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PS3 Automatic Video Capture causing problems

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    Exclamation PS3 Automatic Video Capture causing problems

    This has happened to me twice now - I have had the automatic video capture set to on so that if I do something cool in the game I've got the video.

    However, after a while I get a notification saying something like "Video Capture Limit Reached" and it takes me to the Capture options screen to select discard or save.

    When I rejoin the game, the sound has dropped to almost be inaudible and the right stick and R2 has ceased functioning. No amount of rebooting will cure the problem.

    The only way I have found of curing the problem is to delete the Just Cause 2 settings file from the PS3 and all is well again. This hasn't affected any game save data and only takes a minute to do but it means that I lose any DLC (including the Limited Edition content).

    Has this problem been experienced by anyone else?

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    Yeah! I have the same problem, but there's a easy fix!
    Goto Settings and put everything to default. Then all will work fine again. The Glitch/Error causes the settings in-game to go mental...
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    Thanks - glad I'm not the only one to experience it. I'll check my settings but I'm pretty sure I haven't changed any from the default.

    Patch please !!

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    Just experienced the same bug... I'd set up automatic recording last night and experienced no problems. I started played again today and after about 30-40 minutes of game time I get the alert that the limit was reached. I also had the same symptoms of locked up controls and no sound... but like vicheous said, the fix was as simple as resetting your audio, controller, and display settings to default or back to whatever modified setting you had it at (remember to check all 3 sections as they are all affected).

    If this issue is dependent on having video capture set to automatic, then I guess I'll just keep playing with it off for now. Hopefully I won't miss too many awesome moments to record before this is patched.