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Thread: Fps issues

Fps issues

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    Unplayable fps

    I played this game at a friend's house on his super awesome pc. Come back to my house and try to play it and I can't! I'm so frustrated because I really like the game, but can't play it like this. Here are my specs:

    Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2180 @ 2.00GHz
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 640
    6.1 GB of RAM

    I know it's not the best but it meets the minimum requirements. I've already looked around and tried a few of the things people have suggested, but it hasn't helped much. I'm not tech savvy so if I could get a step-by-step on how to get the fps better I will be ETERNALLY GRATEFUL! Thanks.

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    Is this not outdated? My config files look completely different.

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    It is a bit dated but it should not look completely different. The only portion of it i don't recommend following is setting textures to 0, as he states it most likely will cause you to crash at startup. Also using DetailMode=5 will force fog on which is very bad for FPS, imo set it to 0. Everything else is solid.

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    And I guess he switched the files to have DetailMode=0. Besides the GameBooster (I don't have that many things running on the computer) I did everything, still choppy af.

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    Thanks for the help, btw. I really appreciate it.

    Okay, I went back, made the files read only, but now when I start the game the center is off to the right and to the bottom?
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    Originally Posted by Mishaygo
    Okay, I went back, made the files read only, but now when I start the game the center is off to the right and to the bottom?
    I don't understand what you mean by this?

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    All it means is that I'm retarded. Copied his resolution. Should be good now, thanks for the help!

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    Serious FPS problems on a good system

    I am experiencing issues with having any decent FPS on my girlfriend's laptop. Its a gigabyte gaming computer I just got last september.
    Specs on it:
    -intel i7-4810mq
    -16 gb of RAM
    -Geforce GTX 860M
    -128gb solid state drive for games and OS

    also I just updated the driver and reduced the settings to their lowest including lowering the resolution and I still have 10-20 fps in a fight. I dont see why I should be having this problem. I doubht it is because the solid state is almost full (8Gb left).

    EDIT: Borderless window helped a little bit but has made the game run completely smooth

    I am having a problem with audio echoing and overlapping though
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    Do you have an integrated card as well? Open Nvidia panel and add nosgoth.exe and choose to run with your dedicated graphics.

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