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Thread: Best Quote from JC2!

Best Quote from JC2!

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    Originally Posted by Bling_T
    BTW: Is there a way to get the panau news jingle as an mp3 (to use it on my phone for incoming text-messages )
    If I can, I'll try and record it for you. It shouldn't be too hard, unless it's mixed in with the SFX track, rather than music/voices.

    I'm also going to try and record some of these quotes, especially ones from soldiers ("For the glory of Panau", "He's got me with his wire thing!" etc.)

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    Rico walking along, sawn off shotty on one hip, submachine gun on the other hip, maching gun in hand, bumps into a woman in the street, woman: Wanna fight huh?

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    grenade haha

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    Anything Tom Sheldon says.....he cracks me up.


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