the Swedish flag decoration (1=13)
    8) Vehicle with suitcases on top, second word (4=10)
    9) Name of the green ice cream, first word (9=4)
    10) Car near roadblocks, license plate begins with "776", first word, some bikes have this name too (5=2, 5=11)
    11) Helicopter with reversed red and green lights, military may use this, name (not model) (6=7, 7=15)
    12) Tequila brand, first word, bottles found for example from top of the Three Kings Hotel [X:3709, Y:31482] (5=16)
    13) Vodka brand, first word, [use scope or zoom with camera manipulation] (2=8)
    14) Letter on red mailboxes that can be found from some of the villages [one of them in "Package gone missing"] (=18)

    ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
    _1_ _2_ _3_ _4_ _5_ _6_ _7_ _8_ _9__10_ 11_ 12_ 13_ 14_ 15 _16_ 17_ 18_
    It is a just cause to just cause chaos in Just Cause just cause it is fun.
    100 bonus missions right here. One hundred!

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    “Helping the Enemy”
    Mission from: Mr.Smith
    Once again Mr. Rodriguez I have a Mission for you. This time it is to help the people of Panau. You may or may not know that Panau used to have both a Fire Service as well as an Ambulance Service. The ambulance service office is located at X:8027 Y:28403 and the vehicles at X:8228 Y:28342 and drive the Chevalier Traveller SC to Kampung Ekor Bengkok (X: 7510 Y: 28706) and do a check on the Civillians. If all are ok leave it parked outside the market stall at X:7487 Y:28695.Now I need you to rebuild the Fire Service. It is located at X:19010 Y: 18673. All the civillians around the Fire Service Base have signed up to join the newly reformed Service. But as you can see we need some vehicles. Go to X: 22217 Y: 23296 to pick up your first vehicle, it is a Saas PP30 Ox. Once collected take it back to the Fire Service Base. You then need to go to X: 17429 Y: 14762 and pick up a Kenwall Heavy Rescue. Once collected take it back to Base. Don’t be alarmed if you Saas PP30 Ox is gone they are probably already on their first mission.
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    Just a little story about my playtime with the "Helping the Enemy" mission. Maybe the spoiler cover is not extremely necessary, but it is easy to paint over it. If I don't write about a mission it doesn't mean that I didn't like it. Sometimes it is just fun to write.

    It is a just cause to just cause chaos in Just Cause just cause it is fun.
    100 bonus missions right here. One hundred!

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    Hey this thread is the one that inspired me to join the forums! Just Cause is the perfect game for making additional missions. Great format you started, and what a cool way to keep the game alive! Im gonna try some of your extra missions for sure. Thought I better try my hand at creating one too... Its a bit long winded but hopefully fun!

    "Lighthouse Keepers Blues"
    Mission from: Mr. Pulau
    Restriction: Race Unlocked

    Help me Rico! You're my only hope! My name is Mr. Pulau and I am the lighthouse keeper on the little island of Pulau Penjala. I spend months at a time trapped on this island with nothing to do, and I want a Dalton N90 to help me pass the time. But dont get me wrong, Im not just asking for any old truck...

    I was listening to my shortwave radio the other day and I heard about the Gunung Raya Downhill Race up in the mountains. (X:21723 Y:12223). Apparently they are test running a special Dalton N90. I want you to steal that truck and bring it to me! This wont be as easy as it sounds. Ive got some rules that go along with the delivery.

    #1. The truck has to be in good shape once its delivered. Keep that in mind along your journey. I dont mind a few dents and dings in the fenders but if you even crack the windshield, you might as well just drop the whole truck off into the ocean...

    which leads me to rule #2. If the government finds out I had a stolen truck delivered here, I will get fired for sure...The island I live on is just east of the Panau International Airport, and I know the government would pick up approaching helicopters on their radar. That means you wont be able to airlift the truck to me. You are going to have to deliver the truck by boat.

