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Thread: Ghosting Players, Uneven Matches, 5v3, 5v4, 4v3 matches etc

Ghosting Players, Uneven Matches, 5v3, 5v4, 4v3 matches etc

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    There's something strange in the neighbourhood...

    Repeatedly ran into ghosts in my lobbies tonight. Hope this bug isn't back in force.

    Completely relevant video:

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    Lobbies NA W #302161 and NA E: #309068 are still haunted by the same ghosts as they were last night.

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    Ghost players are back!

    Games can now host ghost players once again.
    3v4 is back, ya'll.

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    Not that again!
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    Two found just now on EU:

    301886: Mr. Rysse

    301881: Do u even lick?

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    Cool Ghost Players T_T 3v4

    Seems about half or a bit less of the games I've been in today have had a ghost player shown in the lobby but doesnt come in game, resulting in a 3 v 4 match. It's happened many times please fix this

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    Currently bugged on
    Server: EU 301869
    Ghost: Crying Maracas Indian
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    Bugged lobby currently on EU303084
    Ghost Name: Expire
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    Expire is the ghost player

    (click image to enlarge)

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    Expire again in EU303084. :-(

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    Originally Posted by mauvo58
    Expire again in EU303084. :-(
    303804 has been restarted and we're investigating now. Thanks.

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    Question New format - 5 vs 2?

    New format?
    5 vs 2
    The match began 3 vs 5.

    Sometimes the 3rd player came and then left a match.

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    its a bug
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    Fifth player joining ! (human side)

    Hello !

    I just had a game and we were actually 5 humans vs 4 vampires.
    One of the vampire player left and we were 5 vs 3, it seems like no one could join the game at this moment.

    The fifth human player joined in the middle of the game, completely out of the blue !
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    Matchmaking: 5 Players on a team?


    I've experienced a bug lately where a fifth player randomly joined my team. This worked well for a while and then 2 players got kicked from game. But it didn't only occur while in a match, I've also had the issue while in a lobby so the matchmaking made a team of 5 players and briefly after 2 were kicked (including me).

    I don't know if that's a known issue, and I didn't look it up yet, however I think now you are aware.

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    I can confirm this screenshots, also happend to me and the get kicked back into the Lobby Bug is also back.

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    "5 vs 3 match" bug


    I've played a match just now where were 5(!) players on one side and 3 on other. Here are the links for the screenshots I've made: HUD and scoreboard

    We started to play this match 4 vs 3, then the eighth player joined, picked the Vanguard and was put in our team somehow as the fifth player. We played the first half of the match like this, and after team-switch the situation went back to normal 4 vs 4.

    This is the first time I see this bug so I don't know how to reproduce it.

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    5 v 3 bug

    Not sure how prevalent this bug is anymore but thought I'd report it. Just had a 5 v 3 game:

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    Crazy 5v4 Bug

    So me and Iuro joined a match while in party. Something must have happened because we got into different teams and we got 5 humans in the game.

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