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Thread: Final Fantasy II needs more love.

Final Fantasy II needs more love.

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    FINAL FANTASY?I?II?III?Memory of Heroes - Released

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    I played the origins version not to long ago. I capped out Ultima thinking I would need it. I ended up beating down all the final bosses and the Emperor with only melee attacks :/

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    i love this game. I played it on the gba idk if thats a port of the nes version or it actually has the expansions but i loved every bit of it. I really found the leveling up system very interesting. I think SE needs to relook into this game and figure out all the quirks and shape it into another masterpiece. This game was very ahead of its time in concept and gameplay but i feel now SE has matured enough to make a game with this kind of style flawless.

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    FFII seriously needs more attention. It's my favorite out of the series next to FFXII.

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    Final Fantasy II may not be a top-tier entry in the Final Fantasy series, but it was a very nice game, especially considering it was originally released in 1988 when there weren't many games of this type to draw inspiration from.

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    Final_Fantasy_II Need stop killing people! i hated those parts! poor peoples from Altair,Fynn,Baldea and others!.

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    Wow! it sure is nice to see other fans of FFII

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    I'm a huge fan of Final Fantasy II; honestly, it was the game that got me seriously looking into series prior to FFVII and the first Final Fantasy that I ever technically finished. I played the GBA Dawn of Souls version and I had played FFI first. I switched to FFII when I got stuck somewhere in the game after the class change. I immediately fell in love with the fact that the game had a major narrative component to it (which is what I grew up expecting in my RPGs) and that was actually really helpful to me in progressing in the game. It's easier to remember where to go and what to do when there's a story behind it all. The levelling system was very fun to me as well. I felt really free with my choices and never felt like I had to min-max anything, so long as I spent some extra time if I accidentally gimped someone. I too would like to see another Final Fantasy with a system like this (I hear that Final Fantasy XIV actually does give the system new life), but I would appreciate even more a return to the key word system. It was a nice little feature of the game that fleshed out the world. I also enjoyed how open the world was from very early on in the game, something I believe they did not exactly continue in Final Fantasy III (what am I talking about, of course it wasn't continued, though the world was bigger in FFIII if I recall). But again, my absolute favorite part about the game was the gripping narrative. Sure it used the typical rebellion story (one that would see major re-use in the Tactics genre) but the character development was pretty good. Also, the Dawn of Souls and later versions came up with a really nice solution to the problem of losing equipment when a party member dies with the Soul of Rebirth dungeon (which I never actually finished).

    My original line-up was something like:

    Firion- Dual Swords and lower level magic; Maria- Bows with high level magic (back row of course); Guy with Dual Axes and no magic

    This time around I plan on mixing it up a little bit, so I don't know where I'm going from here.

    Anyway, Final Fantasy II was a wonderful game (at least the remakes) and I would really prefer something like that rather than what we got with XIII. And really, Final Fantasy XI messed up the numbering of the games. Up through FFX, odd numbered FF games were very open and low narrative, whereas even numbered games were a little bit more linear and very high narrative. The exception to this is Final Fantasy VII, which got really popular but unfortunately is not one of my preferred titles. Final Fantasy XI should have just been called FF-Online, which would make the very open world FFXII actually FFXI and the very linear railroaded FFXIII actually FFXII, making a lot more sense. But meh, that's not really important.
    What's important is Square Enix needs to return to the FFI-VI days or else the franchise is going to be in serious trouble (though apparently this FFXIII series seems as if it is being milked much better than FFX-2...)

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