    I suggest you go and sign up for the race as the driver, but as soon as they give you the special Dalton N90 then just take off! Drive it carefully all the way from the mountains down to the Ular boys hideout on the western coast (HINT: driving down the ski slopes is a quicker but riskier route). I used to do some work for the Ulars, and they still owe me favors, so they wont mind if you use their ferry to help me. The ferry is at X:17166 Y:17225 and as mentioned in the other missions, you are going to have to shoot the ramp in order to drive the truck onto the ferry.

    Then motorboat that thang all the way out to my beautiful island of Pulau Penjala at X:11496 Y:12464

    Land the ferry on the beach and pull the truck up to my hut, its the only brown colored hut with a porch, and its on the north side of the village. Either me or my wife will be chillin on the porch waiting to get the keys from you. Dont be surprised if we are grumpy when you talk to us... we dont get out much...

    Oh, and as for payment, feel free to pick up any of the weapon, armor, and vehicle parts of mine that I left lying around the island. Of course if you've already been to my island and taken those things from me, than the least you can give back in return is a one-of-a-kind, shiny, new Dalton N90!

    P.S. Remember what I said about that windshield...

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    A warm welcome to the forums Pulau715! That is a great first post and definitely offers some challenge. I will try it in the near future and now I will add it to the first post.
    It is a just cause to just cause chaos in Just Cause just cause it is fun.
    100 bonus missions right here. One hundred!

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    About the Lighthouse Keepers Blues mission.

    It is a just cause to just cause chaos in Just Cause just cause it is fun.
    100 bonus missions right here. One hundred!

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    Long time no update. The thread has reached the milestone of 5,000 views. And after this update it is two steps closer to another milestone, 50 missions. I hope that you won't get an overdose of blowing stuff up because of this update.

    The idea for the first mission came long time ago. But I was trying to figure out some way to deliver one more item to the first delivery site. But those items vanished when I tried to deliver them. So basically you now get two missions for the price of one. But they fit together.

    The second mission is pretty straight forward. The idea came just few days ago when I discovered yet another beautiful location. Maybe I had flown over that area before and maybe I wasn't low enough for it to register or to see it. I know that there are markings on the map to show the locations of undiscovered places. I rarely go to such markings just to see what is there. Part of the discovery part is ruined that way. But I hope I won't ruin much when I use them in missions. At least then they are part of something.

    Here is a way to hear a strange grinding sound during that second mission. I don't know if every version of this game has this thing that may be the smallest bug in this game (or any other). So go to this exact place X:12061, Y:23278. You can use "Hide all" command to see your true coordinates. Then look from that point to west. You will see two explosive barrels. Light up the left barrel with as few rounds as possible. Shotgun is not suitable. I have tested this with assault rifle and with submachine gun. The barrel will explode and moment after that the right barrel will explode. If you now go closer to that place where those barrels were, you should hear that faint sound. How will it end? Well shoot the barrel that was behind you when you shot!

    Did you know that Rico is now 43 years old? His birthday was January 25th. So happy birthday Rico!

    "Going out with a bang"
    Mission from: Sri Irawan

    Recently the Ular Boys found the last will of our demolitions expert who passed away last month. In that will he hoped that he would eventually "go out with a bang". Unfortunately he slept away peacefully in young age of 104. But we figured out a way to respect his final wish. Let's cause five different explosions for his honour. First you need an ample supply of explosives, so go here: X:5650, Y:25900 and fetch grenades and C4. Go next to Pekan Tupai Merah island (X:27179, Y:15538). Find the helicopter and use it to transfer an explosive barrel to his grave. If you look at the graveyard from south, it is the one in bottom left corner. Blow up the barrel there. Land your helicopter and blow it up using grenades and C4. Try to avoid civilian casualties. So that is four different explosions (barrel, helicopter, grenades, C4). Then the final bang. You need a helicopter for this too. You can find one from this base (X:8250, Y:28333). You need to deliver a gas canister to the red shrine cupboard (the one with statues inside) next to deceast's house. The house is located southeast from the village of Kampung Ekor Bengkok (X:7510, Y:28706). Just few meters outside its border. Deliver one gas canister you find from that village (the one in the base is too heavy) to that shrine so that it stands upright but upside down, cap to the ground. Shoot it and it will fly to the sky and show our final respects to our beloved comrade.

