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Thread: Ghosting Players, Uneven Matches, 5v3, 5v4, 4v3 matches etc

Ghosting Players, Uneven Matches, 5v3, 5v4, 4v3 matches etc

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    Ghosting Players, Uneven Matches, 5v3, 5v4, 4v3 matches etc

    Mods, please delete this thread. I'm tired of arguing with people about whether screenshots are acceptable or not. If I'm going to have to debate a bunch of forum members every time I try to be helpful, I just won't bother. Thanks.
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    In your screenshots, which, to be honest, you shouldn't be hosting anywhere, even though it seems to be in your personal site, you're missing the game number. If you have that, it might help the devs rewatch the game to see what went wrong.

    Regarding the bug, it has been reported before, but not sure if it had been fixed or not.
    We're currently playing on an old build, the new build should be deployed soon so...

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    Eh, as long as they are password protected in a non-public folder they should be safe. But, yeah You should have just e-mailed this in along with a game log.
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    Calm down, I understand the frustration. I wish there was a way to upload screens to the forum as much as the next guy.
    And as you, I'm just trying to be helpful here, for you, so you don't end up banned for w/e reason because some smart guy decided to hotlink your pics somewhere.

    What I've been doing is doing a thread and then sending that same thread to their email. I know, not very helpful for the other players, but hey, that's what the devs have been asking us to do...

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    I'm sorry if I sounded overly grouchy there - if this were the first time this had happened, I wouldn't have reacted that way. I've needed to post screenshots several times to illustrate issues to the devs, and every time, other members have made an issue out of it even though the devs and mods have not, and even though the forum TOU doesn't even mention not posting screenshots in the private forum.

    Because apparently some people are concerned that it is implicitly part of the NDA (even though nothing is being "disclosed" to anyone who hasn't seen it already), I will refrain from posting any more screenshots here (even if they're linked from a safe location, like my website, where no one outside the forums will ever find them) until the NDA is lifted in the beta.

    The reason I think this is regrettable is that if we can't share screenshots (in this case, of the score table, not even gameplay) with other alpha testers, it makes it a lot harder to figure out if we're experiencing the same issue as each other or not, or for people to put two and two together regarding the cause of a bug. E.g. in the case of the one that was originally in this thread, one of the common factors between the two matches was the presence of someone whose name was "[GB]Metal_\m/_Knight_Denaik", which has between two and four unusual characters in it. Does having a slash in the name cause issues? If someone else noticed another player with a slash in their name in a 3v5 match, seeing that name might tip them off. Those are the sorts of details that are really useful for troubleshooting a problem.

    If the alpha testers are able to narrow down the cause of a problem instead of the devs having to work it out, I would think that would save a lot of time. But I don't want to cause a lot of debate and discord here either. We should be focusing on helping with the alpha test, not griping with each other.

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    Bug: 3v5 (AKA 5v3) (Thread version 2.0) (No screenshots in thread! Don't worry! :))

    Note: as discussed in the original version of this thread, I am emailing a set of four screenshots to I will not post them in this thread unless requested to do so by a moderator or developer, as it has caused agitation with some other forum members previously. I have numerous screenshots of this, however.

    Back on 1 February, I played two matches that ended up being 3v5, with all five players on the other team active. It was one match after the other, on the same server (in the EU - don't know the number - it didn't show up on my screen or in my log files). At the time, I thought it was suspicious that one of the players had slashes in his name, and they are one of those special characters that can cause problems in some systems. His display name was [GB]Metal_\m/_Knigth_Den4ik. The membership of the teams changed somewhat between the two matches, but the second was still 3v5.

    Tonight (9 February), I ended up in another match with him, and the same thing happened! This was on server NAm 268284, at 21:15 Pacific time.

    He left, changed his name to MetalDen and rejoined. The match was now 4v4.

    I don't know if it was the slashes that caused the problem, but this is pretty suspicious - three games with the original name ended up being 3v5, but as soon as he changed it to something else, it became 4v4.

    I guess there is a secondary bug here (potentially) which is that I was connected to a mysterious unnamed server. Usually the name will show up in the log files, but I can't find it in mine for this one.

    Anyone want to try temporarily changing their display name to [GB]Metal_\m/_Knigth_Den4ik and see if they end up in 3v5 matches?

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    Please send bug reports if you want to send files towards

    There used to be a 5 vs 3 bug, that that supposed to be fixed. If it are really the symbols it is strange.

