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Thread: Why Is That Your Forum Name / Avatar?

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    in one of the jay and silent bob movies, jay says: You know, maybe one night me and Lunch Box are out we're [edit by Driber: rest of the story removed. sorry, this is too graphic for this forum]

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    it's my name for everything. x) psn-id, e-mail, wikipedia acc, etc..e tc..

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    I lurk forums secretly, hence the name. I am a ninja in general anyways, so yeah.

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    I normally go by Badger but that was already taken. All to do with a pub conversation with a few mates, one of which thought he was being harrassed by a giant badger. Very silly evening that went off on some weird tangents!

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    Jake=Shortening of my actual name.
    "This is a warning to all. Repent and believe in Mooberry the Cow God, lest you drown in milk for all eternity!' A+ if you know where this is from.

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    Hex modding

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    Staten Island, New York City
    Quote Originally Posted by Rocket Propelled Rocket View Post
    "Why can't EVERYTHING be rocket propelled?" Said by Mattias when I fired a rocket launcher in Mercenaries 2.
    lol i loved that line!
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Zoo Boy View Post
    lol i loved that line!
    Who doesn't?!
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    Been a bow hunter for years first internet forum 1996 I had to come up with a name, since it was a hunting forum I thought.....

    My cousin and I were target practicing one day, after hitting the bulls eye a couple of times he yells out:

    "Man you sure can Sling them arrows!"

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    Band named Breathe Carolina, replaced Carolina with my name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeremythebug View Post
    Because I'm Jeremy, and I'm THE bug.
    Quote Originally Posted by theassassinator View Post
    *accidently stands on bug* "jeremy...was that you..?"
    Quote Originally Posted by Yourinator007 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by theassassinator View Post
    he ruined my shoes! Damn bugs!
    Quote Originally Posted by Yourinator007 View Post
    Now his whole bug family will kill YOU!!!

    About my name: I was thinking about a nice name for some time (i always try to get a nice name on forums and games etc..) And then i thought of bugs bunny But that was to easy so i changed it a bit And also i just had to put the word Gun into my name just because
    Insert Coin Here --> [===========] <-- and make me rich

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    I like the name to be fair, plus it's my Xbox live gamertag so it makes everything easier.
    Designated User on Xbox live.

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    Poor Bison! Please Check out my videos! Subscribers: 86 Video Views: 75553

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    At my old school we had to set up our computer user names like this: First four letters of your last name then first three of your first name. So my name being Daniel Pearce gave me the result of Peardan.
    It stuck.
    Quote Originally Posted by Movura View Post
    I've always had respect for you as a member

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    xbox360kris, it's derived from my hotmail account
    i like xbox, my nickname is kris ... :3

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    Muffins are yummy, and legit?
    You miss me...?

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    the model of a sportscar made by Mancini
    XBL gamertag - ArmedMike Ward
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    i had a WoW username called Rinmach.

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    Thousands of years ago...

    No, no, jk

    But anyway, I just got bored from being banned on the Mercs 2 Forums for being underaged, so I made a new one. I couldn't think of anything else, but my xbox and psn are XxAfroPigxX and xGx AfroPig.

    Lol, my WoW is Oogga
    Im a guy
    and- if any of u guys now- when is the official just cause 2 release date?

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    I'm a fairly large kid, so my friends started calling me "Diesel". You know, like diesel trucks? The big ones?...
    No one ever pays me in gum......

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    Quote Originally Posted by compatible View Post
    got a pm from a mod saying *censored* was not right for this family fourm , so i grabbed the nearest thing witch was a dvd rw case and on the front it said compatible , so i asked him if he could change it to that.
    lol, I remember that. I was surprised you'd go for such a strange nickname. Now I know why

    Quote Originally Posted by TamaterHater View Post
    Now everyone do your name and your avatar!
    Good idea, I'll add that to your first post and rename the thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by ShadyGhost View Post
    thanks this forum is fun to read except for the [people] that only write: "oh it's my PSN ID" [..] or people who say it pretty explanatory....NO it's not we don't play or see everything you do or remember old school things like silent assassin 47
    Good point, I'll add that as a rule to the first post. | Forum Thumbnailer | Driber Wagon™ | RAWR! | TR Ancient Legends III - Lost Chambers | -- .- .-. .. . / .. ... / -.-. ..- - . :-)

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    I went with the picture of a cigar smoking squid because basically its BA, I call myself Rios because it to is also BA. That pretty much explains it.
    SWAN DIVE! Into the best night of your life.

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    This is a nice thread. I'm moving it to the Community Chat forum to get more exposure.

    As for my forum name...I'm not telling

    My avatar is a Goomba (from Super Mario Brothers) kicking a QR Code towards your screen containing a hidden message. | Forum Thumbnailer | Driber Wagon™ | RAWR! | TR Ancient Legends III - Lost Chambers | -- .- .-. .. . / .. ... / -.-. ..- - . :-)

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    chriss99 because my name is Christopher and chris was already taken, as well as chriss so I had to insert some kind of number.
    I think everyone knows the character in my avatar. I've been a huge fan of Tomb Raider series for a very looong time.

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    Username - my name when I used to pretend to be a wrestler when I was a child

    Avatar - a personal twist on the infamous Batman quote, cause I'm usually around on the Arkham Asylum section, but only sort of recently I decided to branch out into the community chat section.

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