    "Destruction at the temple"
    Mission from: The Agency

    Panau is filled with military bases. Thanks to your efforts the government is looking for new remote locations for their bases. The Agency has found out that they think they have found one such place. According to the report we found the Panauan government has already delivered 11 explosive barrels to Rajang Temple area (X:12058, Y:23256). Go there and destroy all of them. You will need to be organized to find them all. We recommend that you go there at dawn because you need the light. Also keep in mind that you may cause domino effects. The government will find out that their military is not welcome anywhere. Once they grasp that idea, maybe they will build something more beneficial to their citizens.
    It is a just cause to just cause chaos in Just Cause just cause it is fun.
    100 bonus missions right here. One hundred!

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    After this update this thread includes 50 missions! They are all gathered in first post and it is about 16 A4 pages. It took from original four to get to 50 a little over eight months. And I am quite proud how versatile those missions are. Some of those missions reveal new things about Just Cause 2. Beginners and veterans alike may find something that they have not tried, seen or experienced. Thank you Sleathy_Boy, admanta and Pulau715 for creating with me missions that everyone can enjoy. I would like to see more from you and from everyone.

    Just Cause 2 is an amazing game and these missions could not have been done for any other game. Grappling hook, parachute, coordinate system, various vehicles, incredible world, destruction possibilities, fun atmosphere and freedom in this game has made this possible.

    Three missions this time. The bike in the first mission is my favorite vehicle at the moment (powerful, great for Hang On style of play and even climbing quite steep mountains) and sometimes hard to find. Hopefully you do find it as it is required also in second mission. It is possible to do those missions consecutively and use that same vehicle. Third mission is the continuation of a previous mission. It is quite easy, but it is also possible to make it scary.

    Because the scariest and the most shocking moment in Just Cause 2 or maybe even games in general is when two planes crash in the air. So maybe follow one plane very close. Maybe fly over it or under it. Tease a little bit. The sudden impact with a loud noise (especially when using headphones) has a few times made my heart skip a beat. Or at least that is how it feels like. So minor warning is also in order. I can't really suggest this in mission, because that would be the (momentary) end of Rico.

    [Little snippet of information: Has anyone noticed that I have many times added my new missions on the hour? Now I have done it last eight times. It just looks fun with zero minutes. I also have added them many times at GMT midnight. It is +2 where I am. ]

    "Mind over matter"
    Mission from: Karl Blaine
    Warning: Patience needed. The vehicle may be hard to find.

    Hi, Rico!
    I read this weird book yesterday. Psychic powers babble and that kind of stuff. But it sure was interesting. And the example that was mentioned caught my eye. Apparently it might be possible to go through solid matter if you just concentrate. Well I thought about you and your mental prowess. If someone can do it, it is you. Could you find out if there is any truth to this? Let's incorporate speed and dangerous situation to this experiment. It may boost your adrenaline level and mental capacity. Start from the city of Kampung Nur Cahaya (X:9352, Y:21774) using any vehicle. Set your waypoint to village of Kampung Pohon Reput (X:9524, Y:18276). You do need a motorcycle soon in this experiment. Maybe some other fast bikes are suitable too, but I strongly suggest Hamaya Cougar 600. So follow the instuctions and when you have 900 meters left, you should see a white and blue road sign ahead. Stop there at the 900 m mark, concentrate and focus your mind. Hopefully by now you have found the suitable bike. Then accelerate and keep accelerating and ride your motorcycle under that sign. Right through the middle. According to that book you should be unharmed if your will is powerful enough. Otherwise, ouch. Silly me for thinking that you would accept this challenge. But then we would know. Maybe there is a great betting chance too...