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    Originally Posted by blincoln
    Anyone want to try temporarily changing their display name to [GB]Metal_\m/_Knigth_Den4ik and see if they end up in 3v5 matches?
    I think I had a game with him/her on Saturday night or someone had changed their name - it was either that or Thursday - but I remember grinning at the name because it's awesome...if I recall correctly it was a 4x4 match so was alright.

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    Important problem solution here 3 v.s 5 and no system balance?

    Parker here wanting to address an important problem to the developers which is no auto-balancing system after combat has started. Within an hour of starting the game I came across several instances where this was present in where because team members left sometimes right after the match started (rage quit, disconnect, etc.) It was a 3v5 which left teams unable to make up for those 2 players.

    My solution is for you guys to develop a program that after the member count of one team is 2 or higher the other a que for 10 seconds will appear notifying both sides of a member transfer. An example would be "Balancing Vampires" meaning members would switch to the human race. Players will either be selected randomly or have the option to volunteer ( this has higher priority over randomization and the order of volunteers goes by who volunteered first) and possibly get a small reward (gold, exp, etc.) for doing so. This would not only eliminate team off balance creating overpowering but by adding a volunteer option (possibly set as a key binding) allow players who prefer one race over the other go over instead of frustrate a player who doesn't want to go. However if noone volunteers randomization will be default. This process will transfer as many players as it needs from only one 10 second que to prevent wasting time and will end when the member count difference is 1 or less(of course it will que again if another off balance is detected later on).

    Within an hour I noticed in three games this occurring and in those three there was at least one player complaining about it being unfair and the end score at the most extreme show of overpowering was 2-28 vampires v.s humans.

    Any players who want to support an auto balance system please comment here so hopefully the developers add one in and remove having to fight a swarm of vampires flying off with players and the rest getting chain pounce or on reverse side having 2 extra shooters making sure as a reaver you never get max dps on your pounce and as a tyrant being near death by the time you've reached one of the hunters from soaking a ridiculous amount of damage coming your way.

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    Party System causes broken team matchups (Ex: 5v3)

    Today I discovered that two friends and I got into matches today, and that occasionally.... It seemed like the party system would try to force at least two of us onto a team, at the cost of leaving one team permanently down a player, until someone from the overpopulated team left in an attempt to balance things out.

    I say this is connected to the Party system because it only happened when we had 3+ of us in a party and joining lobbies together. Once we started breaking into 2 or less people, this seemed to stop happening. Steam screenshot below.
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    This happened for me during the last days of alpha and now in closed beta too.
    I was alone every time it happened, so I can't validate that it is caused by the party system.
    I have only this screenshot taken right after the match when we returned to the lobby.

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    Thanks for the report, we're actively looking into reproducing this on our end and sending our logs to Psyonix to get this fixed.

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    Originally Posted by Saecred-XIV
    Thanks for the report, we're actively looking into reproducing this on our end and sending our logs to Psyonix to get this fixed.
    Anytime. For clarification: it didn't just put me and my two friends on the 3 man team. I was the only person on that team that was in our party. If that helps...Somehow. The game went back to normal teams when one of the players (Gharg) left and re-joined. He was put on the 3 man team instead of re-joining the 5 man and it went smoothly after that.
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    5v3 and UI not centered

    (click image to enlarge)

    (click image to enlarge)

    (click image to enlarge)
    Resolution: 1280x1024
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    On the 5v3, I had the same experience the other night:

    Server 268920

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    3vs5? oha...

    just now i had a game 5 vs 3 players.... we (the 3) win 52 to 50 but it was very hard....

    is it a bug or did the elo/matchmaking machine did this?

    Thnx Fengh

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    I experienced this today as well. 3v5. Different match from Fengh, because I felt bad for the other team suffering through the match.

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    This bug was in alpha and i thought they fixed it. Saw it today. First time seeing it since alpha.

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    We're looking into it as a top priority for a patch

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    Encountered it, too.

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    yea I was in a game today this happened also

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    I saw it in two of the four matches I played last night, and it was two different sets of players. There were players in both matches with punctuation characters in their names, though, in case it's related to the length of or characters in the name like I theorized back in alpha.

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    6v2 last night. Seems to be related to the party system.

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    I would not believe it possible at this point if I had not been there.

    The matchmaker completely screwed up, putting me and another against a 6!!!! player team. I got a snap shot of it. I tried to do a group photo but most the opposing team liked the chance to feel like a bad ass against a higher level player so that felt like trying to get your kids to behave long enough for a family photo, impossible.

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