So I've got all collect items except one. I'm missing one of the three items in collect mission 3, "Get me a super-potent weapon."

I also can't find any maps that show these items and only these items (because on normal maps, I can't find the dot I'm missing). So I was wondering if anyone can list where all three of the items appear. I have two, but I don't remember where I found them, so I can't easily list the two I do have.

Preferably by province names and NOT safehouse names, as I don't have them all yet. If the area I need to search can be narrowed down, it'd help a LOT. If there's multiple in a single province, please tell me that too.

Thanks in advance for help!

EDIT: Nevermind, found it. For anyone who stumbles upon this topic while searching for the answer themselves, the three are:
-On the highest catwalk of a smokestack of a power plant in San Mateo (I think). It's all by itself in a mountainous area NW of the Eagles Nest Rioja safehouse.
-On a cliff in the middle of the top hat-shaped island directly north of the Eagles Nest Rioja safehouse.
-Atop the Mendoza Int'l Airport terminal. This one is all but impossible to see on the map itself, but once you close in, it's easy to see on the minimap. Use a helicopter!