    Post Scriptum: Thanks for the info about that twins situation. Listening hearsays may give you false impressions. Lesson learned. But now the little birds have told that the relationship may have moved to another level. There was this massive quest that she planned for you? So she has that romantic side too?? Live and learn, Rico. Live and learn.

    "From cat to cat to cat"
    Mission from: Kucing Persatuan
    Restrictions: Race unlocked, the plane must spawn.
    Warning: Patience needed. The vehicle may be hard to find.

    Dear Receiver. Kucing Persatuan is known for its cat themed happenings. Now we proudly present our "Cats in three ways" day. During this day you will experience three of our feline friends in their (Sphynx like) vehicle form. What would be a better way to start than the wind in your hair, cruising at the desert riding a motorcycle? Finding your first vehicle (Hamaya Cougar 600) may not be easy, though. Try to find it from anywhere at the desert. For example, if you go to village of Bandar Sungai Rajang (X:8626; Y:20564) and follow the road north from there, you may find one. Grab one of those (1). If you want next to feel the gut-wrenching g-forces you can ride to this military base (X:4472, Y:21183). Then find the Si-47 Leopard lurking somewhere (2). After flying through the air you may want to relax for a while and hear the soothing sounds of the sea. Or maybe you would like to take part in the thrilling race at the waves? Either way, your final destination should be Rajang Delta Daredevil (X:10526, Y:26124). From there you will find the rare aquatic feline. Thank you, for taking part in our "Cats in three ways" day. Hopefully You had a wonderful day that made You purr!

    (1) The association is in no shape or form approved by the public. Vehicle owners may not like what you are doing.
    (2) The government hates our association. You may encounter resistance.

    "Aerial combat (aka As easy as pie [aka Like taking chemicals from the Baby])"

    Mission from: The Agency
    Restriction: The planes must spawn

    The Panauan government is trying speed up their efforts to deliver as much of chemical weapons in as short amount of time as possible [see "Is this a catfight or a dogfight?"]. Their biggest shipment is leaving soon from Kem Udara Wau Pantas airport (X:22163, Y:23265). They are using Bering I-86DP plane this time. You have to intercept that first. If our data is correct, there should also be G9 Eclipse planes somewhere in that airport. So slowly taxi that G9 out of the hangar and wait there until Bering is ready to leave. They are probably sending their shipments west, so keep that in mind and position yourself so that you are ready to get to east-west runway when you see that plane. After you see that Bering going past you, go right after it and in the air fire some warning shots. If the pilot is not going to surrender, you have to take the plane down. But wait until you are above the sea. The government has restricted the airspace from the civilians for the duration of this day. So after that Bering you can take care of the smaller planes that are carrying some additional material needed for those chemical weapons. So patrol around, find at least two of them and take them down if warnings are not enough. Since those planes won't carry actual chemicals, you can drop them freely.
    It is a just cause to just cause chaos in Just Cause just cause it is fun.
    100 bonus missions right here. One hundred!

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    One month and one day later...
    Update with two missions.

    "Oh, you are missing an O?"
    Mission from: Omnipotent Orange

    Hi there, Mr. Scorpio. I have a small diner near Panau Falls Casino. It is the building that is closest to that Casino and next to the road leading there. The OO is specialized in orange foods and drinks. We have everything that can be imagined made of that fruit. The business has not been excellent lately and my wife is thinking that this diner is doomed. I still believe in it and I have a plan to make it a success. Advertising a little more is all that is needed. But I want to have a sign that is big enough to be viewed from the sky! Simple gigantic "O" is enough. And I know just the place where to get it... That Panau Falls Casino has that huge sign high up there. All I want is that "O" from the end of "CASINO". Go get it and put it on top of my diner. You may have to smash it off, but don't drop it to the falls. Then you need something that is able to do heavy lifting. It was you lifting that car from the race track, right? [See "Bolo is expecting twins"] Maybe you could use that helicopter [X:16850, Y:5130]. Or any other that is suitable. And don't worry if you brake some bulbs in that sign. I can fix things. You are welcome to my diner any time. The food and the drinks are on me.

