Thread: Direct3d Error w/New Nvidia

Direct3d Error w/New Nvidia

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    Question Direct3d Error w/New Nvidia

    I have a brand new Laptop with an Nvidia GeForce 105m (updated drivers)
    (Also 64 bit Vista)

    I install the game just fine, intro works, menu works, cutscenes work, but the when the game loads, I can see the HUD but no graphics other than the HUD.

    Then a dialog box pops up saying:

    Direct3D Error Error 8876086c

    Then the game closes. I've seen similar problems on this forum. How can this be resolved? does it have to do with the TOD PC ini file? if so, how do I fix it?


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    I have the exact same problems? Tried running in different compability modes, as administrator, with different colorsettings / resolution. So far nothing works at all, has there been any solution ?

    I run w7 x64 bit