Thread: The Book of Ultema?

The Book of Ultema?

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    Anyone ever hear of this thing(and yes, it's spelled Ultema, not Ultima)? I recently finished up my collection of rare FF books, and this one was one of the last items I managed to snag, along with the FFII official novelisation, Labyrinth of Nightmares. It seems to be just a FFII-related notebook kinda thing, with blank pages for taking notes and little daily schedule pages with FF monsters for each of the days. Certainly not worth the rather expensive price tag it had on eBay.

    The one very interesting thing about it are the colored versions of all the Amano monsters he drew for FFII(which I had only seen done in black and white until this book). They look like they were colored by Amano himself, although the colors don't always match the usual colors for the monsters(the Behemoth is reddish, for example, not purple). The colored Amano sketches with their little descriptions of each monster were the main reason I bought this, and I can say on that point, I was not disappointed. All of Amano's FFII monsters are covered in full color.

    I tried finding info about it, but I outside of the guy who was selling it on eBay and one random, obscure blog mentioning it as the "rarest of the rare FF collectibles", I have never seen or heard of it. I'm just trying to find out exactly what this was for, what's the story behind it? Was it a promotional item only given to select fans, beta testers, or perhaps even employees? It is a mystery.

    Seeing as this is the official Square Enix forum, perhaps someone reading this actually knows about this, or knows people who do. The only info the book contains about itself is the copyright date (1989) and three people and only three people involved in making the book(all I confirmed as Square employees employed as graphic designers back in 1989). The three employees are Yo****aka Amano, the illustrator, of course. Masaaki Miura, who did "design", and I don't know what that entails exactly. Maybe he did the coloring? And then Yusuke Hirata, who is just listed as "copy". Does that mean this is Yusuke Hirata's copy? Heh, who knows. I don't. Do you?

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    I heard about a novelization of FFII on the Final Fantasy wikia, but I read it was never translated into english and the story was a little different than the one in the game. For example, some of the characters that were suppose to die, like Minwu, don't get killed off, the Ultima storyline doesn't take place, and some of the characters, like the emperor, get more of a backstory. I don't know much else about it. I just wish I had it, heh. I'm a pretty big fan of the game.

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    So the book is different from the videogame? fine.

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    Did you try Amazon Japan? They have international shipping.