    "The silent cartographer"
    Mission from: The Agency

    The cartographers went on strike. So our main cartographer with her staff just stormed out of her office and from the whole building. She didn't say anything, but she did slap a note to my hand with coordinates on it. Our satellite imagery of the Panau islands is very much incomplete and the whole system is also offline right now for maintenance. So we have no idea what those places are. Maybe they are not of any importance, but that information alone would be valuable. The coordinates you need to check are: (X:28200, Y:30600), (X:27500, Y:28300) and (X:28700, Y:13000). You need to look closely around those coordinates and then give your report to our undercover operative who has a food cart over here: X:19083, Y:5284. As always, if the operative is not there right at that moment, leave and try again soon.
    It is a just cause to just cause chaos in Just Cause just cause it is fun.
    100 bonus missions right here. One hundred!

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    Happy birthday Just Cause 2! Just Cause 2 was released on this day one year ago in Europe. North American release was three days (and one year) ago. Just one mission to celebrate the event.

    "Seeing red"
    Mission from: Karl Blaine

    I have a request for you. I am the regular gambler at Panau Falls Casino. That you know. But the thing that you don't know is that I don't like going there that much. And the reason for that are all those darn red poles of light that they lit every night. They hurt my eyes and give me a migrane. Of course I can just not look at them. And that is exactly what I usually do. But just for this one time, could you make them all "go away"? I could then also watch and enjoy that beautiful night time scenery over the falls, which has been impossible.
    It is a just cause to just cause chaos in Just Cause just cause it is fun.
    100 bonus missions right here. One hundred!

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    We really need to look into a cool way of displaying this stuff. This thread is so full of win.
    Got twitter? Follow me for the coolest of updates. @mycoldman

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    Thumbs Up

    Oh my god Mike Oldman saw the thread Please get this noted on the Just Cause 2 website!
    PS3: Sleathy_Boy

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    Thank you for noticing mycoldman and Sleathy_Boy.

    Over a month and a half from my last update. So time to update again!

    First mission is very similar to one of my previous missions, but I wanted to continue the story a little bit. Here is a small picture showing that you may need luck when dropping the letters. The Falls almost got this one.

    I like to watch treasure hunting movies and second mission is about following clues. I am glad that I could fit the shadow that gives direction in there. In National Treasure there is a scene about that. Shadow system is pretty special in Just Cause 2 and worth highlighting. There is time 6PM mentioned and I would advise to wait in that second mission until 6.30PM. It looks beautiful, when the sunset comes suddenly, shadows fade away and city lights lit up.

    "I see, you want C near the sea"

    Mission from: Charismatic Cantaloupe

    Scorpio, right? I have a store, Charismatic Cantaloupe, right next to this lighthouse X:17854, Y:18204. I know, it doesn't look like much, yet. I have figured out a way to change all that. That orange guy got so much free advertising when the military took him to questioning for that "O" that just appeared on top his diner [see "Oh, you are missing an O?"]. His business is soaring right now. I know it was you and I want my few minutes of fame too. My cantaloupes deserve that. I need that "C" from the beginning of "CASINO" at Panau Falls Casino. Deliver it and I will give you double what that orange guy gave you. That Casino is almost mocking me, anyways. It is already in high place, it doesn't need to advertise. The view from my store to there is just perfect. That orange guy obviously wanted people that are flying planes to notice his diner. I want people steering boats and ships to notice my store. So drop that C next to the light of that lighthouse.

    "Rhyming the road"
    Mission from: The Poet

    Point of origin I give to thee, and it is 3980, 11343
    Window washing is what you do next, until you see the two smoke effects
    There is one smoke, that is right around the corner, but go to the one that is further, and your track is getting warmer
    You will find an antenna, don't be late, shadow at 6PM is what you wait
    Direction is now to you given, behind the billboard, to the roof, to the the alley, you are driven
    Up there, can you see? On top that thing that goes round and round, is where you should be
    Two red dresses, they are not fake, and there you should go, but not for buyings sake
    There you are and there you can linger, or go and find the pointing finger
    Something that gives you cover, do you know? If you do, then go, go, go
    Right there, at that cart, I should be, in case I am not, would you miss me?

    That was it, and not trying to sound corny,
    but this was just the end of your mission, not the end your journey.
    It is a just cause to just cause chaos in Just Cause just cause it is fun.
    100 bonus missions right here. One hundred!

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    It has become, and here is an anagram for you, quite quiet here in these forums. I still keep updating this thread, because it is fun, just to wander around in Just Cause 2 and ponder what could be turned as a mission.

    Two missions this time.

    In first mission, it was figuring out what would be the reasoning behind the action, that was the hardest part. And I am happy about the outcome. It is so believable now. Yes it is. I am telling you. You may still be able to finish the mission even if the heat level is high and there are helicopters attacking you. Using your ammo wisely, hiding and remembering where you left the box are the key elements here.

    In second mission, the first thing that I knew, was what would be the name of it. I wanted to acknowledge that Avalanche is making a game, Renegade Ops. So just from that, the story and the mission came together. Originally I was thinking about helicopter transport. But people released themselves, if they survived the tethering. It is now a bit similar to "Unforgettable rides", except the story, and the dragged is a civilian pulled from land. In this mission, if the civilian is a man, he may shout something about stopping the car. Please forgive him, he is obviously panicking.

    There is one earlier mission, that I have made, that has a name, which is a reference to another game. Well, that was a tricky sentence... Do you know what mission it is? Of course not everyone knows this game that well.

    "The test of courage"
    Mission from: Razak Razman

    You have been a great asset to me, Scorpio. Now I have a new mission for you and it will test your courage. There are two different types of cardboard boxes, smaller and larger, right here X:4203, Y:11080. Choose one of those boxes and then set your waypoint to Park District X:3716, Y:11529. Your mission is to move that box to that waypoint only by shooting it. This will no doubt attract the attention of the military. This will also create a distraction that will allow me to visit my dear mom who is living in an apartment near those boxes. I hope this is not a shock to you. Fearsome faction leader having a mom that he likes to visit. The Razman family is very tight and I owe her all the cases of goodness that I have. You have to repeat your task after some time, so that I can exit the apartment unseen. And now you have to choose the box that you didn't choose before.

    "Renegade Op"

    Mission from: The Agency

    This time you have to stop a dangerous criminal. This man is actually our own former operative. But he is a renegade. He has turned the beautiful islands of Panau to his own personal sandbox. I know that you, Rico, are balancing your own actions on a very fine line right now. To tip the scale to your favor, you have to do this mission. Belot Pengendali has a daily routine that he follows very precisely. He has a bench where he likes to sit. It is the one at the end of the pier (closest to the fuelling station) at Pekan Jambatan Batu X:3593, Y:24704. No one else is allowed to sit on that bench. In fact, that is how we found him. One badly beaten civilian was courageous enough to report this. Belot is disguised as a civilian. He may be even disguised as a woman. When you see him sitting on to that bench, tether him to a boat. The boat can't be so close, that he bangs his head to it when tethered. Then drag him to this remote island X:2500, Y:27200. You have to drag him slowly so that he stays alive and so that the line won't brake. When you reach the island, release him and pull him out of the water. He can't swim, so he is trapped until we figure out what to do with him. And if the person is not the one we are after, at least there was no serious beating this time.
    It is a just cause to just cause chaos in Just Cause just cause it is fun.
    100 bonus missions right here. One hundred!

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